Unknown Boss 3

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HP: xxxx (Standard Game)
Souls Awarded: xxxx (Standard Game) xxxx (NG+
Drops** XXXX Soul

This boss is initially hanging above a doorway in a cathedral looking building, where it drops down and slowly rises to face the player. It has a wiry statue an the figure of a female. It's movements and attacks are erratic and lumbering, yet quick and agile. It is similar to Vicar Amelia of Bloodborne, and it's appearance is even similar. This boss has silver plated armor running up and down it's body, and what appears to be a very transparent veil, or what appears to be smoke coming out of it's head. It's head has grated covering like a helmet, but an open top and what could possibly be a crown. It's movements and appearance is also similar to that of the Lost Sinner of Dark souls 2 but in a very different area. This boss carries around a flaming, curved blade that she uses rapidly as a swinging and thrusting weapon. You fight this boss in a cathedral. There is a statue of a man kneeling with his sword at the end of the walkway, which is most likely where the player was inclined to go before the boss engages.


Attack Name
Attack Description
3x swing and slam
The boss swings at you rapidly for three times (three seen in gameplay trailer), then slams her fiery rapier in a much slower attack, that looks like it causes AoE damage. You might
be able to counter this attack by tanking the first three hits/dodging them, then rolling to one side as she slams which may leave you with an opening
The Boss grabs you, raises you up and then impales you with her sword while you are in mid-air. Potentially a kill move. Don't get grabbed.
Either a separate attack, or part of the grab, she impales your stomach with her sword. Dodge the grab to escape being impaled.

Attack Name:

Attack description

Attack Name:

Attack description


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  • An image was released/leaked of a hunched over version of this enemy/boss, with a fire rapier. The image makes her appear much smaller as if she is a more common type of enemy. This can hint towards there being multiple or it was a sketch of this boss.

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