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Velka the Goddess of Sin is a NPC in Dark Souls 3.

Velka the Goddess of Sin Information

  • Not killable, she's a statue.
  • Provides Absolution services
  • List of items that refer to this NPC: Grave Key, Ring of Sacrifice,
  • Praying at the statue provides you access to Absolution (of Sin) and Dissolution (of Hollowing).
  • With the addition of the Ringed City DLC, there exists a shrine that allows you to "revive" the Spears of the Church boss. Velka also has this option now, a much easier/faster way to revive the boss.  



  • You can find Velka the Goddess of Sin's statue at the Undead Settlement, through a locked door in the sewers next to the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire.
  • The Grave Key is required to get to her Shrine normally, which is sold by the Shrine Handmaid in Firelink Shrine after recieving the Mortician's Ashes.
  • Though if a character can endure a long fall (Silvercat Ring or Spook are useful), it can be accessed by dropping into the ravine just outside of the Sewer entrance (The non-locked side).


Regarding sin

  • Sin only accumulates when you aggro an NPC, not kill them or invade players. When an NPC is aggroed it will count as a sin. Should you kill the NPC it will not be possible to use the absolution service as the only person you sinned against is dead.
  • If a NPC is aggroed towards you, all you need to do is use the absolution option to remove their hostility towards you.
  • The price for Absolution is equal to your current soul level times 1000.
  • Price for Reinstating the Kings Decree = (Soul Level x 1000) / 2
  • Price for Dissolution = Soul Level x 100 * 
    • Using this options simply resets Hollowing, but does not remove Dark Sigils from the player's inventory, and thus will not anger Yuria, nor interrupt her storyline.




  • The Clutch Rings and the dark Miracles, which were associated with Velka in the previous games, are in Dark Souls 3 said to originate from the Sable Church of Londor, the Hollow Realm.
  • The Black Set, originally worn by Oswald of Carim, The Pardoner, the priest of Velka that performed the same function in Dark Souls 1, is very similar to the identically named Black Set worn by the founder of The Sable Church, Yuria of Londor.


The prior Dissolution entry here stated that the soul-price for Dissolution with Velka was equal to [(SL x 500) x Dark Sigils]. This may have been the case in the past, but is no longer accurate. This wiki user tested it at Soul Level 66, and was asked for 6600 souls. Having visited this page in the past and having seen the prior entry, that seemed way too low. Had the prior entry been accurate (SL x 500 x Dark Sigils), that would instead require 165,000 souls for SL66. I checked other DS3 resources and saw it stated that Dissolution with Velka costs (SL x 100), exactly what was requested from me by Velka (SL 66 x 100 = 6600). This page has been updated accordingly.

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    • Anonymous

      15 Dec 2020 11:49  

      i requested absolution from the statue after i aggroed siegward and he is still attacking me. What should i do?

      • Anonymous

        20 Jul 2020 21:20  

        Y'all sad about the souls
        I legit wasted 100k thinking it would bring the NPCs back to life and then realized it didn't do anything

        • 07 Apr 2020 19:02  

          If i hit Yuria to aggro her, after the absolution at the velka statue, she is friendly again? If I commit the same sin again after velka absolved me it is possible to do it again? And if I remove the dark sigil I can absolve the sin? because I want to obtain the full londor pale shade set and if I aggro her now I have to go through some level with her aggroing me in firelink. Sorry for my english

          • Anonymous

            26 Nov 2019 17:30  

            Was giving orbeck the crystal scroll, and made the mistake of setting the controller down, and somehow it got caught on a cushion and squeezed the r2 button and ended up hitting him with a fully charged heavy attack. An easily avoidable mistake that cost me 68000 souls.

            • 13 May 2019 05:37  

              Went to go get the silver serpent ring, accidentally fell off at the illusory wall because of weapon lunge and landed right on the guy who gives you the cracked red eye orbs at the firelink shrine. Aggroed me because of 3 damage and now I got to request absolution for 46,000 freaking souls.

              • Anonymous

                03 Nov 2018 20:16  

                Finally got around to grabbing my last ending the " Ash seeketh Embers" one. Why dont I have sin? That ending is so cruel to the Firekeeper. I actually came and check the statue to apologize for my behavior to the Firekeeper, but the statue says I've done nothing wrong. Bunch a bull.

                • Anonymous

                  05 Sep 2018 19:31  

                  i think something people miss about velka when linking her to londor is that every mention of her in miracles that were once hers (and apparently the clutch rings? but i never played ds2 so idk) was erased in favour of londor. that combined with how her shrine was forgotten, i think londor purposely erased her from their narrative...

                  • Anonymous

                    05 Aug 2018 17:28  

                    So I found out how to get down there with only a life ring, and 14 vigor. Near where the npc guardian of locked up saint, there’s a hill of rocks, if you jump towards that hill it will help break the fall and you will land barely alive at the bottom. That’s how I got down there.

                    • Anonymous

                      20 Jun 2018 20:52  

                      So im in the undead settlement past the dilapidated bridge and rats, now im standing on the 2nd bridge where the big dudes are that throw pots at you. Well somehow, i got hit by him and it launched me over the edge BUT I SOMEHOW DIDNT TAKE ANY FALL DAMAGE AND THIS IS MY 5TH PLAYTHROUGH AND IVE NEVER BEEN DOWN HERE I COULDNT BE ANY HAPPIER

                      • Anonymous

                        09 Jun 2018 11:19  

                        I'm only here because I just accidentally slapped he HELL out of Sirris while tryna exhaust all her dialogue... TWICE. xD my controller fell and she felt the stronger end of 2 swings from a maxed vordtsickle. Put her down to a sliver of health. She wasn't too pleased w that. and proceeded to chase me around the shrine w a darkmoon blade. I coudnt even warp away she was so fast lol. Had to run up where patches chills, pop on the cat ring and leap back down to teleport before she caught up to cancel it. Glad I don't have to kill her lol.

                        • Anonymous

                          12 Mar 2018 23:38  

                          All that stuff around sin feel uncomplete, like, they were trying to add the old DS 1 system but never ended it. But, looking upon lore, it makes sense.
                          Darkmoon blades, the "judges", are only pale copy of what they where with the fall of Gwendolyn, and more generally, of Gods: No Gods to pray, no sinner to hunt (How can you sin if there is no trust to believe in?).
                          And that's the same for Velka. The Gods started the first sin with the linking, but now they are gone, she has nothing more to do here.
                          The fire fade, the Age of men is coming. What once was a sin is now only a fable, and as the darkmoon blades fall, the blue sentinels rise as their "Human" counter part.
                          I would have loved to know more about Velka and Carim. This place looks like interesting. But I suppose we never will.

                          • 01 Jul 2017 01:24  

                            I have only ever notice, three places where crows/ corvian birds appear... Ariandel Chapel, the Undead settlement, and the Cathedral of the Deep (which doesn't have flying murders of crows as opposed to the other two locations). Considering the duality theory of Caitha = Velka (the ring Sister Friede gives you is a unmistakable clue) it makes sense there are fewer crows there since most of her statues have been covered indicating the transition to the worship of Aldrich i.e. the weakening of Velka's influence (no murders of crows). This Mother of the Forlorn could very well be the undying Mother of Humanity especially considering the ancient Purging monument of the Ringed City and the Goddess of Sin's statue serve the same function. Almost poetically implying Velka is this Mother of the Forlorn furtively manipulating events using prophecy, undead servants, and possibly even more. Never forget furtiveness implies guilt... and who rightfully judges such things? For "Thou Who art Undead art Chosen…"

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