Type Attribute
Effect  Attribute governing physical defense, though this is also affected by other attributes. Also governs maximum equip load and poison resistance.

Vitality is a stat in Dark Souls 3 that defines maximum Equipment Load and strongly determines Physical Defense and Poison Resistance. It also affects the other defenses and resistances slightly.


 Vitality Main Effects

  • Vitality increases your maximum Equipment Load by 1.0 per level of Vitality, with a hard cap of 139 at 99 Vitality.
  • Vitality strongly increases the four subtypes of Physical Defense by 1-2 per point of Vitality between 15 and 40. At lower and higher levels, each point of Vitality increases Physical Defense by only 0.5-1 points.
  • Vitality also increases Poison Resistance by 3 per point of Vitality between a score of 30-40. It further increases Poison Resistance by 0.5 per point of Vitality between 40-60 and 0.25 per point between 60 and 99.
  • all other defenses by 0.4



Data Vitality (obtained with a Cleric from Soul level 7 onwards as they have the lowest starting Vitality score) 

Vitality Maximum Equip Load
Physical Defense Poison Resistance
7 47 84 109
10 50 86 109
15 55 90 (Sweet spot) 110
20 60 100 (Sweet spot) 111
25 65 111 (Sweet spot) 112
30 70 119 (Sweet spot) 113 (Sweet spot)
35 75 127 (Sweet spot) 129 (Sweet spot)
40 80 135 (Sweet spot) 145 (Sweet spot)
45 85 139 149
50 90 142 152
55 95 146 156
60 100 150 159
65 105 154 165
70 110 158 171
75 115 162 177
80 120 167 184
85 125 169 190
90 130 172 196
95 135 174 202
99 139 176 208


Vitality Notes

  • Vitality can be increased by 5 when wearing the Prisoner's Chain
  • In addition to the above mentioned benefits, each level of Vitality also increases all resistances (including Poison Resistance) by a base amount defined by your Soul Level (character level), just like all other attributes do. It increases all resistances by 0.2 per level until Soul Level 60. Between Soul Levels 60 and 100, each point of Vitality increases all resistances by 1. After Soul Level  100, each point of Vitality only increases each resistance by 0.3. At even higher Soul levels this might be reduced to 0.1 per level of Vitality (additional testing required).


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    • Anonymous

      04 Aug 2021 23:25  

      Imagine being tanky in a bloodbornish combat system.

      Really, what were they thinking about? They already made stacking pieces of armor and heavier armor completely useless thanks to diminishing returns, you are FORCED to avoid damage. Why even bother with a stat that lets you get mid or heavy armor when being almost naked is better for the 80% of the game?

      • Anonymous

        14 May 2021 21:18  

        I don't care how good or **** the armor is. My mother****er is gonna look swank even if I have to genocide Lothric for my sick threads and plates and over levelling won't stop me.

        • Anonymous

          15 Apr 2021 18:09  

          Armor has such a small effect that this stat is only ever worth levelling up if you can't midroll with your chosen weapon.

          • Anonymous

            20 Mar 2021 01:29  

            Is this table right?

            I went from 25 to 27, and gained 2 points in all 4 resistances (1 point each per level).

            Chart above says 25 to 30 is 1 point poison only...

            • Anonymous

              16 Jun 2019 18:17  

              What about having 45 VIT with the FaP +3 and Havel's Ring +3 does anyone know what that could bring you to.

              • Anonymous

                07 Oct 2018 23:41  

                With 40 Vit and 60 strength I completely blocked out Gael and solo’d Him on NG2 with 8 Estus left lol. I like the stat... but useless for PVP.

                • Anonymous

                  21 Feb 2018 21:43  

                  I'm curisous as to how much Vitality you'd need to go full Havel with both of his signature weapons, a +3 Havel's Ring +3 Chloranthy Ring and possibly a +3 Ring of Favor with an extra ring and not fat-roll (in short keeping your equip load below 70%)? That's 101.35 weight without the 4th ring of your choice. You only get a 27% boost to Equip Load with those rings. 102.15 weight if you equip the Estus Ring (not sure how useful the Ring of Steel Protection +3 would be).

                  I'm asking not because I want to try it myself (though admitedly being nothing short of a juggernaught does sound like fun), but to see the s**t that Havel had to level into VIT just to be able to roll normally with his super heavy gear he weilds/wears when you fight him at Archdragon Peak.

                  But for a more realistic setup, what's the required VIT for a FUGS (or another strength based UGS) build, with a good armor set with high Poise for Hyper-Armor and a good shield for blocking damage? Base Havel's Ring included BTW so that the build is useable prior to getting the best version of Havel's Ring near the end of the game.

                  • Anonymous

                    06 Feb 2018 15:55  

                    Bleed poison frost and curse resist all work in the same manner where they give 0.2pts per respective attribute (endurance, vit, vigor and luck) and then receive 4 pts per lvl between 30 and 40 of respective attribute then receives 0.75pts of resist per lvl between 40 and 60 and a sudden juml to 1.5 pts per lvl after that.

                    • Anonymous

                      06 Feb 2018 15:47  

                      Gives 1.5 physical defense per pt of vit up until 40 vit. After that only gives 0.75 physical defense per pt of vit.

                      • Anonymous

                        25 Nov 2017 10:23  

                        Anywhere less than 70% is good the 30% roll is nice but not nice enough to punish your tankiness and waste your levels on this stat. Dont spend levels and be squishy at the end of the day for the sake of a slightly more distancing roll.

                        • Anonymous

                          25 Nov 2017 10:20  

                          For SL120 builds or any optimal build that doesnt want to waste points focus your concern mainky on the 30% and 70% criteria if you are a light class and are already less than 30% then why add any points? You're squishy even if you take your vit from 20 to 40. This goes the same for heavy builds as increasing the vit from 30 to 40 hardly affects resistance because of decreased returns. So dont put points relying on the physical resistance use points only to achieve 30% or 70% equip load this stat should be the last concer of any player

                          • Anonymous

                            12 May 2017 11:17  

                            Having done 125, give or take, every playthrough, I decided to put 40 into vitality. It just makes life easier. I, too, have enjoyed being at 29.9 percent and fast rolling naked, but this game is more fun when you can wear what you want, when you want, end of story. Having to shift around to just wear something cool with the weapon of your choice is a needless restraint.

                            Also, this stat will really help people in the Ringed City that find themselves tagged into a party of four for Gael and probably Midir. Without heavy armor and medium roll, you just have to be perfect to not get killed before the end of the fight because, let's face it, some of us will cary the fight better than others, including our summoner's. When I took my 66 strength dude and decided to throw on 40 vitality, whatever I wore, I could last longer in the battle of attrition that is the Gael fight. And yes, I would go after him - but if some other guy is right beside you or comes behind you or whatever, and he's in your way when it's time to beat feet, you're in for it.

                            While I suppose in a perfect world you will never get hit, and there are people who do that, I find all the bodies around you in that fight will get you blocked in a retreat and you WILL get hit and if you are low vitality and wearing nothing much, you will be well on your way to dying and not getting to the end of the fight, which isn't the point.

                            • Anonymous

                              28 Mar 2017 20:25  

                              I need help with leveling my vitality my equip load is at 97.7/109.1 and weight ratio 89.6% I want to get it down to below 70.0% what level should I have my vitality at??

                              • Anonymous

                                26 Mar 2017 05:01  

                                I thought this augmented my health bar, For f**k sake, I have been concentrating my energy leveling this sh*t up :(

                                • Anonymous

                                  21 Mar 2017 13:24  

                                  This stat is too pointless to level up but equipment load just important. I am literally can't wear any armor if using ultragreatsword.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    16 Feb 2017 17:13  

                                    Maybe From should have fused Vitality with Strength. With Endurance it was imbalanced but I don't see any problems having a strong guy wearing heavy armor. It would have buffed heavy builds without making them op with some adjustment of the equipment weight for certain items. Or stat requirements for armor.

                                    • 13 Jan 2017 20:50  

                                      We can see that there is somehow a softcap at 40 Vitality. We gain 8-11 physical defense every 5 Vitality until 40 to 45 where we get 4 physical defense and then 45 to 50 where you gain only 3 physical defense.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        09 Dec 2016 03:45  

                                        There is clearly a soft cap at 40, but there is no mention of this in the article. Not until raising to 43 do I see my physical defense numbers increase by a single point, definitely not 1.5 per level anymore, probably closer to 0.4 though that number is only a guess. Strength is giving me more phys def per point now in the upper 50s. Doesn't seem like it's worth it to invest vit past 40 unless you're going for an extremely tanky build with heavy af armor.

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