Warrior is a starting Class in Dark Souls 3.

Descendant of northern warriors famed for their brawn. Utilizes high strength to wield a heavy battleaxe.



Warrior Starting Equipment



Notes About This Class

  • This class has the lowest total of Attunement, Intelligence and Faith, making it an ideal choice for pure melee builds, though knights base Attunement, Intelligence, Faith and Luck are only one level higher total than warrior in exchange for more FP from higher attunement.
  • Starts with highest Strength stat.



Builds That Use This Class

  • 66+ STR builds
  • 40 STR / 40 DEX Quality builds
  • 60 INT (or) 60 FTH builds without spellcasting, based on non-physical weapon usage (Moonlight Greatsword, Lightning Lothric Knight Greatsword and etc.)



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    • Anonymous

      16 Jun 2021 11:34  

      A good class with an adequate weapon for hitting hard. Decent amount of hp and enough fp to use warcry regularly. Your only concern for the first areas is your stamina management.

      • Anonymous

        10 Apr 2021 06:30  

        played around with a character planner, if you plan on using the heaviest weapons and armors you can find, and overall want to become a walking tank, warrior is your choice, reaches the requirement for those types of weapons the fastest among all classes. if you know what you are going for.

        in other words, this is the class to pick if you wanna fight like havel.

        • 21 Dec 2020 12:53  

          Overall a worse knight. Lack in dexterity, 0 attunement slots and lower vitality leaves you with alot less options without some hefty stat investments. Missing a 100% block shield and the slow swinging axe at the start can lead to frustration with Gundyr and on the walls. It excells later but newcomers should avoid choosing this class.

          • Anonymous

            20 Jul 2020 21:52  

            I just started playing because my friend told me about the ringed paired great swords (He knows I like duel wielding!) and I am having a blast. But it seems like the weapons I want to use are too heavy but I don't want to invest too many points in my vitality if I won't have enough to increase my strength and dex enough to use them. How many levels can I gain so I can I know how much I can divide between strength, dexterity, and vitality?

            • 11 Jul 2020 09:44  

              Overall a worse knight. Lack in dexterity, 0 attunement slots and lower vitality leaves you with alot less options without some hefty stat investments. Missing a 100% block shield and the slow swinging axe at the start can lead to frustration with Gundyr and on the walls. It excells later but newcomers should avoid choosing this class.

              • Anonymous

                26 Jun 2020 20:56  

                If you're starting the game, play this or knight. It's a great, strong, balanced class to introduce you to the game. It's fun too.

                • Anonymous

                  01 Mar 2020 01:26  

                  I dont how to build my character, but now i lm starting ng+ withing 36 hours. Im using warrior class with 41str, 29 vigor, 30 end & 18 dex. Currently im still heavy if im using fugs + full fallen knight set

                  • Anonymous

                    01 Dec 2019 00:31  

                    For optimization purposes, the warrior class is of course the best class for a pure STR build. But the warrior as also a relative high luck. So this class fits very well to STR/LCK builds, and also quality-LCK (STR/DEX/LCK). Finally, if you want to go on an original STR/INT/LCK build, this class is also the way to go (why not a Crystal spiked mace user).

                    • Anonymous

                      06 Nov 2018 16:10  

                      If you know you're going for health and strength or anything along that line then choose this class, cause If you're planning on using buffs on your weapon with out the need of bundles and such then your stupid because of the lack of Intelligence, faith, and attunement slots.

                      • Anonymous

                        05 Sep 2018 18:02  

                        Deprived or git gud. On a serious note, it is the only starting class (other then Knight for the most part) that has no weaknesses and it is the only class that cannot be disputed due to it starting with high stats (all 10) AT LEVEL ONE (YES, LEVEL ONE) vs. all other classes starting at high(er) levels making it take longer to make a specific build as well as (to an extent) usually having undesirable point distribution in creating VARIED builds. Let's say I'm a Warrior and I stop at the 120 meta as a Strength build but find it boring after a while and want to go Sorcery. UH-OH! I have a whopping 16 strength, the lowest starting attunement in game, as well as low Intelligence. I just chose the worst class in game for variable viability to use ANY form of magic in game due to pidgeon-holing myself to a (super) specialized starting class with wasted points. Not with Deprived, I'll just reset everything back to default (aka 10 in everything) and LITERALLY BUILD from LEVEL ONE (1) my perfect Pyromancer, my perfect Strength build or perfect Luck build. I can't go wrong my starting stats & level distribution are perfect to become all at any meta range with no drawbacks (granted Knight would likely do better for ridiculously low metas like 60 and 90). All in all, the "best" starting class is ultimately up to personal preference but when talking 120 Meta it's ultimately either Deprived or Knight (Unless it's a Luck build Knight has the most crap luck stat if I remember right)

                        • Anonymous

                          09 Jun 2018 19:58  

                          I tried various classes, Warrior is the only one I have yet to die on and basically smash face everywhere I go. Gonna try to get him magic to support himself and weaken enemies to make them even easier to slaughter. Wow, that makes me sound bad.

                          • Anonymous

                            13 Oct 2017 15:12  

                            Us Warriors do great in many direct confrontations with just our Mighty Hammers and Axes, and Heavy Shields, and Thick Plate Armor... We are also capable of medium range with Crossbows and Firebombs. We may not be good mages, and may not be trained to use graceful movements to whittle our foes down, but still we continue onwards with our sturdy arms and armor, and backed by wills of iron. Intelligent people may think of us as simple brutes, but we are great stories inside of a simple looking book cover... that is to say, don't judge us just by our outwards appearance, or if you do... well, that will just prove you were the bigger fool.

                            • Anonymous

                              19 Feb 2017 23:59  

                              Just started playing this game on PC and I'm having trouble with my warrior build. I'm grinding in Lothric to try and build my stats, but I can't change weapons, and trying to take on the wyvern would be much easier if i could snipe him with the crossbow to start. Any advice would be appreciated.

                              • Anonymous

                                09 Dec 2016 11:43  

                                "Interestingly Enough It Saves You 4 More Points If You're Doing A Hollow Build Unlike The Thief Which Is Focused Around Bleed/Poison Luck And Dex Build" okay now ***** off

                                • Anonymous

                                  24 Aug 2016 14:35  

                                  ...with 18/18 STR/DEX investment for a wider array of tools.Pump 30 into luck, rock a Hollow Lothric Shield and a Hollow Lothric Sword, spend the rest on VIG/END/VIT according to your preference, use rings like Chloranty, Ring of Favor, Estus and Knight's Slayer and you got yourself an amazing Aldritch Covenant lvl 70 character that will absolutely destroy in PVP.Don't forget about carthus rouge tho, vital for playing aggresive and beating shield users.Great for co-op PCP & PVE aswell.If you just want to use Anri's Deprived or Knight are sligthly better because you'll only need 10 DEX and maybe 12 or 13 STR for a 100% dmg reduction shield that can parry.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    08 Aug 2016 11:18  

                                    Far over the Misty Mountains coldTo dungeons deep and caverns oldWe must away, ere break of dayTo find our long forgotten gold The pines were roaring on the heightsThe wind were moaning in the nightThe fire was red, it flaming spreadThe trees like torches blazed with light

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