Warrior of Sunlight

Warrior of Sunlight

An ancient talisman depicting a holy symbol bestowed upon the Warriors of Sunlight. Equip to pledge oneself to the Warrior of Sunlight covenant.

Warriors of Sunlight are brilliantly beaming co-operators who place their golden signatures to help those in need, for it is their duty to deliver a great conquest to their summoner.

Warrior of Sunlight is a Covenant in Dark Souls 3. The Warriors of Sunlight Covenant is found early in the game and unlocked by equipping an item. While a member of the covenant, helping other players will reward Sunlight Medals that can be used to rank up.


Joining the Warrior of Sunlight Covenant

  • You must obtain the item "Warrior of Sunlight" and equip it.
  • The item needed to join the covenant can be found in the Undead Settlement (map available).(video location)
  • To Find the item to Join: From the Undead Settlement Bonfire, head left, through the corpse-house towards the burning tree with undead worshipping around it. From here, head straight ahead until you reach another bunch of houses, at the end of the stairs going down. Keep going straight through the stone archway, and into the door of the first house ahead. The room has many hanging corpses. The item can be found by falling through the gap in the floor.
  • Sample video (2h 49s)




Effects of Covenant

  • The player's white summon signature will now be golden.
  • The player will shine with gross incandescence whilst summoned into another player's world.
  • Upon achieving one's purpose when summoned, (defeating a boss, or completing an area) the player (as well as the host) will receive (in addition to default rewards) a Sunlight Medal, which can be bestowed to the covenant altar to achieve higher ranking in the Warriors of Sunlight covenant.
  • Upon reaching a higher ranking, the player will receive a set gift (see Rank Requirements).
  • If invading with the Red Sign Soap Stone or the Red Eye Orb, your color will be golden with red hues mixed in.
  • Members of this covenant that invade have prioritization for hosts that already have an invader present.
  • You perform the "Praise the Sun" gesture rather then the default summon animation when summoned with the covenant item equipped.
  • The Matchmaking Formula is Covenant Dependent:
Condition Min Max
Summoning a White Phantom, Warrior of Sunlight, Mound-Maker or no covenant Host - 10 - (Host * 0.1) Host + 10 + (Host * 0.1)
Invasion from Warriors of Sunlight or no covenant Invader - (Invader * 0.1) Invader + 20 + (Invader * 0.1)



Rank Requirements

Bestowing Sunlight Medals to the sunlight altar, located in Lothric Castle until the next rank is achieved. The rank requirements are additive, meaning you only have to earn a total of 30, not 10 and then another 30, to obtain all covenant rewards. You can achieve these by helping another player successfully co-op a boss, with a successful invasion as a Sunlight Warrior or as a possible drop from Lothric Knights in Lothric Castle.

Rank Requirement Rewards
0 Initial None
1 10 Sacred Oath
2 30 Great Lightning Spear


To rank up the player must turn in the Medals at the Sunlight Altar, which can be found right before the Dragonslayer Armour boss fight in Lothric Castle. Facing the fog gate of Dragonslayer Armour, turn left and walk straight towards the broken segment in the railing (do not drop down!) At the end of the walkway, turn left again. There will be a ladder. Climb it, cross over the rooftop, and descend into the building. The altar will be right before the door that leads outside. Beware, there is a knight in the passageway leading to the altar from the building.






 Covenant: Warrior of Sunlight

 Discover Warrior of Sunlight covenant.Bronze Trophy



 Sunlight Altar


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    • Anonymous

      24 Aug 2021 11:45  

      Warrior of Sunlight Blortron, whoever he is, is my new hero. I was getting lost & killed in the Grand Archives when Blortron was summoned and he led me to all the shortcuts, all the treasure, and all the hidden fights, even killing a mound maker invader in honorable single combat despite there being three of us. Finally, he did all the tanking for the Twin Princes fight. This was a couple weeks back, but I will always remember losing sight of Blortron, hearing fighting and seeing health bars dropping, and coming around the corner to find that he just killed 3 gargoyles that I’d died to in a previous run. I wish that there were more warriors of sunlight like you you make the game amazing.

      • Anonymous

        13 Jul 2021 11:33  

        If you wanna farm sunlight medals, than place your red signs as warriors of sunlight outside pontiff sulyvahns boss room (aka irythyll fight club) or place your co op summon signs outside of nameless king's boss area. That's how I farmed these.

        • Anonymous

          11 May 2021 20:00  

          I joined this covenant to honour my best friend in darksouls solaire praise the sun as long as my soul burns his legacy will go one

          • Anonymous

            27 Apr 2021 08:31  

            It seems the game is dead or I am really late :( in any case getting covenant items are hard even wos covenant

            • Anonymous

              11 Jan 2021 03:46  

              After beating the game on my own twice with different builds, I always summon sunbros for the boss fights during my NG+ runs.
              Not that I need them, but I respect they use this way to get Medals because you may wait a lot and it's risky. They make me feel bad sometimes, because I only used invasions to get my 30 Medals so I try to help them on their duty ^^
              And I have to say that I love the colors of sunbros phantoms and invaders !

              • Anonymous

                23 Nov 2020 16:26  

                I started ng 2, I already got sacred oath but you see I sold It, I thought you get sacred oath again in ng 2. Can someone tell me how to get sacred oath if you sold it

                • Anonymous

                  03 Aug 2020 21:40  

                  Maybe silly question but I have never interact with this covenant. Do I need to wear sunlight bro full armour and weapon when invaded for the battle ?

                  • Anonymous

                    15 Jul 2020 21:38  

                    I find it quite curious that you get Medals from successful invasions and red signs. I love PvP, so its all good to me, but it seems way out of line when it comes to Sun Bros culture. As far as i know it at least.

                    • Anonymous

                      14 Jun 2020 19:30  

                      So, i was turning in 9 sunlight medals, then one additional medal later. Didn't get the sacred oath. Since then i was constantly turning in medals by defeating the dragonslayer armour with others. I tried reloading, everything. Do i need to pay EXACTLY 10medals for rank 1? Then exactly 20 for rank two? Haaalp

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