Way of Blue is a Covenant in Dark Souls 3.Way of Blue


Pale blue sheepskin parchment detailing the moon of an ancient accord. Equip to pledge oneself to the Way of Blue. Members of the Way of Blue are the beneficiaries of an ancient accord. When a dark spirit threatens them, a blue spirit will grant them assistance, and help root out the invader. Summoning takes place automatically while this is equipped."


Way of Blue Information




Effects of the Covenant

The Way of the Blue is a co-op covenant that summons Blue Sentinels and Blades of the Darkmoon when you are being invaded, in order to protect you. This covenant is mostly aimed towards players who have trouble beating invaders or just like to have some added security.

It usually takes a while for a Blue Sentinel or Blade of the Darkmoon to be summoned, so players who do not desire to engage in PvP with invaders may want to hide/escape from them until a Blade/Sentinel is summoned.

Inexplicably, Blades of the Darkmoon and Blue Sentinels will NOT be summoned to protect a player against an invading Aldrich Faithful defending Anor Londo or Watchdogs of Farron in the swamps. They, however, WILL appear if a "regular" invader appears in your game, and killing any number of Aldrich Faithful/Watchdogs who have been summoned due to their covenant objective will not dismiss them.

Some players like to think of the summoned blue spirits as bodyguards rather than helpers (i.e. letting the blue fight the invader in your place rather than alongside you).  This helps to level the playing field for the invader and give them the chance for extra rewards, gives the blue the opportunity to fight fairly, and lets the host continue to the level as planned.  And, if the blue spirit fails, the invader will at least be weakened to some degree and more blue spirits can be summoned. This is not explicitly considered "ganking," but it is still frowned upon if there is more than one person in the world, i.e. other summoned spirits, ready to attack you as well.

Rank Requirements

There are no ranks for this covenant.




Covenant: Way of Blue

Discover the Way of Blue Covenant 



  • Six player PvP matches can be quickly made in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley by equipping the Way of Blue Covenant in the area after the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire.
  • It usually takes a bit of time for a blue defender to be summoned. If you don't feel confident fighting against invaders, try hiding in a spot where you won't take damage, as invaders can see your health bar through the map if you take damage.
  • The same thing stated above occurs for invaders; if an invader takes damage, you will see their health bar through the map. You can use this to your advantage to go to/away from the invader.
  • More than one blue defender may be summoned per invasion, but not more than one per invader.
  • If you have a different covenant equipped while you're being invaded, you can equip the Way of Blue covenant and will be able to summon Blue Sentinels or Blades of the Darkmoon even as you're invaded. (Does not apply to Watchdogs of Farron/Aldrich Faithful invasions)
  • The Way of Blue began in , when its covenant leader was Crestfallen Saulden.

    • 09 Jul 2019 23:30  

      You all sure it’s not more than one blue spirit per invader? I’ve been getting summoned with other DMBs for single Red invaders, or do Watchdogs and Faithful count as red invaders as long as a single red invader is present

      • 09 Jul 2019 09:20  

        I wish this had a rank up system just like the rest of the covenants. At 30 items handed in perhaps the holder gets a 4% damage boost and 1% absorption or something like that while convenant item is active, which would encourage a lot more people to use it and keep it on, thus fixing the lack of dark moon summons etc

        • Anonymous

          05 Apr 2019 17:52  

          I dont get the deal. How is it called ganking? Randommers are not really ganking. You wanna see ganks, put up red signs and you will see how its like to get ganked. Invaders shouldnt whine about 'ganking'. You're trying to enforce your pvp upon others, and you're paying for that XD

          • Anonymous

            22 Dec 2018 00:49  

            Attention Way of Blue wearers: if you are planning to disconnect when you're invaded, don't wear Way of Blue. When you've summoned blues into your world to protect you and then you pull the internet plug for a connection error, you are not hurting the invaders. Invaders don't care about earning another ember, shackle, or tongue. They have hundreds. A connection error to them is even sweeter because they angered you so much you had to physically remove yourself from the game. But that blue who showed up to try and help you? Getting summoned as a blue is rare, many of them are actively trying to earn ears and you've effectively shafted them out of it. In short, you've granted your enemy a victory, yourself a loss, and pissed off your allies in the meantime.

            • Anonymous

              16 Dec 2018 13:44  

              Here are some counter-arguments from butthurt tryhards: "This covenant is for pussies who can't get good" Ok, so they may be "pussy" a bit there, but it's part of the game. It's Dark Souls for damn sake. You KNEW what to expect from invading players, either an easy kill, or a police horde. "I can never get a fair honorable duel with a host" If you want a duel, put a damn red summon sign after Pontiff. Or, bow to your opponent to know you want a duel. "For filthy casuals" You know the reason that the person is playing Dark Souls is for fighting against challenges, right? They're on their path from casual->pro. Especially for new players, they're noobs! How can they possibly know how to counter invaders without failure?

              • Anonymous

                11 Dec 2018 05:21  

                I'm all up for the idea, as it allows for people to rank up in blades of dark Moon, with the added twist of forked pale young and well kept concords. BUT, will the participants PLEASE respect the rules of the duel, and not just drop attack two duelling knights. This is the reason why DS3 has some of the saltiest communities out there. just play fair and by all means, point down when they diserve it, but NEVER after the salty backstab in the middle of an honour duel.

                • Anonymous

                  01 Nov 2018 19:45  

                  Now that time has passed this Covenant is now defunct since everyone has moved onto other covenants. Played through the game three times, got invaded over 2 dozen times and not a single Sentinel showed up, not even once.

                  • Anonymous

                    20 Oct 2018 23:04  

                    Another Post that will be Ignored: I'm surprised no one has talked about how lack luster the convenent is (and pretty much all the other ones) like in the previous Title. Another missed opportunity to make this Convenent actually worth while. Would have been interesting for rewards to be obtained by beating the invader(s) solo without having a blue enter or having a phantom present. Would also have been interesting to have 1 Blue / Invader (or hell even have them pair up based on the number of victories per player).

                    • 27 Sep 2018 16:23  

                      I will say this for everyone invaders are apart of the game there is nothing anyone can do about it but deal with it. now I play this game to enjoy the boss fights ad help people in them mainly and I don't mind people invading me but all I ask is just fight me don't use the mobs or hide fight me and go away and don't invade me back to back. ganking is not right on any side host or invader if your a host and have a sunbro when you get invaded let the sunbro fight then if he dies then you fight and move on but don't gank the invader cause he showed up gank him if he hides or uses mobs. invader for all the host out there we don't like loseing embers to you tip if you want a cov item and want it fast just drop the host a replacement ember to make up for the one he or she will lose it solves most of the problem any invader whos given me a free ember first makes me not mind losing the one I had

                      • Anonymous

                        04 Sep 2018 03:57  

                        Never thought I'd need this past Farron but it came in handy when I was having trouble with Aldrich in a play through. I just kept getting invaded over and over on the run from the bonfire to the fog wall and I'd changed all my gear to handle Aldrich, so I finally slapped the WoB on and a Blue Bro helped me out. S/N how is it that every time I start a NG there's one boss that gives me trouble when it was a cakewalk before???

                        • Anonymous

                          04 Sep 2018 03:29  

                          No shame in equipping this bad boy whenever at whatever level. Every time a Baby Blue pops up to help you, you're making someone's day, and getting them closer to ranking up in their covenant.

                          • Anonymous

                            03 Jul 2018 15:52  

                            I think my blues have been worse than the invader 90% of the time. I appreciate the gesture, but wow. Then again, I'm worse than the invader 90% of the time, too.

                            • Anonymous

                              13 Jun 2018 18:01  

                              For those of you scum invaders hating on W.O.B. You had it coming, you are the scumbag that forces other people into PVP. Is it fair to have 3 people gank you? No, but you know what is also not fair? You being able to force into other people's game and kill them. Now they are all part of the game that we cope with, isn't it? Face it, not every player in the world wants to PVP. If you don't like it and want a fair fight, stop invading and use the red soapstone after pontiff, or even better, use the arena. Otherwise, stop bitchin. I have been on both the giving and receiving side of this. I invade a lot and got ganked a lot, but I know I am the scumbag that forced myself on someone first. They have a right to utilize every advantage they can. When I just want to play the game and PVE, I always put W.O.B on, and if I get some dicks trying to invade me and ruin my day. I will drag the battle no matter if I can win or not. I will wait for 2 blues to come, then I will use seed of a giant tree which allow me to complete, entirely and mercilessly fck up the invader's experience. Now, understand that both W.O.B and invading are not fair. Happy hunting my fellow invaders.

                              • Anonymous

                                03 May 2018 12:36  

                                I reakon if using the way of the blue covenant, you should get something like a flat 4% damage increase or something to encourage more people to use it and therefore more blue sent summons

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