White Dragon Breath is a Sorcery in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Sorcery you must use a Staff or Special Weapons that can cast Sorceries.

White Dragon Breath

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 25
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 50 Intelligence
Type Ranged Attack



Sorcery of the deluded Consumed King Oceiros.

Emits crystal breath of Seath the Scaleless. Crystal breath has piercing qualities.

Seath's research seemed to strike a chord with old Big Hat who, in his mad, disrobed state, made divine works such as this, his own. Oceiros was no doubt edified by this.


Acquired From



  • White Dragon Breath inflicts (Spell Buff x 2.65) magic damage before resistances.
  • This spell creates a trail of crystal starting from the feet of the caster and travels in a straight line worth about three rolls. 
  • The crystal trail will travel up and down walls, including ladders. Useful in tight hallways and players on short to mid-length ladders as they have no means of evading the spell. 
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    • Anonymous

      Only does about 9% more damage than GHSA for nearly twice the FP. Not a completely useless spell but I feel like it should be doing way more damage for what its worth.

      • Anonymous

        This spell is basically for nostalgia and lore purposes I love it cause it’s cool not cause it’s effective

        • Anonymous

          Low quality of life on this spell, at least in PvE. Slightly more damage than a Great Heavy Soul Arrow, costs much more FP and has a similar if not slower cast time/animation. Projectile itself is also very slow/delayed/narrow/short. If you fire this at point blank melee range you do get bonus damage from a tiny beam at the start of the casting animation, so if you are hugging an enemy then this spell has the edge over GHSA, if you were to ever consider casting one in that situation.

          In DS1 this spell was very efficient and overbudget with high damage, many uses and decent quality of life. DS3 not so much.

          • Anonymous

            Very useful against guys who dodge all other things by simply running to the side. Also hitting somebody with very last crystal on free aim is one of the most satisfying things in pvp

            • The spell is powerful and when used correctly can devastate in PvE or PvP. It has a learning curve however, which most players seem to hate for some reason. The biggest complaints are, as expected, the range and lack of aerial capability. It’s almost like everyone has forgotten you can equip more than one spell. Most mages are noobs and spam HCSM with CSS though so it’s not surprising. Get a little variety, it’ll go a long way and you’ll probably win more invasions.

              • Anonymous

                Also, spell deals different damage regarding distance: the closer you are the more damage, as full trail hits or a part of it. When a full trail hits it is similar damage to Crystal Soul Spear.

                • Anonymous

                  This is pretty good against the Twin Princes. It's cheap, FP and stamina efficient, and it can travel over both bosses. The casting speed makes it a little tricky to use since he'll teleport away if you're too far, but too close and you'll eat a sword sandwich, but I had great fun with it when I was summoning or being summoned for jolly cooperation.

                  • Now, I know a good bunch of people think this is a garbage spell but if you use it right this thing can do an absolute massive amount of damage. Try to bait with CSS and then surprise them with this spell. Haven’t tried it in PvE, but I would imagine it would major league blast the crap out of certain slow bosses most likely Father Ariandel will not have a good time with this.

                    • Anonymous

                      Can't believe you can fool people by spamming 2 CSS and expecting a third one. Well, well they thought wrong. SURPRISE it's the Pale Dragon itself.

                      • Anonymous

                        best one-shot magic right? better than soul stream if whole spell connects though? can someone tell me pls (thank you in advance)

                        • Anonymous

                          I'm conflicted. I went to look at the Moonlight Greatsword and people are saying it's good for Mage Builds cause of its damage, scaling with Int; Basically a good weapon and get that, if I wanted something similar to this, get CSS. More damage The White Dragon Breath. But then I come over here and people say it's a better spell cause less FP and similar damage. So I'm here, thinking which one is better? MLGS or WDB.

                          • Anonymous

                            It seems to do better damage than soul spear (the regular one) at less focus cost, at least on my current build. If you can get used to how this thing functions and the cast timing, it can be a good upgrade from GHSA until you get your hands on CSS. THe piercing can also be a nice added benefit. Mind you, this thing will have a problem hitting certain enemies, especially if they're across a gap, so you might still wanna pack GHSA or SS along with it.

                            • Anonymous

                              The way I personally have always used this spell be it in DS1 or DS3 has been as a great way to clear enemies in PvE without using too much FP.It excells when a pure mage has to get through a big area where other spells might not have the damage or they cost too darn much FP to last the entire area.It can be used in PvP but not so much in duels, you really want to stick to teamfights or narrow paths when dodging is hard. NOT in pontiff and other organized PvP situations.Hope this helps to get some usefullness in this rather awesome spell.

                              • this thing works like a charm against beginners. Got my friend to drop it off to me early game, and started a small fight club in the ladder area between farron keep and the crab swamp. I'd say I killed about 25-30 people by using this by the ladder and/or on the ladder. Also, I digged into the files on my PC and changed the name. Now, killing noobs with, and I quote, "Oceiros Garlic Breath" makes using sorceries in general much more entertaining and tolerable.

                                • Anonymous

                                  If you are a caster in pvp and you play against any somewhat intelligent player, they will realize that they can sidestep or just sprint in a semi circle towards you and dodge all of your spells since spells in this game have terrible tracking. White Dragon Breath becomes the BEST spell to use in this situation where the other player knows how to dodge your other spell combos. I free aim it ahead of where they are going and I win insane amounts of fights with it. It's not a guessing game if you learn to free aim it correctly. Pro Tip: You can also move your camera straight down while casting it to make it hit directly in front or behind you :D

                                  • Anonymous

                                    It will travel along surfaces like the fire or dark sorcery spells, however it's range is much shorter so in most application it looses its luster.As a sorcerer player, it's unique components seem to be: - Packs a punch for it's relative FP cost at 25 FP, doing slightly less damage than regular soul spear - Doesnt stop at the first hit like soul spear, so you can use it to hit through packs of enemies or invaders hiding behind mobs - but roughly 2/3 the range of it's fire/dark 'climbing' spells so hard to utilize this benefit - It has a long casting time and a delay before the spell's damage beams, which can be either a boon or a curse depending on how you use it. in PvP you can use it to misdirect expected soul arrows to time the spell to hit a player coming out from a roll.IMO: too many cons and hard to pull off skillful manipulation to take advantage of it's perks to be worth choosing over Moonlight Great Sword or spell arsenal over Crystal Soul Spear/staple spells. I would like to see it buffed with either a boost to spell damage, a knockback effect, a secondary 'tick' if enemy is still in proximity/touching crystals, damage from exploding crystal shards or a 'wall' effect during the shard graphic, ignore shield blocking, or at least extend it's range. Something to give it some additional utility. It does require 50 int, so it should provide some reason to hold onto it over another spell.

                                    • I like this spell but just like Crystal Hail I think it would be better if it lasted longer. A couple seconds of delay before the crystals shatter would allow the caster to outrun the shattering effect, so they could run into the trail of crystals in order to evade opponents, right? Seems this spell would be better off being used that way, as a tactical tool rather than as a straight up nuke, given its massive stamina consumption, complete lack of tracking, and relatively short range.

                                      • Don't let the 50 Int requirement drive you away, it can be quite devastating if you know how to use it. Be it using it after riposte, or when your enemy attempts to land a jumping attack, it fits various situation as long as you can manage its slow casting time.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          This spell really is better than the comments here are letting on, don't be discouraged from experimenting, fellow mages. At 30 FP it costs almost half as much as Crystal Soul Spear whilst doing nearly as much damage to multiple enemies, and best of all, people who're rolling away from you. The projectile also travels faster than CSS does. Beware that tracking is literally nonexistent, therefore skill is required to utilize this spell to its best effect.

                                          • While not the greatest thing in the world it certainly is fun to use and has a bit of utility with the wall climbing aspect. Got a few kills with it during co-op with people rolling into it expecting a soul arrow. Also one of your better options for dealing with hordes while remaining at some range as a sorcerer (Looking at you Deacons of the Deep and annoying swarming rats.)

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