Winged Knight


General Info
HP  Souls Locations
508-1733 300-2860 High Wall of Lothric
Lothric Castle
Drops Winged Knight Halberd
Blessed Gem
Titanite Shard
Winged Knight Twinaxes
Large Titanite Shard
Enemy Type Hollow
Weak   Slash
Resistant   Strike
Immune None
 Alluring Skull does not attract this enemy, making it ineffective.
 Rapport charms this enemy, making it a temporary ally.

Winged Knight is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Winged Knight Enemy Description


Winged Knight Combat Information


Winged Knight Lore 

  • Winged knights "have sworn themselves to the angels" and are followers of the Angelic faith of Lothric, which was founded around a miraculous tale revealed to Heavenly Daughter Gertrude by an angel. Gertrude was the Queen of Lothric's holy maiden and was visited by a divine messenger, yet despite losing her sight and voice, she recorded the tale. However, faith in divine messengers is considered heresy in Lothric and isn't recognized by any of the three Pillars of the King's rule (which include the High Priestess, Scholars, and Knights). As such, Heavenly Daughter Gertrude was imprisoned in a lofty cell in the Grand Archives of Lothric Castle.
  • While travelling through Lothric, one can find evidence of conflict between Winged Knights and Lothric Knights. The approach to the castle is filled with empty Lothric Knight armor and the corpses of Winged Knights, as are the castle grounds themselves; it is possible that at some point, Winged Knights stormed Lothric Castle heading for the Grand Archives to free Heavenly Daughter Gertrude from her imprisonment.


Winged Knight Notes & Trivia

  • The "wings" on their back seem to be inspired by Polish winged hussars, who rode into battle with wings on their backs.
  • Their helmets are based on real-life medieval German/Austrian helms, in particular on helmets that belonged to Emperor Maximilian I. Domnhall of Zena's horned helmet from Dark Souls I is also based on a suit of armor made for Maximilian I.


Winged Knight Variations


Second with Halberd 

Location Drops
Lothric Castle 1733 2860 Large Titanite Shard


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    • Anonymous

      12 Jul 2021 05:45  

      The twin-axe one is so fun to fight. I love the way he drops down from the ceiling and I find it hilarious how he never seems to run out of axes no matter how many he throws at you.

      • Anonymous

        02 Sep 2020 17:03  

        Aaaall I know is that to me, you look like you're having fun, open up your loving arms, watch out here I come...YOU SPIN ME RIGHT ROUND, BABY RIGHT ROUND

        • Anonymous

          22 Jul 2020 15:08  

          The one with 2 axes after dancer can rarely drop titanite chunks
          also if you are behind one with axes they will do the same roll animation as the fat naked man in bloodborne chalice dungeons and try to escape, is fun to see

          • Anonymous

            26 Jun 2020 16:12  

            Why on earth are they weak to dark??? Not only does their armor have the highest dark absorption in the game, but they also have a good amount of faith (as seen by their use of the divine pillars miracle) which raises flat dark defense. But nope, dark melts them. From pls

            • Anonymous

              25 Jun 2020 14:04  

              Pretty similar to the bloodborne executioners. They make similar sounds too (if not straight up the same sounds) Executioners even have some spinning attacks. The executioners are large humanoid enemies that have fat armor. By this I mean the armor looks fat, kinda like smough's armor, winged knight armor, catarina armor, etc.(or perhaps they themselves are obese) They wield axes with a wide, long blade and a long handle, making something somewhat similar to the winged knight halberd. Their fighting style is also very similar to the winged knights. I'm not saying that bloodborne and dark souls are in any way related, just a cool little similarity. Might be recycled enemy design, might be intended to be similar.

              • Anonymous

                15 May 2020 02:45  

                I used Silver Covetous Serpent Ring +3 and Shield of Want, went to grand archives on my first NG run, and they yield 21000 souls each. I also equipped Gold Covetous Serpent Ring, and they drop Titanite Chunks sometimes. Coiled Sword fragment to immediately go back to bonfire, so leveling up is super easy. I recommend this to anyone who's looking for big amount of souls in shorts amount of time along with chunks and large shards.

                • Anonymous

                  03 May 2020 09:40  

                  Used rapport to have 1 beat the other one up, finish off the standing knight. Rapport last one for 3x backstabb. Ty dark souls

                  • Anonymous

                    29 Feb 2020 09:54  

                    Me sees winged knight with wings painting: Haha, thicc boi wanna fly! Me ganked by 3 golden wing knight: DIED)

                    • 27 Mar 2019 04:43  

                      The Lothric Knights are weak to lightning but the Winged Knights are resistant to lightning. Likewise Lothric Knights are resistant to magic and dark while Winged Knights are weak to them. If the Lothric Knights were following the path of the dragon, and the Winged Knights were following the angelic faith, what does this information say about their angels?

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