Wood Grain Ring

This special ring crafted in an Eastern land is made of metal, but with a wood grain crest on its surface. Slows equipment degradation.

Wielders of swords originating in the same region follow a practice of inscribing special words on the blades of their swords, and are naturally drawn to this ring.

 Wood Grain Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.



Wood Grain Ring Effect

  • Increases weapon durability by 20%

  • +1 Version: +30%

  • +2 Version: +40%



Where to Find Wood Grain Ring

  • Sold by the Shrine Handmaid for 3000 souls after turning in the Easterner's Ashes.
  • +1 Version (NG+): From the Dancer of the boreal valley bonfire, head up the ladder and towards the Consumed King's Garden. Kill or run past the Cathedral Knight and take the elevator down all the way, the ring will be on a body directly behind you when the elevator stops. ()
  • +2 Version (NG++): After exiting the portrait room containing three Silver Knights in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, it's in an alcove to your right as you go outside. () (video location)



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    • 28 Jan 2019 03:36  

      It's basically for W.A that cost Durability or for Katana style weapons. There's a few exceptions with very low durability. Otherwise it appears DkS3 was going to keep DkS1's repair system because it's too slow to matter with "Bonfire repair" anyways.

      • Anonymous

        17 Feb 2018 12:34  

        Durability is a joke in Dark Souls 3, and so is this ring. They have never managed to get durability right. In DS2 your weapons were apparently made of wet toilet paper, and in DS3 there are so many bonfires I've never had a weapon break or even get close to breaking. They should have selected a different mechanic.

        Perhaps weapons would have limited durability over a lifetime before needing to be taken to the blacksmith for refurbishing. So you might use a broadsword, for instance, for say, 15 - 20 fights of a few minutes each, and then only the blacksmith could fix 'em up right. Remove the ability to have them fixed up at bonfires entirely. Repair powder should be more useful as an item, and you have to come back to the Shrine on a fairly regular basis anyway.

        • Anonymous

          04 Jan 2018 10:24  

          Actually decent for RADICAL KATANA EDGY BOIZZZ!
          I'm not promoting them I'm just supporting them, because things do get better in high school.
          But what do I know, I'm just a sarcastic, salty casul that can't for the life of him fight katanas.

          • Anonymous

            31 Aug 2017 01:15  

            Although the Moonlight greatsword is quite trash, and not that fun. This ring boots it quite a bit allowing you to use it properly, it's not advised though, use a proper weapon and a proper ring slot, something useful, like reversal ring.

            • Anonymous

              02 Aug 2017 15:41  

              As far As applying this ring to playstyle it really only shines with very few items. It makes the frayed blade actually decent enough to use so it doesn't break with that lame ass 20 durability

              • Anonymous

                27 Nov 2016 15:25  

                Unless you plan to use moonlight sword, don't bother to equip this thing. Durability in this game is almost infinite, even for a katana.

                • Anonymous

                  Wood Grain Ring [DKS3 Wiki]18 Nov 2016 04:01  

                  It's mainly useful for DEX builds, since they get a lot of good weapons with crap durability. Uchigatana, Onikiri, Darkdrift, and Chaos Blade all have 35 durability, so the ring helps with not consuming souls for Repair Powder, and not forcing Repair as a focal point.

                  • Anonymous

                    03 Nov 2016 22:30  

                    Compared to the wafer-like consistency of DS2 weapons (OLD WHIP FTW), DS3 weapons are comparatively indestructible no matter what their flavor text or durability ratings say. So yeah, screw this ring. Give us the Dark Wood Grain Ring, then we'll talk.

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