Xbox Live IDs for Dark Souls 3 go here. Please put other IDs on their appropriate Playstation and/or Steam pages.

ID Xbox Live de Dark Souls 3 joueurs vont ici. S'il vous plaît voir le ID du Joueur page pour Steam et Playstation ID.

Xbox Live IDs


date Alias Xbox Gamertag Other information/Autre information
20/04/2017 Dante ConceivedIsland

A sunbro who is willing to help in jolly co-operation, or participate in duels. England UTC timezone. I'm on most days, though not always.

05/08/16 The_Abyss_Watcher K1llercam2012

Part of the Warriors of sunlight, will happily help anyone in need of help with bosses, invaders or tough enemies. Message me and we can meet up at a certain place, and add me for a friend for help anytime;)          Currently on Irythl of the Boreal valley area.     Praise the sun   \(☼)/

14/07/16 Yuuto Kiba / Kairu Zombie Kill 55 Pop a message in my inbox if you need any help with bosses or areas i can help anywhere i'm in GMT timezone but i'm on most days until late


Knight Solaire Luke Aran 038 Don't hesitate to touch my brilliantly glowing sign, and join in jolly co-operation! Eastern Standard Time, feel free to add me!
05/19/2016 Anduin Luke Aran 038 I'm on NG+; willing to help anyone, anywhere.
4/27/2016 XXX_BILYY_XXX Animalcorpse270 Go Go onionbro
05/18/2016 Tenebris Holy Darkness66 I have all areas unlocked.
28/03/2016   Delux lokee  scrub lord
04/02/2016   Ph03n1xfin  
04/03/2016 Tantrill  Tantrill  Commence à jouer sur 04/12/2016; La plupart du temps va être co-oping comme Sun Bro
05/04/2016  soso  sofdlawestcoast  add me, ajouter moi!!!
05/06/2016 BeefSloth  Beefsloth  Currently playing on english 1.01 build, cannot wait for the servers to be up! Might just install the jpn game once I figure out if I can switch the save back once the english servers are online! feel free to add me now though to chat etc. WI, USA
4/11/2016  Amber Extrasniper37  Got Gud
4/11/2016   the feist  
4/11/2016   skubaben    
 4/13/2016   MaxiePad321  Xbox One needing help with dragonslayer armour. Gamertag: MaxiePad321
 20/04/2016  Dio ll Dio ll   From Ireland so GMT +01:00 timezone other than that feel free to add me 
4/23/2016 JohnofPA John of PA At souls level 120 at the time of posting. Qualityish(strength leaning)/faith build. Love co-oping and I'm in the Eastern Standard Time zone. Can play from 5:30pm to midnight. I'm also working on a quality build and a dark build. Send me a message and let's play.
4/24/2016 Sky Stankinator X Coop playthrough
5/9/2016 Jai A Circle Derp

Time Zone: MST

SL: 160

Open to help with all zone clears and bosses except for Archdragon Peak at the present. (that zone p*%^es me off)

6/4/17 Foxtel FoxtrotPepBravo


Current SL:96

I'm down for any and all. Msg me what help you need and where we'll be. I've hit inhuman levels of patience so I won't ragequit on you. Str/Dex-Int/Fth duo build. +5 Hollowslayer GS.

Let's Git Gud!


SL: 120 and time zone: EET (Romania)

I help with bosses, clearing the area. Just send me a message what kind of help you need.



9/29/2020 kerth dabeast4607


willing to help if you need it just send message 

dlc and base game


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