Young Grass Dew is a Key Item in Dark Souls 3. It is part of The Ringed City DLC.

Young Grass Dew

A small, transparent stone that once graced the green young grass crest.

This semi-precious gem honors a Spear of Church after a battle well-fought, and is said to slightly enhance their blessing of protection. (while held, this effect is constant)


Young Grass Dew Usage

  • This item provides passive bonuses to your character while summoned as Spear of the Church.
    • Increases the number of Homing Knives by 1.
    • Increases FP by 10%.
    • Slightly increases damage absorption, poise, and stamina regeneration.



Young Grass Dew Locations




  • Can only be applied if the Player is summoned as a member of Spears of the Church




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    • Anonymous

      18 Jul 2017 01:28  

      shitty item, you are not getting summoned in that covenant really often, so farming them up is your best bet...
      unfortunately nobody is going to farm for that thing, because it's only useful when you actually got summoned, which as i said isn't the case most of the time.
      well dealing with a boss who can possibly destroy your ass instantly isn't a fun idea, so i assume some people do that fight offline.

      • Anonymous

        26 May 2017 05:24  

        I'm really dissapointed that the only items you can from getting ganked as a "boss" are items that you can only use to "help" you not get slaughtered

        • Anonymous

          15 May 2017 17:37  

          When I was summoned through the covenant to fight a single player while having the young grass dew I noticed my Fp was raised from to 233->256, Poise 37,51->43,76. Absorptions varying, but nearly 7,00 each to both physicals and elementals. Every single resistance gained 33 points each regardless of their original value. Also I noticed that a summoned spear will always spawn homing soul mass -type of projectiles (5 pieces), but now that I had the young grass dew the count was 6.
          I did not check if there were any changes without the item, but as far as I know a spear shouldn't get buffs without it against a single player.

          • Anonymous

            01 May 2017 14:04  

            just observed my stamina. it does not regenerate but rather the consumption of the stamina is lessened especially when running

            • Anonymous

              01 May 2017 00:00  

              I would assume, based off the flavor text, it buff your boss-buff when summoned. (Cannot confirm, nor deny)

              • Anonymous

                09 Apr 2017 05:11  

                i made screenshots before getting Young Grass Dew and after getting it. There is absolutely no difference in the visible stats. So at least the point "Slightly increases absorption" i disconfirm.

                • Anonymous

                  07 Apr 2017 01:03  

                  Is the effect of this item active only while helping the boss? Or is it active all the time as long as you hold it? Also, what precisely does it do? (Assuming anyone knows)

                  • Anonymous

                    04 Apr 2017 05:01  

                    Note: it might increase FP. I noticed because after getting the dew and getting summoned, my FP bar was way longer than before. It could've merely been due to the host having three phantoms, but this is not mentioned on the covenant page so it should be pointed out.

                    • Anonymous

                      03 Apr 2017 13:27  

                      Apologies, just got my dlc and wondering how does this work and how can I get that much filianore's spear ornaments

                      • Anonymous

                        01 Apr 2017 14:54  

                        I think it grants the holder a large defense boost when you're outnumbered in the boss fight. So it basically makes the player scale with how many phantoms the host summoned.

                        • Anonymous

                          01 Apr 2017 05:40  

                          It says the it "slightly enhances blessing to Church Spears", therefore it probably increases damage dealt by the divine spear fragment online play item.

                          • Anonymous

                            30 Mar 2017 17:34  

                            For all of your effort here is a .5 percent buff to something unimportant. We made it confusing and negligible so that people wouldn't complain.

                            • Anonymous

                              Young Grass Dew [DKS3 Wiki]30 Mar 2017 07:51  

                              I'm not sure either. I think it may be entirely passive; there may be nothing at all you need to do with it. Since it is in your "Keys" section, I can't iamgine there is anything you can do.

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