Hello to everybody. I wanted give to you a map merged between DS1 and DS3. I spend some time watching videos about the Lore and I think that can be usefull to someone to understand where happens some events in the history.

I really wanted to find some Entire Map with all places about dark souls, but it is quite difficult. So I decide make one picture by my own.

I used Anor Londo as reference to match places. The location of Izalith and Carthus matches well. The interesting thing is flip one of this pictures, then Oolacile and the Farron Keep matches better, so I end confused about which version shall be the right.

I used some images from maps from DS1 and DS3 only, I wanted join Majula, using de Sin Fortress (DS1) on the Forest of the Fallen Giants (DS2) but it is hard to say if it is the right map or not.

I expect your opinions and your suggestions to solve this enigma.

Used images:

DS3 worldmap

And as Result (Theorically the left img as the good):

DS 1 and 3 worldmap

If you have any idea on may be set Drangleic, I left the best map I could find.


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