Poison is a status effect in Dark Souls 3.

Poison Information

  • Lasts 90 Seconds, or until cured
  • In PVE:
    • Base damage is 3 HP/s
    • Plus an additional amount that scales up with player Max HP
  • In PVP: 
    • Base damage is 7 HP/s
    • Plus an additional 0.07% of player hp/s
    • Total of 630 + 6.3% of player HP over 90 seconds
  • Unlike Toxic and Frostbite, Poison has no effect on stamina regeneration. 
  • Poison inflicted by the Poison Spores weapon art of the Storyteller's Staff is unique, and scales very highly with max HP, making it the most effective form of poison. 
  • Poison total damage is unaffected by Luck
  • Poison build up is affected by Luck for certain sources (detailed below) 


Poison Mitigation


Poison Cured


PVE Poison Sources



Poison Notes

  • Poison shares resistance properties with Toxic.
  • Poison was overhauled in the 1.11 patch
  • The Storyteller's Staff poison is the unusual exception, with a scaling value so high that at some point it even outperforms Toxic.
  • Luck appears to only speed up the application of poison, allowing you to poison an enemy with fewer hits. It appears to have no effect on poison damage, nor on poison duration.
  • Weapons that have poison naturally on it can be imbued with Poison, or have a Poison Resin used on it, however this appears to only help apply the poison faster, and does not affect poison damage or duration.
  • Tested on Pontiff Sulyvhan (regular NG), most poison effects did 13 damage per second, Dung Pies (Toxic) did 23 damage per second, Storyteller Staff's poison did 54 damage per second
  • Ghru weapon poisons, poison arrows, the Poison Mist pyromancy, Rotten Pine Resin, and Poison Gem infusion all appear to apply the same identical poison (comparable to the Farron Keep swamp poison)



Poison Weaponry

The following all scale with Luck and Weapon Upgrade level

The following do not scale with Luck or weapon upgrade level: 

Enemies weak to Poison/Toxic

Enemies resistant to Poison/Toxic

Enemies immune to Poison/Toxic




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    • Anonymous

      Look how they massacred my boy. This status effect used to be an environmental hazard in ds1 and bloodborne, and in ds2 it was literally "10 seconds to die". In ds3, spamming r1 with the chaos blade is more threatening than getting procced 3 times with poison.

      Here's an idea: make poison damage equipment as well. It's shown in the game that ghru weapons were deformed by long exposure to poison, so it would make sense to reflect such effect on the player's equipment. Even if it's only to remind you that durability is that red bar below your weapons that it's always full.

      • Anonymous

        Poison is incredibly useful if the enemy uses tears of denial. As soon as you bring their HP down, they die instantly from the poison damage. That and the fact many people start to panic when poisoned are the only uses in PvP.
        In PvE however it‘s only good to troll bosses

        • Anonymous

          Is there a weapon in this game that if infused with poison you can give people bleed and poison at the same time ?

          I have been trying to make a hybride build for poison and bleed qnd wanted to know is there a single weapon for it that does both posion and bleed if infused also with a gem, effectively.

          • Anonymous

            If I repostle or backstab someone in pvp with a poisoned weapon, in my case a dagger; will it poison them?

            • Anonymous

              Consumed King Oceiros is also immune. I noticed he wasn't listed on here at the time of this post. And probably should be noted that while Millwood Knights and Chieftains can be poisoned, their passive regen can and will usually outlast the poison and heal them to full in the time of trying to wait out the poison ticks. Making them less "weak" to the poison and more on the resistant side.

              • Anonymous

                Honestly, poison isn't half bad if you think of it more as a tool then a primary damage source. The damage is low enough that it's barely noticeable and most people don't consider it worth curing, but all that chip damage really adds up. Not to mention that poison is a hard counter to tears.

                • Anonymous

                  for the ones that think poison isn't useful, you're looking at it the wrong way. In PVE it can melt bosses that aren't immune. In PVP though, this is extremely underrated but until the host cures poison you can see them through walls. Poison arrows are good at tracking hosts and harassing phantoms. At mid to high level, if you don't have spells to buff your weapon but it can be buffed, poison is still the buff that will deal the most damage if the enemy has around 100 defense. If you want to be annoying and look at your enemy get damaged and attack him every time he tried to cure or heal, you will become a serious threat. If you're defending against invaders as the host, the fact they have a limited amount of healing will reward you if you play defensively, and force them to fall back more often than they would like to, letting you clear pve or summon more phantoms.

                  • Anonymous

                    Incredibly powerful if combined with bleed. I use a poison ghru dagger and a blood bandit knife. This build is awesome, people are in panic as soon as you apply poison. Afterwards you have to be very aggressively with the bandit knife. If you two hand the daggers you can interrupt nearly every attack if timed correctly. This build melts the meta if used properly. The only thing to counter it are curved swords and straight swords r1-spam. I hope i see more of this build in the future.

                    • Anonymous

                      If you're reading this and thinking of making a poison build - r e c o n s i d e r. I tried, and boy, does it *****ing suck. Poison's only good utility is a ToD counter, otherwise it deals too little damage and can be cured instantly if your host isn't a dummy. Toxic mist was my only real crutch, and dung pies seem to just not affect hosts. Maybe I'm not as skilled, but I had WAY more fun and kills running a standard claymore build.

                      • Anonymous

                        Woefully underrated. At high sl's damage bundles will deal an extra 10 damage (except on buffable lightning innate weapons) meanwhile poison does 7 damage per second for 90 seconds and if pressure applied allows a free hit when attempted to cure. Tends to be difficult to proc against high vit opponents.

                        • Anonymous

                          Most people don’t usually expect to be poisoned by other players. Element of surprise, the hidden terror.

                          • Anonymous

                            No one listed Onlyafro on here as a potential source of poison? simply amazing... he made a video admitting to it already. (poison or not, the video sure is fun to watch, despite supposedly being bad for us. :P)

                            • Anonymous

                              Poison is perfect as it is, in terms of build up and damage, it's normal for me to struggle to inflict the poison. But the problem is after, if you can cure it too easily. And they killed it in pvp, JUST by the purple moss, the problem is minor for bleeding or frost cause the damage is immediate. But it breaks poison mechanics, only by that. Even if you limit their use, it's still too easy to have several of them in your inventory. They just should have distinguished poison inflicted by a player and poison/toxic from the swamps. Actually, they did it, since poison in pvp has different rules. And you have yet poison, toxic and the special toxic from the storyteller staff. So they could have add an other special poison, just for pvp. And so we could have purple moss cure just inactivated for pvp, Completely. You would still be able to cure it by the miracle spells tho. For me, this game is perfectly balanced, in every way (yes every single build is more or less viable), except this. That was probably not that hard to program, thats really frustrating. Oh, and the dragon form, it's just terrible too.

                              • Anonymous

                                They should've changed poison so that it proc'd faster and changed it from a single DoT to a stacking effect where you can apply poison multiple times (each proc doing 4 HP/s, stacking up to 5 times or so) so that way a single Moss Clump out of 99x stack doesn't completely ruin one build's viability. Also reduce the # of Clumps you can carry to 5 or 10 or so, like the Bug Pellets. Bug Pellets are a great source of comparison because they are great at reducing caster damage, but don't completely negate their impact and they come in limited quantity.

                                • Anonymous

                                  High Lord Wolnir is not immune to poison and toxic just tested it a while back , it may take a few tries about 3-4 in close range.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Bleed Resistance is the defense value against Bleed which is a status effect in Dark Souls.

                                    Endurance increases bleed resistance by:

                                    END LVL 30 - 41 3.00 points

                                    END LVL 42 - 66 0.50 points

                                    END LVL 67 - 99 0.14 points

                                    Level affects bleed defense in the following manner:

                                    LVL 0 - 60 0.20 points

                                    LVL 61 - 101 1.00 points

                                    LVL 102 - 151 0.30 points

                                    LVL 152 - 700 0.03 points

                                    LVL 701 - 802 0.07 points

                                    FOR Poison replace Edurance with Vitality
                                    FOR Frost replace Edurance with Vigor
                                    FOR Curse replace Edurance with Luck

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I've come up with a pvp strategy that might work: have a duel weapon with poison infuson and try to poison the opponent all you can. When they are poisoned keep close distance to them to prevent them from curing it, however dodge more and dont do anything risky. If the poison run out simply poison them again and repeat.

                                      I know this can be easly countered using blessed weapons, however if you do it correctly that should be the only counter to it.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        I have found a bug! If you get summoned as blade of darkmoon, get poisoned in the host's world, and then complete the task, you will be poisoned in your world!

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Yeah the latest patch 1.11 it says:

                                          "Improved the Poison build-up of Poison infusions.

                                          Increased the damage of Poison and Toxic dealt by players, and shortened its duration."

                                          so, maybe poison will actually be viable now? Has anyone tested this yet?

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Maybe a DoT build? Combined with frostbite, toxic breath, pestilent mercury, and some bleed, we could make DoT viable in Dark Souls again.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Okay but how will we make poison viable?

                                              Most of you will just say to increase its general damage in scaling with the luck stat or some similar method, but then I have to ask; what will we do about bleed then? I understand that poison isn't the best thing in the world, but imagine a build with the bleed of ds3 and the poison of ds2. Personally, it seems overpowered. Simply continuously draining a boss's health while applying large amounts of burst damage to it seems like it will down the boss in minutes if not seconds. Part of the point of the souls series is to be difficult, challenging, and rewarding for defeating those challenges. How are we going to make poison work without giving an unfair advantage to players who use luck builds? Nerf bleed? Should we, as players, decide for everyone else and crap on the builds already made which use bleed as their foundation?
                                              It seems like the easiest method to make poison useful is to make a new stat, but doing so only for poison is absurd! We can't simply destroy the system of the game for one effect, the ds3 system seems to be very carefully balanced. But we can choose another stat that already exists to make it worth our time. Which stat, or stats, is not for me to say.
                                              We as players are much like a part of the development team. We just operate after the games released and give our collective feedback. If we want poison to work we need to tell them how. I'm not saying that you shouldn't complain. I want poison to work too, and I complain as much about it as the next person. I just don't do anything about it because I'm fine with what I have.

                                              And, personally, I like complaining! Makes me feel happy! So if poison is going to work, how do we get it there? There's probably something I missed and I just made a fool of myself, but I've played the souls series for a long time. HOW CAN WE MAKE POISON WORK WITHOUT KILLING BLEED?

                                              • Anonymous

                                                They need to create a different class of poison for weapon use. The current poison status effect is little more than an environmental hindrance meant to create a sense of urgency in the Farron Keep swamp region. In the swamp, the player can be wandering around with the status effect for more than ten minutes, making its slow damage an actual hazard in conjunction with the undead wildlife. But the short duration of combat makes the effect useless anywhere else. We need better damage on the poison for it to be useful, yet any change to the poison found on weapons should not effect the poison in the Farron Swamp.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Poison was my favorite build in DS 2 it was strong, but not brokenly strong. Why they switched it to this is beyond me. If they made all poison like the storytellers staff type, or just straight up buffed it it would be a good improvement.It would encourage more build variety as well

                                                  • (moved my notes to the comments seection)Below 1400 HP = 3 HP lost with each tick. Above 1400 HP = 4 HP lost with each tick. The exact value is somewhere around 1450.Even tested with 9 vigor, and still lost 3 HP with 381 max HP, so the minimum seems to be 3. I have no character with high vit atm, so I'm unable to test the next breakpoint (which should be around 18-1900 HP)- It looks like normal poison does about 0.25% of the target's full hp each second.- The Old Demon King seemingly only takes half the damage he should (in regards to his HP), but it looks like he can be poisoned twice, or by two different players (cuculus summon?)

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      Nobody likes being poisoned, but in DS3 you can easily ignore the poison (just drinking a flask every while or simply using a musk)If you'd like to get a Poison-infused weapon, you'll be very disappointed.Poison is worthless both in PVE and PVP.Poison arrows, poison knives and poison weapons are not worth a soul.I don't want Poison to be OP, but this is very underwhelming and unbalanced.

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