The Dreg Heap is a Location in Dark Souls 3, added with the second DLC, The Ringed City.

The Dreg Heap Walkthrough

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Accessing the Dreg Heap

The Ringed City DLC is accessed by two different bonfire locations; the first is found by traveling to Kiln of the First Flame before the Soul of Cinder fight, and the second is in the Painted World of Ariandel chapel by Sister Friede.

You will arrive in a small building. Light the Bonfire and step through the doorway to head down. To your right, venture off the steps and make your way around a round rooftop to find an Ember x1. Standing on the ledge nearby is a Stone-humped Hag who will act as a vendor if you tell her you have business with her. Drop down from this ledge to the lower levels wihout fear; as long as you land in a dreg heap, the fall will not cause damage. As you arrive at the bottom, carefully cross the bridge as a you will encounter a swarm of Murkman foes. They can gang up on you rather quickly, grabbing you and trying to pull you under, and some wield deadly sorcery.  

Once they are dealt with and have stopped spawning, head up the steps to the left from where you came to a find a Harald Legion Knight. Stay out of reach of the strong melee attacks and puni***** after a leap. You can use verticality as an ally here, a well placed drop attack can result in a visceral attack that does a ton of damage to then. One or two of these attacks are usually enough to bring them down. Loot the corpse here for Titanite Chunk x1. Head up the next set of steps to find a corpse with Aquamarine Dagger on it. Make your way back down to the courtyard where you fought the murkmen and proceed forward to see a corpse on a ledge. Walk out to trigger the ledge to collapse and fall through a window and into a building. At the bottom you can loot the corpse for Soul of a Weary Warrior x1.

Several Murkman are in this room, including casters that fire Great Soul Dregs, so be wary as you explore. Loot corpses in here for Titanite Scale x1, Twinkling Titanite x1 and the Murky Hand Scythe. Exit via the hole in the wall and head right. The next area is a tricky run and hide section where Angels will fire continuous beams at you; hiding behind or under something can trigger their curse attack, which can be seen as a spotlight. Prepare by wearing magic defense armor and shields, using spells like Great Magic Barrier, and perhaps consuming Green Blossom to aid in stamina consumption while rolling. Do not try and fight them directly; they are hard to kill and will quickly respawn. They can be permanently destroyed by finding and killing the long hollows.

When you are ready, drop down on the left to loot a corpse for Divine Blessing. Dash/roll ahead to find cover behind a fallen pillar and heal up if needed, but do not stay stationary for long as the curse attack can kill quickly. Dash across behind a building where you will find a corpse with Lightning Urn x4. If you're exceptionally brave, you can circle around to the other side of the building, leaving you exposed to the angel, where you will find a corpse with Ring of Steel Protection +3 (or alternatively, you can come back after killing the long hollow found in the next area). Proceed through the doorway and head left to take on two overgrown knights. Defeat them and loot the corpse at the altar for a Soul of a Crestfallen Knight x1. Exit via the doorway and head right up the slope to face some emerging murkmen. Around to the left you can loot a corpse for Rusted Coin x2.

Be aware as you head up through the doorway and into the next area that many murken will spawn and keep spawning; make sure to keep sufficient room to not be overpowered. Slowly head up through the doorway and the short steps to trigger more murkmen. You can loot a corpse to the left for Titanite Chunk x2. Proceed through the next two rooms to find more murkmen and a corpse with Murky Longstaff. Before leaving this room, be sure to tap on the wall that was on your left when entering. This will open up a hidden staircase leading to another set of rooms containing the spell Great Soul Dregs, and a ledge drop off to the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +3


Head down the slope near the exit of the church that contained the two Lothric Knights. A tower will fall across the expanse here, destroying the wall inside that church and creating a bridge. For now, continue on to a clearing where an Angel will start firing beams at you. The long hollow enemy to the left is spawing the angel; kill it for a possible Twinkling Titanite. If you did not pick up the Ring of Steel Protection +3 earlier, head back out to the first cliff edge you met the Angel on and walk along the wooden catwalk to pick it up. Go back to the church with the two knights and walk across the fallen tower to find Lapp and start his questline. Continue ahead to find a bridge, where you can drop on the left or right side - we will be heading left to reach the bonfire first, and then return to head right shortly after. Watch for a Harald soldier and drop down on it to the left. Loot the corpse by the pillar for Titanite Chunk x1, and another corpse along a railing for a Homeward Bone x3. Finally, take a leap of faith and drop off this far ledge. At the bottom, drop down to the lower level and to the right of the downed towers you will find the Earthen Peak Ruins Bonfire.

Use the bonfire to travel back to the original Dreg Heap bonfire, and just speed run down and to the right past the Murkmen, fall through down through the church, and run back to the church with the two knights. Walk across the fallen tower and this time stay to the right as you progress down and fall to the right side of the bridge. At the bottom, you will find a knight wielding a Lothric War Banner on a cobblestone platform. On this platform, many Murkmen will spawn, including some casters. Once you have defeated them, find Projected Heal on a corpse in a little alcove. Drop down from this platform to find more knights and a Large Soul of a Weary Warrior x1. Head to the other end of the hallway to find a Lothric War Banner on a corpse. Jump down from here and continue back to the Bonfire.

As long as you started Lapp's questline earlier, he will be sitting on the ledge just to the right. Speak to him to find out about the treasure that can be found. To progress his story you can loot the Titanite Slab from the corpse in the cave guarded by a Harald soldier in the next section, or if the area reloads three times, he will move position and will have gathered it for you. If you head to the left of the bonfire you will find some mushrooms and a corpse with Black Firebomb x4.

Prepare once again for an Angel onslaught. In this next section, there are two different angels which make it difficult in general to fight and pick up items. Take note of the items here and any missed can be picked up after the long hollows which spawn the angels are destroyed. Make your way to the left and as you dash ahead you can find a shack which offers some cover to the right. Use the structures in this area to stay in safety, but do not stand still for long, as the curse attack is quick in coming. By one of the shack like structures you will find a corpse laying against the wall with Desert Pyromancer Garb.

Head to the right over one of the downed pillars to find a corpse with Titanite Scale x1. You can explore the downed debris here in the pool for a corpse with Titanite Chunk x1 by a mushroom head. Cross the clearing to come to a tunnel like shaft. 

Take out the nearby thrall and to the left is a corpse with Ember x1. Proceed forward and drop down to the ground and make your way to the shack ahead. Destroy the mushrooms and loot the corpse here for Purple Moss Clump x4. To the right of the shack there is a ledge along a fallen tower with Desert Pyromancer Gloves, but be careful of the Angel bombarding you with beams. To the left of the shack proceed through a poison pool beneath a tree root and hang a right into a tunnel where you will find a Harald soldier and beyond a bunch of mushrooms. Take them out and loot the corpse they were guarding for Large Soul of a Weary Warrior x1. Around the bend you will find another Harald legion in the corner. Take it out and loot the corpse for Titanite Slab x1 unless Lapp has already picked it up.

Exit this area, and head right to run up a giant tree branch in the poison pool. Move fast because the Angel is going to be bringing the pain. Drop down to the next branch to the right and take it up and around and head left. Roll onto the roof of the house to the right, take out the thrall and cross the rooftops, and find the long hollow which will stop the Angel in the immediate area.

Drop back down to the ground level and explore the poison pool for loot in relative peace. A corpse beneath a branch overhang with a Harald Curved Greatsword and a Harald legion soldier lurking is at one end. Try and lure it away from the pool or use a pluging attack. If you go on the overhang and proceed forward you'll come to a thrall and a corpse with Homeward Bone x1 right at the edge of a drop to a poison pool. If you drop down you will find a Loincloth on dry ground by some mushrooms. You can head up one of the large branches coming from the pool to find the Ring of Favor +3 and then drop down on the left branch and take it to the end to find a corpse with Titanite Chunk x1. 

Return to the branch network that you used to roll onto the roofs, and instead of doing that, follow the stone path. Take out the thrall here, and then prepare for a battle with Desert Pyromancer Zoey. She will use fire (obviously) and a whip, so equipping fire protection items, shields, and armor may help. Advance and two more thralls and Desert Pyromancer Zoey will approach. Take them out and loot Flame Fan from Zoey and loot the corpse on the left wall for Prism Stone x6.

Continue on and find along the last tree on the right the Desert Pyromancer Hood. Prepare for Angel onslought and head out on the large branch here. Dodge the beams of the angel and stay on the branch to the right, using the other branch for cover. When you reach the end of the branch, drop down onto a fallen tower, and follow the tree branch to that wraps around it to the right side. Eventually you will arrive underneath an overhang where the long hollow that spawns the first Angel is located. Kill it to put an end to the annoyance, and pick up an Ember x1.

Use a homeward bone to travel back to the Earthen Peak Ruins Bonfire. Head towards where the Angel used to be and find a cliff edge with a narrow path. Kill the thrall and head right on the ledge to find the Giant Door Shield.

Use a homeward bone a final time, and return to the area where Zoey was. This time, take the branch and  and fall of to a rooftop area. You can loot a corpse on the roof to the left for Divine Blessing x1. Return to the branch a final time, jump off to the tower, and then drop again through the opening to find Within the Earthen Peak Ruins Bonfire. From here you can proceed ahead and drop off the edge to fall way down for the Boss of this location.

Boss Fight: Demon in Pain & Demon From Below

Once defeated, proceed ahead towards the doorway and light the Bonfire to the left of it. Step through the doorway and loot the Small Envoy Banner from the corpse. Continue on and head down the tunnel to come outside. You will be prompted to display the banner. Consent and you'll be whisked away (by guess who) to the next location, The Ringed City.


The Dreg Heap Map




Speedrun Walkthrough

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Additional Info


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    • Anonymous

      18 Aug 2021 05:23  

      Earthen Peak ds2 in Dreg Heap ds3
      1.Tower Ruins
      3.Poison Pond
      5.Half Serpent Statue after Friede (Leads to Dreg Heap)

      • Anonymous

        10 Aug 2021 19:23  

        I lost 111,000 ish souls because of those "angels". I'm not salty about it. No, not me. Not at all.

        Definitely not salty at all.

        • Anonymous

          04 Aug 2021 07:13  

          One of the best areas to invade. Let the angels take the gankers down for you. If they aren't there, you can always count on the haralds.

          • Anonymous

            16 Apr 2021 20:12  

            For anyone in the comments wondering why some people argue about how cancerous angels are, here is an explanation! It could be you are playing on a patch 1.13 or even 1.14/1.15 (I believe 1.12 was the last patch with disgusting angels). Recently I played on a 1.12 version and believe me, you wouldn't like the angels there. When i first encountered them in the swamp, I went to the internet to see what the F should I do against them and where should I go (to dodge them). They 1 shotted me with their barrage at 1600-1700 hp with 45% magic absorption. Later I saw that some people cried on reddit how angels got nerfed into the ground. That's when it clicked for me. So I got the latest version and they don't do jack ****. Maybe like 300 dmg and they barely even hit you. Any sane person would take the nerfed angels over the old 1 shotting ones. It just isn't fun because you can't strike back at them without running to pilgrims that spawn them. And that of course means running under their deadly fire. But never forget the cringe factor of dark souls community. Some people felt bad about not being killed by instantly respawning aerial bombardment and they of course went to - reddit (kek) to cry about it.

            • Anonymous

              15 Apr 2021 14:13  

              spoiler alert: wear Silvercat Ring, drop down behind the far shack of the first angel, and kill that damn tree thing

              • Anonymous

                11 Apr 2021 17:53  

                Ran into an invader in this area. He dropped guidance stones up the roots, leading straight to the angel summoners, pointed our ambushes to me and applauded me after every victory. Once I cleared the area, he finally turned on me and I had to take him out, but it was a fantastic experience.

                • Anonymous

                  14 Mar 2021 21:16  

                  Out of all the places Fromsoft could bring back from Ds2, they chose the single most worst area ever conceived in a video game? Just thank god they didn't bring those ****ing manikins along with Earthen Peak.

                  • Anonymous

                    10 Mar 2021 07:12  

                    i actually dont hate this area i dont get the complaints playing on ng+7 im not even that good and its generally fine the angels are easy for me to dodge just left right movement or 2 dodges is enough usually the heralds hit hard yeh but they are easy to dodge with long wind ups the swamp isnt nearly as bad as ppl say it is if ur this far into the game u should have purple moss lmao its not even the deep swamp that slows ur movement for the most part like in farron keep plus u can actually see where ur going without all the trees in the way the boss i can see how some ppl dont like but for me im a fan of it imo its just a challenging area not a bad one others surely disagree tho lol

                    • Anonymous

                      10 Mar 2021 04:05  

                      I was really hoping to read some trivia. There should be tonnes considering most of it is a callback to DS2.

                      • Anonymous

                        05 Mar 2021 12:07  

                        Things I absolutely in this place:
                        The angels
                        The metric amounts of harolds
                        F**kin swamp
                        generally the entire area

                        Atleast From was generous with the demon prince bonfire

                        • Anonymous

                          06 Jul 2020 12:48  

                          No mention of the ember below the earthen peak bonfire? also whats with the enemy attached to the pilgrim?

                          • Anonymous

                            04 Jul 2020 11:51  

                            The area immediately after the Demon Prince fight where you find the banner is the original firelink, where you would speak to Frampt. Surprised no one has mentioned this, it's good trivia.

                            • Anonymous

                              14 Jun 2020 11:12  

                              Oh yeah, nice. Another *****1n' swamp. But this time while you under a barrage of laser shots of doom. And all that followed by just another double boss with multiple phases. Great. My two favorite things in the dark souls world.

                              • Anonymous

                                25 May 2020 09:41  

                                This section of the guide needs to be updated, as the major part of items looting are under second angel's bombardment. That angel needs to be taken care off before the looting. The second angel spawner can be found on the roof at the swamp area. Follow the tree roots to where you meet Zoey, drop to your right and land on a roof, go straight and cross another root to the opposite roof, turn left and you will see the angel spawner. Kill that mothafocker and do your proper looting, and play the game the fun way.

                                • Anonymous

                                  14 May 2020 18:05  

                                  So where is the summoner for the Swamp angel? I found the one that summons the angel immediately after the bonfire (through the swamp, down the tree root, near the ember), and of course the early one for the very first angel. But there's still an angel sitting in the middle of the swamp and I can't seem to find the piece of***** responsible.

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