Titanite Slab is an Upgrade Material in Dark Souls 3.

Titanite Slab

Titanite slab for weapon reinforcement, said to once belong to the gods. Reinforces weapons to their highest level.

Titanite slabs are smithing materials of the gods, and weapons reinforced with slabs will be admired no less than their previous legendary weapons.


Titanite Slab Usage

  • Reinforces a weapon to its ultimate form:
    • +10 for regular weapons
    • +5 for special weapons



Titanite Slab Locations

  • 2x at Firelink Shrine:
  • 1x at Profaned Capital: received from Siegward of Catarina after releasing him from his cell.
  • 3x at Grand Archives
    • 1x Found in a chest behind a bookcase on the same floor as the large wax basin. Pull the lever on the floor above, between two haunted bookcases, near the second place the Crystal Sage flees to. The bookcase and chest are next to the railing overlooking the ground floor; you can see the bookcase move when you pull the lever.
    • 1x is obtained after killing the three Golden Winged Knights at the very top of Lothric Castle. Start from the Grand Archives bonfire and use the elevator. Head outside towards the Lothric Princes boss area and immediately turn left onto a spiraling staircase. Make your way to the dome shaped roof to find the knights. 
    • 1x found after activate the elevator outside the Lothric Princes boss fight. Get the elevator to the lower floor, near the Dragonslayer Armour boss fight. Trigger the elevator to go up, and jump out immediately - a different elevator platform will rise in its place. Ride this platform down to find the Titanite Slab in a small niche. 
  • 2x at Archdragon Peak
    • 1x next to Havel Knight.
    • 1x can be found after defeating the Nameless King. Walk ahead from the bonfire and loot the nearest corpse.
  • 3x at Painted World of Ariandel
    • 1x near the Depths of the Painting bonfire. Head left past the Giant Crabs and past several Tree Women, until you come to an icy enclosed area with a Smoldering Tree Woman guarding the Snap Freeze spell. After defeating her, head back and you will notice that a ladder has appeard on your left hand side. Climb the ladder, and then climb another ladder to find a body with a Titanite Slab on it. 
    • 1x received after defeating Sister Friede's second phase. Note that she also has a third phase, which will start shortly after receiving the Slab. (only once per NG cycle)
    • 1x in the Corvian Settlement. Received by speaking to the Corvian Crow NPC after defeating Sister Friede. He will have moved from his previous spot, now standing outside the house, near the ladder leading down to the gulch. (If you kill him before you killed Sister Friede the slab will be on the desk near the location where he was originally.)
  • 4x at The Ringed City
    • Lapp will tell you there's treasure in a cavern in Earthen Peak, right at the the swamp before the third Angel. It's guarded by a Harald Knight in the left corner. If you die 3 times or miss it and come back to Lapp he will gift it to you and you'll find the Harald Knight slain.
    • Beating Halflight, Spear of the Church earns you a slab. (only once per NG cycle)
    • Shira will give you a slab for killing Darkeater Midir. You can also get it from her by killing her after the final boss in the chapel to the right of Filianore's Rest's bonfire.
    • Kill the Ringed Knight wandering in the final area alone to the left for one. (only once per NG cycle)




  • The maximum amount of Titanite Slabs the player can get in a single New Game cycle is 8 in the base game, 3 more in the Ashes of Ariandel DLC, and 4 more in the Ringed City DLC, for the total of 15.
  • It's worth checking the Farming page if you want to upgrade a lot of weapons before your NG+, to make max souls.




The runes etched on the Titanite Slab have a possible translation, explained in this article. The translation is vague and uncertain, and it is as follows:

Line 1:
The meek sought God/the divine in the trees (archtrees). Yggdrasil, the tree of life (still archtrees) bestowed the gifts of plenty, joy and health.

Line 2:
They remained and hardship set in. They found a spark (Lord Souls in the first flame) which turned into a Sun, driving away the cold/ice.  Terrible trouble came (conflict with dragons).  The Sun (Gwyn and his allies/army) ended this conflict.

Line 3:
This age (gods in Anor Londo) continued and began an era of wealth and plenty. Man will (or has begun to) ascend.  Cold/ice will return.



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    • Anonymous

      27 Jul 2021 15:42  

      why are people complaining so much? 15 slabs is 15 fully upgraded weapons I've finished the game and still have slabs left over. Find a weapon you like get it to +9 and if you like it throw a slab in. I only have 5/6 fully upgraded weapons so 15 is plenty in my opinion

      • Anonymous

        20 Jul 2021 01:16  

        DS2 is the best of both worlds when it comes to slabs, you get plenty of guaranteed ones (the number being around 12 or so). But you can also farm them and also you have a much higher chance of getting them while farming (It's still not a high chance but it isn't like the terrible 2% chance of darkwraiths)

        • Anonymous

          20 Jul 2021 01:03  

          You have 15 slabs in one ng cycle, I don't get why people complain about not being able to farm these.
          You have enough slabs to change your build all 5 times through Rosaria and you would still be able to have 3 +10 weapons per build. And in DS3 it's almost impossible to miss a slab, while in DS1 it's very easy to not find one the entire game.

          • Anonymous

            30 Jun 2021 02:10  

            Nice to see people are still defending the limited number of Slabs per playthrough. Hopefully Miyazaki has come up with actual incentives to make you want to do repeat playthroughs with Eldin Ring. If you can get as many Slabs as you want and respect your stats as much as you want, normal people will praise that as an objective improvement over DS3. Not you people though, unless somehow the narrative conveniently shifts lmao.

            • Anonymous

              16 Jun 2021 14:42  

              Y'all excited for Elden Ring? Or more accurately, are y'all excited to point out how much of disappointment it is compared to DS1?

              • Anonymous

                10 May 2021 02:31  

                I think slabs should work differently on the game. First, weapons upgraded with Twinkling and Scales shouldn't need slabs to get to +5. Second, there should be fewer slabs in the game. 5 seems like a good number. And third, they should be farmable, maybe as a rare drop from more difficult enemies like the golden Winged Knights, the big snakes dudes at Archdragon Peak, or the big giant dudes that summon the ruin sentinels in the Ringed City. With those changes trying new builds on the same character via Rosaria becomes much less restrictive, since now you doesen't have a limited number of slabs until you'll need to create a character and play the game all over again, but it isn't ultra easy, since finding slabs is rarer. This is just my opinion though

                • Anonymous

                  28 Mar 2021 18:33  

                  The fact that people think that farming in DS1 is better is so upsetting and sad, you can literally get 10 of these things before you fight the abyss watchers, you wouldn't do it that way, but it's possible, and it goes to show how many of these are, I feel people just act like DS1 has a better upgrade system just because it's easier

                  • Anonymous

                    08 Mar 2021 21:55  

                    how the absolute **** do you people use so many weapons per playthrough? for pvp i might be able to understand, but still makes absolutely no sense
                    every NG+ = 15 more max refinement weapons
                    not only that, but life ring and sage ring both require you to go to NG++ to get their +3 version, so youre probably going to need to do NG+ anyways.

                    • Anonymous

                      26 Feb 2021 17:46  

                      DS1 upgrading system as a whole beats DS3 because you can max out weapons that require twinkling and demon titanite without needing slabs while DS3s 15 slabs beat DS1s 3 guaranteed slabs because nobody is going to farm 10-12 extra slabs from darkwraiths and we all know that. If you’re an elemental build this is even more true because the coloured slabs in DS1 are even rarer than the regulars. DS3 would need to give you the option to max weapons with twinkling titanite and titanite scales without slabs to be on par with DS1 but it doesn’t and those 15 slabs are 15 weapons you’re locked with regardless of what type of titanite each need. I didn’t fully think about these specifics previously. Things only go further downhill for DS3 when you remember that catalysts need to be upgraded too. So yeah if I was making a build with only weapons that needed slabs I would take the 15 in DS3 any day but if want to take advantage of weapons that require special titanite as well as regular titanite then DS1 is the clear winner.

                      • Anonymous

                        24 Feb 2021 00:57  

                        I get why the amount of slabs you get per play through is finite, but they should have made it possible to get addition slabs. They could have maintained the special-ness of slabs by making getting the extra slabs more difficult than these 15. One idea is getting a slab for every 100 covenant rewards you give to a given covenant. This would make covenant items always valuable (as now they are useless after you give 30 to their respective covenant) and it would have allowed people who PVP a lot to have access to more slabs. These being the players that need slabs the most.

                        • Anonymous

                          21 Feb 2021 17:29  

                          The amount of people in the comments defending the limited slabs per playthrough is amazing lol. Bunch of masochistic fanboys.

                          • Anonymous

                            29 Dec 2020 17:19  

                            "oh yes, let's limit the amount of build and creativity choices bc we want players to really feel like it's DS1 all over again"

                            at least we could farm in ds1

                            • Anonymous

                              22 Dec 2020 18:51  

                              Making it so that theres only a limited number of slabs per playthrough with no way to farm them is ridiculous. This game has things that just obnoxiously push you into another new game cycle by putting arbitrary limits on them. Makes even less sense when you think about how Bloodborne eventually gave you a way to get Blood Rocks without playing through the whole game again. At least you can exploit Rosaria's pale tongue cost as much as you want.

                              • Anonymous

                                18 Nov 2020 19:19  

                                “ Beating Halflight, Spear of the Church earns you a slab.

                                You can also get it from (Shira) by killing her after the final boss in the chapel to the right of Filianore's Rest's bonfire.”

                                Neither of these worked for me but do you get the slab from the filianore spear you fight? If you haven’t yet killed Midir and you kill Shinra you will not receive the slab, and the door to her room will be open with her gear

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