Titanite Scale is an Upgrade Material in Dark Souls 3.

Titanite Scale

Titanite altered by a soul.

Reinforces soul-transposed weapons to +4.

Weapons forged by souls transposition can only be reinforced by titanite of the same kind. In rare cases, Crystal Lizards devour souls, growing to monstrous proportion and leaving these great scales."


Titanite Scale Usage

  • Reinforces all Soul-Transposed Weapons to +4.
  • Also reinforces some other unique weapons listed at the bottom of the page.
  • 15 scales required in total to get a weapon to +4:
    • 1 scale for +1
    • 2 scales for +2
    • 4 scales for +3
    • 8 scales for +4 

Titanite Scale Locations

  • Can be purchased infinitely from Shrine Handmaiden for 20,000 souls each after obtaining the Dragon Chaser's Ashes from Archdragon Peak.
  • 3x Bought from Greirat for 16,000 souls each, if he returns alive from his second expedition. If he doesn't survive, his ashes make the scales purchasable from the shrine maiden. (note: step must be complete, killing Greirat before this step does not give the scales)
  • Dropped by Rock Lizard in Archdragon Peak (rare drop).


  • 5x at Cemetery of Ash:
  • 2x at Farron Keep: dropped by a Giant Crystal Lizard, in the shortcut between the Farron Keep Perimeter bonfire and Crucifixion Woods.
  • 1x at Cathedral of the Deep: dropped by a Giant Crystal Lizard outside the cathedral down by the moat. At the base of the hall with the giants, there's a door that leads outside. Jump off the ledge and go through the gap to get out and it will be to the right,
  • 1x in Smouldering Lake: found in the catacomb maze under the lake, in the room with the Basilisks.
  • 1x in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley: found on a corpse before the Silver Knight archers, after the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire. It's on top of the building that hides the entrance to the Water Reserve bonfire.
  • 3x in Irithyll Dungeon:
    • 1x dropped by a Crystal Lizard in a hallway near the first exit.
    • 2x dropped by a Mimic chest in a side passage on the lower level with many Jailers.
    • Dropped by Wretch (rare drop)
  • 3x in Consumed King's Garden:
    • 1x found on a corpse under the staircase, in the shortcut area that leads back to the start of the level.
    • 2x found in two chests in the same room, after the Oceiros bonfire.
  • 4x in Untended Graves: 2x dropped by each of 2 Giant Crystal Lizards in Untended Graves (in the same location as the Lizards in Cemetery of Ash).
  • 10x in Lothric Castle:
    • 1x found in a chest near the Dragons, guarded by an Outrider Knight.
    • 1x found on a corpse under the right-hand Dragon (seen from dragon barracks), the dragon has to be killed to reach it.
    • 3x dropped by a Mimic chest, at the back of the dark room at the top of the stairs, after the dragons.
    • 1x found on the balcony outside the dark room with the mimic. (Temp Video timestamp 1h 11m)
    • 1x found in a chest, in the chapel with a shortcut lift, right next to the Dragonslayer Armour boss.
    • 3x found in a chest in the Warriors of Sunlight covenant room.
  • 13x in Grand Archives:
    • 1x found on a body at the top of a bookcase, in the corner of the room with the giant wax basin.
    • 1x to the left at the top of the staircase, in the dark room past the large wax basin.
    • 1x on top of a bookcase beside the shortcut ladder on the second floor, drop down to it from the balcony above.
    • 1x in a corner of the room with the illusory wall hiding the Outrider Knight, past the Crystal Sage's second location.
    • 1x behind a bookcase next to the ladder leading down to the bridge, in the room with the illusory wall.
    • 2x dropped by a Crystal Lizard on a bookcase near the large wax basin, drop down from the bridge to reach it.
    • 3x in a chest in the room with several Scholars above the first shortcut lift, the area where Orbeck's body can be found.
    • 3x on a roof outside the Crystal Sage's second location, next to where Greirat's Ashes may appear, jump down to it from the area with the Corvians.
  • 9x at Archdragon Peak:
    • 2x on 2 separate corpses, up the left stairs after the Dragon-Kin Mausoleum bonfire, on the outside near a Rock Lizard.
    • 1x from a corpse up the stairs from the Dragon-Kin Mausoleum bonfire, outside of where two Serpent Men ambush the player.
    • 3x in a chest near a Crystal Lizard right before the second Wyvern, before the Great Belfry bonfire.
    • 3x dropped by the Wyvern past the Dragon-Kin Mausoleum
  • The Ringed City:
    • Rare drop from Ringed Knight
    • 1x The Dreg Heap after the second bonfire in a fallen tower.
    • 1x After the shortcut at the Ringed City Streets Bonfire, where you drop down to the Dragonhead Greatshield.
    • 2x At the first hole after the Bridge where you first encounter Midir.


Titanite Scales are also used to reinforce the following non-soul transposed weapons/shields:


  • It looks very similar to Demon Titanite from Dark Souls, and also serves the same purpose.
  • In DS2, the function of Demon Titanite was taken over by Petrified Dragon Bone, explaining this demon dragon scale.
  • It costs 300,000 Souls to purchase 15 titanite scales, which is the required amount to upgrade to + 4.


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