Ore in Dark Souls 3 are items that can be used to improve Weapons and Shields via Upgrades. These are done at the Shrine via the Blacksmith. In contrast to previous Dark Souls games, now Armor isn't upgradable at all.

Although you can drop Titinite and Gems, other players cannot take them making trades very difficult

For more detailed info on locations, see the item's page.

Name & Icon Usage Location*

Profaned Coal

Enables Dark, Blood and Hollow infusion

Farron Coal

Enables Heavy, Sharp and Poison infusion

Sage's Coal

Enables Crystal, Blessed, and Deep infusion

Giant's Coal

Enables Lightning, Simple and Chaos infusion

Titanite Shard

Reinforce weapons to +3

Large Titanite Shard

Reinforce weapons to +6  

Titanite Chunk

 Reinforce weapons to +9

Titanite Slab

Reinforce weapons to +10
Reinforce unique and transposed weapons to +5

Twinkling Titanite

 Reinforce unique weapons to +4

Titanite Scale

Reinforce soul-transposed weapons to +4

Fire Gem

Used in infusion to create Fire weapons

Refined Gem

Used in infusion to create Refined weapons

Transposing Kiln

Enables Transposition

Heavy Gem

Used in infusion to create Heavy weapons

Raw Gem

Used in infusion to create Raw weapons

Shriving Stone

Reverses weapon infusion.

Crystal Gem

Used in infusion to create Crystal weapons

Hollow Gem

Used in infusion to create Hollow weapons

Deep Gem

Used in infusion to create Deep weapons

Blessed Gem

Used in infustion to create Blessed weapons

Poison Gem

Used in infusion to create Poison weapons

Sharp Gem

Used in infusion to create Sharp weapons

Chaos Gem

Used in infusion to create Chaos weapons  

Lightning Gem

 Used in infusion to create Lightning weapons

Blood Gem

 Used in infusion to create Lacerating weapons

Simple Gem

 Used in infusion to create Simple weapons

Dark Gem

Used in infusion to create Dark weapons

 *For more detailed info on locations, see the item's page.

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    • Anonymous

      is it possible to change which infusion a weapon has? ex. changing a heavy infused weapon to a refined infused weapon

      • Anonymous

        Kinda wish there was a special gem to restore old weapons, like the wolf knight greatsword to artorias's greatsword.

        • Anonymous

          I don't know how weapon upgrade will look like in Elden Ring, but I hope its something better than this. I never really like how it was solved in any Souls games. It basically forces you to specialize and penalizes attempts at developing varied armory. You got 2 titanite shards, great! You upgrade your weapon, and it usually will be your starting one. Another shard? Upgrading another weapon is actually a bad choice, its better to save it to further upgrade your main one. By the time you have enough shards for other weapons, you already aquired large shard, so your main is always higher level and using anything else means handicaping yourself. Its worse with twinkling nad scale weapons, until endgame you have just enough materials for only one of each. Especially bad for casters, who need not only a weapon, but also a catalyst. 3/4 of the game you are running around with very small arsenal, and when you at last get Dragonchaser Ashes and have potentially unlimited supply of ore, you are almost at ending credits. Yes, if you are experienced you know what you will want to get, where to farm etc., but first couple of playthroughs will feel very limited.

          • Anonymous

            IDK about everyone else, but I hate how infusions are virtually garbage on shields. Since upgrading a shield only improves the stability, it makes sense there should be some sort of penalty for the benefit of infusions, but there aren't. Unlike weapon infusions, all infusions on shields reduce absorption slightly across the board. Not only that, physical infusions cut the improvement to stability in half, elemental ones cripple stability back to base value, and blessed infusion does even worse than that. Which means if you're not going for Blessed or Simple infusion, the upgrades to your shield are non-existent, and you're shooting yourself in the foot. Imagine if we had better bonuses and more reasonable penalties for shield infusions, such as fire shields doing DoT to nearby enemies, simple shields converting a small amount of damage blocked into FP in addition to their paltry regen, or sharp shields gaining bonus defense VS slash. Hell if nothing else, it would have been just as easy to make the penalty to just [+2] weight & [-4] stability for all shield infusions. But all we got is a lazy infusion scheme that was copy/pasted from weapons, and it sucks for shields. I know DS3 hates anything that isn't a great shield, and turtles were cancer in older games, but this has killed chances for more build variety, and is one of the reason we all roll around like monkeys 90% of the time.

            • Anonymous

              I saw a post saying ores can't be traded, but I can drop them just fine. Does it just not appear on other players screens?

              • Anonymous

                FYI Heavy infusions are also useless on some weapons with an optimized build. Because it completely removes Dex scaling, certain weapons will always do less damage with a heavy gem than with a refined gem. Note that this is not the case for sharp weapons; they do not completely remove strength scaling.

                • No scaling gems (fire, deep and raw) are only interesting on low requirement weapons with no investisment in offensive stats. You clearly get better damages with their scaling equivalent, and simply outclass them with a bit of levels put in their scaling stat. Weapons with heavy requirments will generally just get better damages with a heavy / sharp infusion on base requirement than with a raw infusion. If you want to use deep / raw / Fire infusion, they are only interesting if you don't invest in offensive stats, and so, only on early game. If you have a weapon with high requirement, the only interest in using that kind of gem would be to get dark / fire damages, but you'll certainly lost AR. Anyway, after upgrade, most of the weapons just get stronger with scaling, even without investing in offensive stats. But if you want to do early PvP, these gems become REALLY good, because you'll get good damages that can even be better than your base / Heavy / Sharp / Refined infusion damages, but will also allow you to put your levels in HP / Stamina. About Blessed gem: You will lost a lot of damages on 90% of the weapons you'll infuse with it. BUT it is terribly good on weapons that have base physical and lightning damages, because the gem will increase BOTH with faith scaling. Which mean that each point in faith give you physical damages AND lightning damages + Passive healing. But you won't be able the enchant your weapon anymore. This is an amazing gem for faith build, that allow you to have a big damage weapon for no extra cost (exept requirements of course) without using enchantments, which save you 1 spell attunment. But you'll need some particular weapons, and their number is limited (like Lothric knigh UGS or Dragon slayer axe) If you mind using a simple gem, in 4 years, its only use I found is that you can swap to 2 simple weapons when you go AFK and used FP before so when you're back, if you took your time, you'll be full again. I always call this gem the poo poo break gem.

                  • Upgrade materials can't be picked up by other players. Upgraded Equipment however can be traded, provided that the dropped item does not have a higher upgrade level than the other person's highest upgraded weapon. This also works for any infused weapons, and also special and boss weapons. (Example: if a friend makes a +0 Lightning Long Sword, he/she can trade it to you as soon as you reach the first area of the game.)

                    Every weapon requires it's respective amount of Titanite to upgrade, depending on if the weapon is Normal, Special, or Boss. Normal weapons upgrade with regular Titanite, Speacial weapons with Twinkling Titanite, and Boss weapons with Titanite Scales.
                    Every piece of upgradeable equipment requires a Titanite Slab to reach maximum upgrade level. All forms of Titanite, except Titanite Slabs, can be farmed/bought.

                    Normal weapons can be Infused by the Blacksmith with special Gems. Each Gem modifies the weapon's Stats and Scaling on a different level, and are used by specific Character Builds. (Example: a Refined Gem modifies the weapon by equalizing the weapon's Strength and Dextery scaling. It is commonly used on "Quality"(Refined) Character Builds, whom focus on leveling Strength and Dexterity alike.)

                    • Anonymous

                      Can you leave your upgrade materials for other friends to pick up? My and my friend tried, but they don't see it when I drop it.

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