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    • 22 Oct 2016 10:19

      i have a pyro build at lvl 202 i have 30 every think apart from intelligance, faith and atunment witch are at 40 my luck is 7 i have +10 pyro hand and dule weid katanas and feel im missing somethink in pvp i seem to be let down by strenght and endurance builds witch always get the better of me any tips on wat to do to deal with them i dont wont to pass lvl 250 any help would be appreciated oh im on xbox one aswell

      • Help04 Oct 2016 11:31

        If anyone plays on PS4 and needs help my gamer tag slash online Id is RG_UndeadNecro and I play dark souls 3 and can drop people good armor and weapons

        • Searching for opinion and conseil26 Sep 2016 09:39

          Hello there!<br/><br/>Sooo basically I'm looking for help (ovbiously...) building my character. The thing is I've beating the game like 5 times... so only online remains and I'm really bored of being lvl 300 and getting into PvP where there is only groups of naked people with huge weapons and pure strenght and endurance builds... impossible to kill, impossible to play... :( (git gut my ass ;) )<br/><br/>So I decided to start again and respect the META level cap (wich is 120, right?) where I suposse there is going to be much more fun and wearing Havel's set or enormous weapons have a counterpart!!!<br/><br/>The class I'm starting with is deprived, and these is the equipment I want to wear<br/><br/>R1 - Drakeblood Greatsword<br/>R2 - Demonhunter Greatbow (optional)<br/>R3 - Torch (optional)<br/>L1 - Any of the blue shields (I use to have them all at +5 so I can swift depending of the situation)<br/>L2 - Astora's straight sword OR Anri's straight sword (this one will depend of how we spend the points)<br/>L3 - Talisman (I don't get to decide yet wich one)<br/><br/>Faraam Helmet, Artorias Armor, Leonhard Gloves and Silverkinght leggins<br/><br/>First sunborn ring, stealth protection+2, lightning clutch ring and clorianthy +2<br/><br/>The idea is to build a character based in close combat with a couple of spells (Sacred Oath and Lighting Blade)<br/><br/>So, I would appreciate your comments in order to maximize the AR of my character, there are ovbiously minimums I have to reach in each stat in order to wear this equipment but the questions I need also to be clarified are:<br/><br/>¿Is it worthy to wear a bow and develop your vitality stat when you only use it at PvE?<br/>¿Wich one is the best talisman I should use in order to maximize those 2 miracles without spending to much points in faith?<br/>¿Astora's straight sword or Anri's?<br/><br/>I would really apreciatte your comments, hope to read you soon!

          • When you cant figure out how to do this correctly24 Sep 2016 22:30

            Heres my liink for the fattest build in dark souls (so far)<br/>

            • My Quality INT Build13 Sep 2016 00:32

              So a friend suggested this seeing as Quality and Sorcerer builds do pretty well in PvP. So I took on doing this. I've realized that this build is actually super good in PvP! Here's the stats (It's a work in progress though):<br/>Vigor: 26 (Still upgrading)<br/>Attunement: 14 (Still upgrading)<br/>Endurance: 21<br/>Vitality: 20<br/>Strength: 36 (Still upgrading, will stop at 40)<br/>Dexterity: 36 (Still upgrading, will stop at 40)<br/>Intelligence: 45<br/>Faith:13<br/>Luck: 7<br/><br/>I'm currently SL 129. I didn't state what my weapons and rings were since I change them occasionally for different things. But most commonly I use:<br/>Refined Dark Sword +8 (Will get to +10)<br/>Black Knight Shield<br/>Sorcerer's Staff +2<br/>Crystal Magic Weapon<br/>Great Heavy Soul Arrow (Will switch to Crystal Soul Spear when I can)<br/>I want help with finding a good sorcery catalyst though, can anyone help with this?

              • Quality STR/DEX Build, needs feedback27 Aug 2016 15:33

                SL.120 Knight<br/><br/>Vigor: 40<br/>Endurance: 40<br/>Strength: 40<br/>Dexterity: 37<br/>Intelligence: 10<br/>Faith: 10<br/><br/>Refined Astora Greatsword +10 & Grass Crest Shield, along with Pyromancy Flame +10<br/><br/>Rings: Ring of Favor+2, Chloranthy Ring+2, Carthus Milkring & Hornet Ring<br/><br/>Spells: Carthus Flame Arc<br/><br/>All feedback and criticism are welcome, thanks.

                • Strength/Faith Build18 Aug 2016 17:04

                  Hi Fellas, <br/>i just started a new char after ng+3 got me bored with my quality build.<br/>I'd like to go for a strength/faith build cause it seems kind of interesting (With Morne's Great Hammer if possible). <br/>I haven't found anything here yet so i just wanted to ask for any suggestions from more experienced players :)<br/>(Aiming to go for SL 120)<br/><br/>Thanks in advance!

                  • I need help21 Jul 2016 11:57

                    Making a proper INT/FTH/DEX hybrid build. I want to cast the Great Chaos and Bed Vestiges for Pyromancy and some Miracles and Sorcery spells as well, and I want to use a dex-scaled weapon as well incase the enemy I'm facing has a high magic resistance or if I run out of Ashen Estus while exploring areas. But I'm having trouble with point distribution as I'm unsure about which weapons to use. Can anyone help? I atleast wanna do good damage using all 4 types of weapons/spells.

                    • Pure dark build25 Jun 2016 00:37

                      I'm a dark caster with 40/40 int and faith. My rings are Dark Clutch Ring, Witch's Ring, Great Swamp Ring, Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring. Is there anymore good ring combos for a dark caster?

                      • Pure bow build?05 May 2016 14:42

                        Was impressed by the weapon arts of the bows. I want a build revolved solely around bows, but how do I go about one? Should I level up the magic stats (INT/FTH) for the elemental arrows and their unique bow counterparts or go pure quality and stay low level? Or should I go 20/40 and dump 40 in Luck for a SL100 Meta build?

                        • Also when is the Poise fix?26 Apr 2016 20:15

                          GS Builds are at a sort of disadvantage compared to the onslaught of SW builds. The only armor you get is from Sword Arts (which are an absolute joke to dodge) and the occasional armor from a 2H R2. So what's the deal? We gonna see a fix or can they just stop pretending and remove the poise stat? It would be nice to have a functioning GS build that isn't slaughtered by anyone with a quick weapon.

                          • Build26 Apr 2016 20:03

                            Go about 40 STR - 40 Vigor - 25 Vit - 18 DEX - 32 END and start with Warrior Class. All that can be neatly condensed into a SL 100 build. Or you could shave some points off Vit and just use Light Armor (seeing as Poise does nothing in this game, or atleast atm...)<br/>Cookie cutter low end pvp build.

                            • Luck Build?25 Apr 2016 22:36

                              Heard about Luck scaling with Hollow weapons and certain unique weapons, but I'm not familiar with it. Can I make a PvP build using Luck? Because it sounds very interesting, but I don't know how to go about it. Also, how does Anri's Straight Sword go with it?<br/><br/>Thanks in advance.

                              • Longfinger Kirk - Bleed Build25 Apr 2016 13:31

                                Pretty fun build I've been experimenting with. Quality/Luck build due to the scaling on the bleed weapons of choice!<br/><br/>Wear full Thorns, Hollowed Barbed Sword, Hollowed Flamberge, Spiked shield and parrying shield of your choice.<br/>To equip everything Havels is needed, however if you just equip barbed and 2 shields havels isn't needed. <br/><br/>Use Carthus Pine Resin to increase your bleed build up, just be careful for parry breaks on your R1 Spam haha<br/><br/>Note: Hollowed weapons +10 give you 10 extra levels, so you will end up with 70 luck with weapon equip. redistribute the extra 10 if you feel it needs to!<br/><br/>Stats - SL 122<br/>Vigor: 27<br/>Attunement: 6<br/>Endurance: 30<br/>Vitality: 11<br/>Strength: 30<br/>Dexterity: 30<br/>Intelligence: 8<br/>Faith: 9<br/>Luck: 60<br/><br/>Let me know what you guys think!

                                • Gundyr's20 Apr 2016 15:34

                                  Gundyr's set, whole. ring for stamina regen, and defenses. 44vit 20 or so dex, vig and endurance should be above 20, and as much as u feel like u can spend in strength. the reach of the we halberd, plus the skill attacks with huge swing in a 270 cone in front of u... u can keep distance from duel-wielders, or rapiers, and u can react fast enough against ultra greatswrods and the like. Much is has been had by me in pvp wearing this ), and fast roll is available.

                                  • Smough Cosplay17 Apr 2016 20:21

                                    Since Smough's armor is pretty late game, and the weight is incredibly high... Now I do not know how to exactly get Smough's armor It kind of just showed up in the Handmaids shop... I think it's for collecting a certain amount of ashes..<br/><br/>This will contain fat rolling, so if your using this for PVP It's not going to be good unless you have a insane amount of vit to be fast rolling...<br/><br/>Starting Class: Warrior, high strength and Vigor for Smough's Hammer<br/><br/>Equipment:<br/>Weapon: Smough's Hammer <br/>(Recommended to have it +5 and at least 50 Strength for a AR of 606)<br/>Armor: Smough's Helm, Smough's Armor, Smough's Gauntlets, Smough's leggings<br/>Rings: Hornet ring(Optional for backstabs, other is Ring of Steel Protection), Havel's Ring, Ring of Favor Ring, Chloranthy Ring<br/><br/>(No Ashen Estus Flask, Only Estus)<br/><br/>Stats<br/>Vigor: 30<br/>Attunement: 6<br/>Endurance: 22 (at least 20)<br/>Vitality: 38 (May vary if you have the FAP ring and Havel's Ring)<br/>Strength: 50<br/>Dexterity: 9<br/>Intelligence: 8<br/>Faith: 9<br/>Luck: 11<br/><br/>Level Should be around in the 90's<br/>Again, very late game... If low on souls go be a phantom and help others with bosses for extra souls.. or farm the golden winged knights with soul increasing rings and items in Lothric Castle.<br/><br/>

                                    • Gwyn, Lord of Cinder14 Apr 2016 11:06

                            <br/>I would suggest using the profaned greatsword, a pyromancy flame, and the saint's tailsman for the weapons. The rings would be: ring of the suns first born, witches ring, ring of favor and protection and whatever you choose. This is what im running right now and i find that it is very versatile.

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