Online or Multiplayer is part of Dark Souls 3. Players are encouraged to summon and be summoned and experience the game with others. Please see the Hollow Arena page for information relating to PVP arena.


Online Information


  • Servers are dedicated
  • Online play is platform specific; no cross-platform play.
  • Online interaction happens when the player has used an Ember by summoning of phantoms via signs they place on the ground with a White Sign Soapstone. You may also encounter unwelcome invasions from hostile players using invasion items and covenant mechanics.
  • Up to 9 players can interact in the same session, which happens seamlessly during gameplay, each player taking on the roles of cooperator and/or hostile invader. The different Covenants and soapstone signs change the ratio of companions to invaders. It is possible to have anything from a 3v3 to a 1v5 scenario. Even 4vs2 (4 Friendly, 2 Enemy) Check Dried Finger Notes 
  • The amount of souls gained by the phantom post boss fight appears to be 25% of the boss's normal reward (Tested on Soul of Cinder).
  • Using the Dried Finger resets the invasion timer and allows a host player to summon a 3rd phantom as well opening themselves up to a 2nd invading phantom.
  • Matchmaking is once again level-based, as well as taking into account the upgrade level of a player's weapon. Please see the Summon Range Calculator for details on the exact level ranges.
  • You can summon other players regardless of NG/NG+ differences. There are no NG conditions for matchmaking.
  • Password Matching (as seen in Bloodborne Online) is a feature and disregards the aforementioned soul level and weapon upgrade level matchmaking in lieu of a normalizing adjustment to phantom attack power. Password matching DOES NOT allow you to summon a friend in a cleared area with a White Sign Soapstone. However, you can still summon them using a Red Sign Soapstone
  • In addition to the basic online parameters listed below, Covenants also alter the multiplayer experience for players. Several of the covenants are defense pacts that send players in to defend a specific area from being completed by exploring players, each with their own specific mechanics.
  • Phantoms have half their current estus charges when in a host's world, rounded down (i.e. 1 flask turns into 0, 3 turns into 1, etc).
  • Covenant signs cannot be swapped out when trying to connect to someone else's world. 
  • Other players summon signs will disappear as long as yours is active.
  • Hosts, friendly phantoms, and hostile phantoms can get an estus chargeback if another hostile or friendly phantom dies.
  • Some bosses will only allow you to summon a specific amount of phantoms.
  • 6 player PvP matches can be quickly made in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley by equipping the Way of Blue Covenant in the area after the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire.
  • For killing an invader, the host receives 15% of the souls required for the invader's most recent level-up (rounded down). See the Level page for the soul requirements.
  • For killing the host of another world, invaders receive 4% of the souls required for the host's most recent level-up (rounded down).
  • Remember, accepting items via online play is risky, some of these may be hacked items in which you can get banned for. So be careful about who you accept items from


Phantoms (Ghosts)

Other players will be shown in the game world as phantoms (ghosts). You cannot interact with phantoms, and they cannot interact with you. Use other phantoms as a guide to what may happen next in-game.


Examine a blood stain left behind in a spot where another player died, and you'll view a replay of that player's death. Like with phantoms, you can use this as a guide to what may happen next.


The messages you can write in the main menu will be sent to other players. You'll also receive messages written by other players in your world. Messages can be rated. If other players rate your messages, you'll regain a little HP.

Use a White Sign Soapstone to cast a soul sign, and that sign will be sent to other players' worlds. If you're summoned from the sign, you'll be transported to the summoner's world. Soul signs can be cast by anyone, whether living or undead, but you must have the power of the Lord of Cinder to summon other players.

white_sign_soapstone-icon.pngCo-Op Play

Use a White Sign Soapstone, and you'll be able to play co-op with up to Three other players. However, playing with three other players requires the host to use the Dried finger. The summoning player is called the "host", and the summoned players are called the "clients". You cannot become a host if you've already defeated the boss of the current area. If you've turned voice chat on in the network options, you can chat between the host and the client.

Starting Co-op

  • The clients use a White Sign Soapstone to place a soul sign.
  • The host then examines the soul sign and summons the client.
  • The host and client play together in the host's world.

Success Conditions

If the host defeats the area's boss, the clients will receive rewards and return to their own worlds.

Failure Conditions

If the clients or host die or any return items are used, the client will return to their own world.

red_eye_orb-icon.pngCompetitive Play

Use a Red Eye Orb or Cracked Red Eye Orb and you'll be able to invade other players' worlds and play against them competitively. The invaded player is called the "host", and the invading player is called the "client". Up to two people can invade a world at once. Invaders treat each other as enemies and can attack and damage each other. You may also use a Red Sign Soapstone to be summoned to duel.

Starting Competitive Play

  • Please see Hollow Arena for PVP arena information.
  • The client uses a Red Eye Orb.
  • The client automatically invades the world of the selected host.
  • The host and client play against each other in the host's world.
  • You cannot invade into a host's world if the boss is dead.
  • Players can also use the Red Sign Soapstone to leave a summon sign for duels.
  • The red soapstone sign can still be used to be summoned into a host's world that has already killed the boss.
  • RSS phantoms don't take a health penalty.
  • If the host uses a Dried Finger, the invasion timer is reset, making more rapid invasions possible.
  • When Summoned by RSS you can profit of the health bonus from ember form if you embed BEFORE placing your sign, resulting in being a red phantom with 1.3x health.

Success Conditions

If the host is defeated, the client will receive rewards and return to their own world.

Failure Conditions

If the client dies, the host enters a boss room, or any return items are used, the client will return to their own world.

ember-icon.pngLord of Cinder

In order to summon other players, you must use an Ember to obtain the power of the Lord of Cinder. Using an Ember allows you to become a multiplayer host. When in Lord of Cinder mode, your character's appearance will change, and you'll have the following effects until you die:

  • Maximum HP boosted 1.3x
  • Able to summon other players via soul sign as well as be invaded.
  • The icon next to gauges change.

Note: If you're summoned by another player while in Lord of Cinder mode, your maximum HP will go back to normal until you return to your world.

    • Anonymous

      15 Mar 2018 17:17  

      Here's hoping DS1 Remastered will have a better invasion system, this one's a joke. Yeah, go on, beat those 2-3 SL200+ Phantoms at SL30. Git gud rite?

      • Anonymous

        25 Feb 2018 15:46  

        Let me sum this all up for most the Invaders or duelist out there;

        High level PvP is a bunch of Havels shooting magic\fire and wielding exile’s curved Greatsword that will most likely one shot you. Either a bunch of jolly people or a bunch of rude people who get pissed they didn’t explode you. No invasions ahead.

        Meta level (120-60) is bunch of people who point down when you die and use meta weapons on their two shot builds. Nearly every caster is made out of wet Papier-mâché. Same applies to the one shot builds with the 6 vigour meta. Invasions ahead.

        Low level is a bunch of babies (fallen knights) who gank and point down and wield either wet noodles or freight trains. Be wary of Raw Dragonslayer Axe and the dreaded Dark Hand! Be wary of Dark Spirit.

        Sidenote: Low Level PvP also contains a surprisingly large amount of people with late game weapons (obtained via trading, beating dancer early, or just cheating) and all thought that it would be fun\original to slaughter new players... turns out they end up just fighting each other and send hate mail when they get killed by the all powerful Dark Hand.

        • Anonymous

          23 Feb 2018 21:19  

          me and my friend can't play together, we've been trying to summon each other and it gives us an error after a bit of a wait (we can see each other's signs). We can both summon random players via soapstones, but can't summon each other. The online arena doesn't work for us either (can't 1v1). Any suggestions on how to fix this?

          • Anonymous

            27 Jan 2018 21:14  

            Password matchmaking makes low SL invasions nearly impossible because of all the overleveled phantoms. :/

            Unless you have either a raw Dragonslayer Axe, or the Dark Hand.

            • Anonymous

              20 Jan 2018 05:48  

              How many % of the lvlup souls the inader will gain for killing host-friendly phantom?
              I invaded few times at 20 lvl (+1 normal weapon) and got 20-30 k of souls for killing some sunbros, while host "gave" me only about 80-100 souls.

              • Anonymous

                20 Jan 2018 02:21  

                It sure feels great when someone with a dark hand and a full arsenal of +3 rings invades you at high wall, and wins through potato-lag... Real F**KING nice

                • Anonymous

                  20 Jan 2018 00:12  

                  I would be very careful when doing PvP (in terms of soul conservation).

                  When you die as a red orber, red soapstoner, or a host, you will drop your souls.

                  I am pretty sure you do not drop your souls if you are a phantom (white, blue, or yellow), or a covenant defender (Spear, Watchdogs, or Aldrich).

                  I am unsure however, if Mound-Makers will drop their souls when killed. It likely depends on what whether they are a white summon, or an invader.

                  • Anonymous

                    17 Jan 2018 11:58  

                    when we die as a friendly ghost, did we lost any souls? and when we invade someone and die did we lost any equipment?

                    • Anonymous

                      17 Jan 2018 11:34  

                      guys i was playing and i got invaded and i manage to kill the invader, when i killed him he droped some equips, did he just lost his equipment? when we die invanding someone we lost equipments?

                      • Anonymous

                        17 Jan 2018 01:59  

                        Guys another thing I noticed.. I summoned someone on lothric wall for the Vordt fight.. we went in and he was doing something like 500 damage per hit.. he 5 shot him something like that... how is it possible if matchmaking takes levels into account? Was he a hacker? I also noticed sometimes my summons deal 5 times my damage easily... I mean there is no way that someone deals that much damage for the first half of the game without any slabs or a god+10 weapon..

                        • Anonymous

                          15 Jan 2018 04:53  

                          Can someone explain what is the difference between player colours? I can see red glowing players , blue and without glow... also how is it that I get summoned every now and then to defend a player from another phantom without me putting a sign on the floor?

                          • Anonymous

                            12 Jan 2018 22:45  

                            If I invade and get ganked, I don't really get angry because it's expected. It's only when I get summon-ganked do I get angry.

                            • Anonymous

                              11 Jan 2018 13:35  

                              If you forgot to lead your friend to something, and you've beaten the boss, use the Red Soapstone to continue traversing through the area. Red Soapstoners can be summoned before and after you beat the boss.

                              • Anonymous

                                31 Dec 2017 05:35  

                                Aldrichs and Watchdogs aren't obligated to team up with Reds, vice versa.

                                Reds aren't even obligated to team up with other Reds.

                                It just happens most of the time because of convenience and common goals.

                                But if you do find someone who is thirsty for other Reds, just gank them. You were probably planning to gank the Host anyway so it shouldn't matter.

                                • Anonymous

                                  16 Dec 2017 15:44  

                                  If you invade, get ganked, and get angry, just remember that you invaded. While yes ganking is unfair, more times than not they're not gonna roll over just so you have more of a winning chance. If you want more "classy" duels, go into Arena or use a Red Soapstone.

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