Upgrades are how the player improves their Weapons and Shields in Dark Souls 3. The player will need to provide Blacksmith Andre with Upgrade Materials in order to be able to Infuse or reinforce their equipment. Different items unlock different Infusions, but the player will be able to reinforce their gear from the beginning. Infusing Weapons and Shields will typically remove any initial scaling the item may have in exchange for a static elemental damage and/or altered scaling based around a specific stat. Players will be able to undo infusions using a Shriving Stone without losing reinforcement levels. Contrary to past installments in the series, Armor is not upgradeable. Note that to get the achievement (Steam) all infusions must be used on the same character.



Upgrade Materials

In Dark Souls 3 you can improve the damage/protection (and potential Scaling) on your Weapons and Shields. To do this you must have the appropriate amount of the relevant Upgrade Materials, Souls and access to Blacksmith Andre. Titanite Shards will reinforce a Weapon or Shield up to +3, Large Titanite Shards will reinforce the item from +4 to +6, Titanite Chunks will reinforce the item from +7 to +9, and a Titanite Slab will be required to reinforce to +10. Titanite Scales and Twinkling Titanite are used to reinforce special weapons to +4, but will similarly require a Titanite Slab to reach their final upgrade of +5.

Titanite Shard
+1 to +3

Titanite Chunk

+7 to +9

Titanite Slab
Titanite Slab
+9 to +10

+4 to +5 (for items that upgrade with Titanite Scales and Twinkling Titanite and Shields)

Titanite Scale
+1 to +4




In Dark Souls 3 you can infuse many different Weapons and Shields with Gems that change the properties, damage type or Scaling. In order to infuse a Weapon or Shield to your chosen type you must: 1) have found and give the appropriate Coal to Blackmsith Andre, 2) have a Gem of the chosen type, and 3) have the required Souls. The exceptions here are Refined, Raw or Fire which require no Coal to be given. You can use a Shriving Stone if you wish to remove the Infusion from your Weapon or Shield (this must also be done at Blacksmith Andre). Again, not all Weapons and Shields can be Infused so check the Weapons pages to verify which can and can't.

These weapons CANNOT be infused: Bows, Greatbows, Crossbows, Chimes, Talismans, Staves, Pyromancy Flames and any weapon that upgrades with Twinkling Titanite or Titanite Scale.

Shriving Stone

Removes Infusion

Refined Gem

Balances Str/Dex Scaling, -Base Dam

Raw Gem

Removes Scaling, +Base Dam

Fire Gem

- Base Dam, Removes Scaling, +Fire Dam

Farron Coal

Allows Heavy, Sharp & Poison Infusions

Heavy Gem

+Str Scaling, -Base Dam

Sharp Gem

+Dex Scaling, -Base Dam

Poison Gem

-Base Dam, -Str/Dex Scaling, +Poison Aux

Sage's Coal
Allows Crystal, Blessed & Deep Infusions

Crystal Gem

-Base Dam, -Str/Dex Scaling, +Mag Dam, +Int Scaling

Blessed Gem
-Base Dam,  -Str/Dex Scaling, +Faith Scaling, +HP recovery

Deep Gem

-Base Dam, Removes Scaling, +Dark Dam

Profaned Coal
Allows Dark, Blood & Hollow Infusions

Dark Gem

-Base Dam, -Dex/Str Scaling. +Dark Damage, +Faith/Int Scaling

Blood Gem

-Base Dam, -Str/Dex Scaling, +Bleed Aux

Hollow Gem
-Base Dam, -Str/Dex Scaling, +Luck Scaling, +Luck stat when hollow

Giant's Coal
Allows Lightning, Simple & Chaos Infusions

Lightning Gem

-Base Dam, -Dex/Str Scaling, +Lit Dam, +Faith Scaling

Simple Gem

-Base Dam, -Str/Dex Scaling, +Magic Damage, +FP Recovery

Chaos Gem

-Base Dam, -Str/Dex Scaling, +Fire Damage, +Int/Faith Scaling


Weapon Upgrade Chart


DSIII Weapon Upgrade Chart


Soul Transposition


Soul Transposition in Dark Souls 3 is the process of converting a Boss Soul into a Weapon, Ring or Spell. In order to create items you must have the specific Boss Soul, you must have the Transposing Kiln which drops from Curse-Rotted Greatwood, and you must speak with Ludleth of Courland in Firelink Shrine. Below is a list of items that can be created through Soul Transposition, what Boss Souls are required for them and how much it costs. 


Soul Transposition List


Note that through Ludleth, Twin Princes' Greatsword can be created by fusing Lothric's Holy Sword and Lorian's Greatsword



Boss Souls and other special souls in Dark Souls 3 are powerful items that can be converted into new Weapons, Magic, or Items via Soul Transposition from Ludleth of Courland. They may also be consumed to gain a large amount of souls.


Boss Souls

Soul Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Souls Gained If Consumed

Soul of Boreal Valley Vordt

Vordt's Great Hammer

(0 Souls)

Pontiff's Left Eye

(0 Souls)

- 2,000

Soul of the Rotted Greatwood

Hollowslayer Greatsword

(1,000 Souls)

Arstor's Spear

(1,000 Souls)



Soul of a Crystal Sage

Crystal Sage's Rapier

(1,500 Souls)

Crystal Hail

(1,500 Souls)

- 3,000

Soul of the Blood of the Wolf

Farron Greatsword

(0 Souls)

Wolf Knight's Greatsword

(10,000 Souls)

- 20,000


Soul of Rosaria - dks3Soul of Rosaria

Bountiful Sunlight

(0 Souls)


- 5,000

 Soul of the Deacons of the Deep

Deep Soul

(0 Souls)

Cleric's Candlestick

(0 Souls)

- 20,000

Soul of High Lord Wolnir - DKS3Soul of High Lord Wolnir

Wolnir's Holy Sword

(0 Souls)

Black Serpent

(0 Souls)

- 10,000

Soul of the Old Demon King - DKS3Soul of the Old Demon King

Chaos Bed Vestiges

(5,000 Souls)

Old King's Great Hammer

(0 Souls)

- 10,000

Soul of a Demon

Demon's Greataxe

(0 Souls)

Demon's Fist

(0 Souls)

- 20,000

Soul of Pontiff Sulyvahn - DKS3Soul of Pontiff Sulyvahn

Greatsword of Judgment

(3,000 Souls)

Profaned Greatsword

(3,000 Souls)

- 12,000

Soul of Yhorm the Giant

Yhorm's Great Machete

(0 Souls)

Yhorm's Greatshield

(0 Souls)

- 20,000

Soul of Aldrich

Lifehunt Scythe

(5,000 Souls)

Darkmoon Longbow

(5,000 Souls)

- 15,000

Soul of the Dancer

Soothing Sunlight

(5,000 Souls)

Dancer's Enchanted Swords

(0 Souls)

- 10,000

Soul of Dragonslayer Armour

Dragonslayer Greataxe

(0 Souls)

Dragonslayer Greatshield

( 0 Souls)

- 15,000

Soul of Consumed Oceiros

White Dragon Breath

(10,000 souls)

Moonlight Greatsword

(10,000 souls)

- 12,000

Soul of Champion Gundyr - DKS3 Soul of Champion Gundyr

Gundyr's Halberd

(0 Souls)

Prisoner's Chain

(0 Souls)

- 20,000

Soul of the Twin Princes

Lothric's Holy Sword

(5,000 Souls)

Lorian's Greatsword

(0 Souls)

- 20,000

Soul of the Nameless King

Storm Curved Sword

(5,000 Souls)

Dragonslayer Swordspear

(10,000 Souls)

Lightning Storm

(5,000 Souls)


Soul of a Stray Demon

Havel's Ring

(5,000 Souls)

Boulder Heave

(0 Souls)

- 20,000

Soul of the Lords

Sunlight Spear

(10,000 Souls)

Firelink Greatsword

(15,000 Souls)

- 20,000

Soul of Sister Friede

Friede's Great Scythe

(10,000 Souls)

Rose of Ariandel

(3,000 Souls)

- 20,000 


Soul of the Demon Prince

Seething Chaos

Demon's Scar



Soul of Darkeater Midir

Frayed Blade

Old Moonlight



Soul of Slave Knight Gael


Gael's Greatsword

Repeating Crossbow

 - 20,000 


    • 08 Jan 2017 22:59  

      Upgrade materials can't be picked up by other players. Upgraded Equipment however can be traded, provided that the dropped item does not have a higher upgrade level than the other person's highest upgraded weapon. This also works for any infused weapons, and also special and boss weapons. (Example: if a friend makes a +0 Lightning Long Sword, he/she can trade it to you as soon as you reach the first area of the game.)

      Every weapon requires it's respective amount of Titanite to upgrade, depending on if the weapon is Normal, Special, or Boss. Normal weapons upgrade with regular Titanite, Speacial weapons with Twinkling Titanite, and Boss weapons with Titanite Scales.
      Every piece of upgradeable equipment requires a Titanite Slab to reach maximum upgrade level. All forms of Titanite, except Titanite Slabs, can be farmed/bought.

      Normal weapons can be Infused by the Blacksmith with special Gems. Each Gem modifies the weapon's Stats and Scaling on a different level, and are used by specific Character Builds. (Example: a Refined Gem modifies the weapon by equalizing the weapon's Strength and Dextery scaling. It is commonly used on "Quality"(Refined) Character Builds, whom focus on leveling Strength and Dexterity alike.)

      • 08 Jan 2017 07:45  

        nerfed the hell out of elemental infusions...big disappointment. Even with scaling on int/faith, the resistances of most enemies makes all status/elements moot to raw damage. Sad blacksmith...

        • If you don't have the achievement yet don't waste your stuff11 Sep 2016 07:50  

          If you think you have finished the achive don't keep using your gems or you will just waste them. Make sure that the page is reset you might have just missed the thing alerting you that you have got it.

          • Does Reinforcing staffs or Talismans increase the Magic or Faith Damage?29 May 2016 15:02  

            Does reinforcing a staff increase the magic damage output or does it simply increase the physical damage output if you swing the staff like a weapon?

            • Upgrade question01 May 2016 14:05  

              Hi. I just upgraded an Irithyll Straight Sword to +5, but the achievement didn't pop. Do I have to upgrade a weapon to +10 to get the trophy? Thanks.

              • infusion trophy30 Apr 2016 02:00  

                I don't know if anyone can help me with this I have infused lots of weapons with as far as I can tell every infusion however I haven't got the trophy for it ant help or ideas as to why

                • Love it!23 Apr 2016 12:14  

                  I love how From Software added gems that give you more str/dex scaling. Makes all the builds, that would be considered noob builds in previous games, legit builds to play with.<br/>For example: I love ultragreatswords and curved swords, but one is str weapon, and the other is dex weapon. Now I can use refined gem, create balanced(30/30) character and switch between both whenever I feel like it.

                  • Fire gem22 Apr 2016 14:35  

                    Hi,<br/><br/>Brand new to these games. Its amazing so far.<br/><br/>If i infuse my sword with a fire gem and i upgrade my weapon while it is infused, after i remove the infusion (if i chose to do so), would the sword be upgraded even though the upgrades did not have an effect while infused with fire gem?

                    • Soul Transposition18 Apr 2016 16:34  

                      Need to add in transposition for Rosaria's soul. Gives "Radiant Sunlight" or something along those lines, restores large hp for people in a large vicinity. I'll get the actual description/function when i wake up in ~8 hours if someone doesn't have it by then.

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