Crystal Sage

Crystal Sage DKS3
hp.jpg souls.jpg Location
2723 8000 Road of Sacrifices
Drops Soul of a Crystal Sage
Weak Resistant Immune

Physical Physical
Lightning Lightning


Magic Magic n/a

Crystal Sage is a boss in Dark Souls 3.

Crystal Sage Information


  • Road of Sacrifices. Located to the left of the swamp, accessed by going into a dilapidated building, past a group of enemies and up the stairs. A map is provided here.


  • Souls: NG (8,000), NG+ (40,000), NG++ (44,000), NG+3 (45,000), NG+4 (48,000), NG+5 (??), NG+6 (49,000), NG+9 (51,000)
  • Co-Op Souls: NG (2,000), NG+ (??), NG++ (11,000)
  • Soul of a Crystal Sage

Combat Information

  • Health: NG (2723), NG+ (6413), NG++ (7054), NG+3 (7375), NG+4 (7696), NG+5 (8337), NG+6 (8658), NG+7 (8978)
  • Teleports when damaged enough. Tends to prefer the corners adn sides of the arena.
  • In their second phase, creates Clones that use blue magic, differently from their own, which is purple. These clones only spawn after the Sage teleports and die in one hit. 
  • Using the two Blue Bug Pellets found right before the boss, near Orbeck of Vinheim, will help greatly during this fight.
  • Occasionally melees with its rapier if you linger near it. Rapier can be parried.
  • Staggers easily and it doesnt take much to force it to retreat with teleport, some chasing required.



Video Strategies

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Strategy 1 (Melee)

Since this boss can be staggered, rushing him is the best choice. Running, make sure to move around all projectiles he hurls at you while closing the distance. Once you've gotten to him, hit him as many times as you can, since you'll have a short time to deal any damage until he teleports.

Paying attention to both his Sword attacks, which are relatively subtle, and making sure to be close enough to him that he can't hit you with Homing Spells while staggered is thoroughly advisable. Even if you're using a weapon with good range or sweet spots, such as a Halberd.

Once he begins his second phase, quickly take out the Clone that spawns in the middle of the arena. Taking the other ones out can be done with either running attacks or Throwing Knives, the latter being more advisable.  Making sure not to be hit while taking the  clones out can be a bit hard, but can be done as long as you do not run out of stamina and keep running. 

When there are no Clones, go for the Sage.

Extra tip: Keep your weapon buffed with Lightning Resins while he is teleporting to deal as much damage as you can.

Strategy 1.5 (Melee Rush)

Alternatively, you can try to predict where the Sage will teleport to (generally the opposite end of the arena) and rush it throughout the fight, ignoring the summons. The summons teleport along with the Sage so high damage output is preferable to cause very quick teleports, giving you time to heal and get ready to find the Sage on reappearance.. When the Sage teleports with the summons and they all reappear, find the purple magic caster and rush it (this is the main boss, the summons cast blue magic).

Strategy 2 (Magic) 

(NG) Casting Magic Shield on East-West Shield allows you to soak up a small portion of magic damage - while insiginificant, this can help you to stay alive. Since the Crystal Sage is highly resilient to magic damage, you are advised to land as many melee blows as possible. During Phase 2, it is highly recommended to use an Ember to raise your maximum health.

(NG+ onward) Make sure you cast Crystal Magic Weapon before entering the fog gate, so you have maximum damage output on the Sage. In the first phase, proceed to rush the sage preventing them from casting spells on you. Casting Great Magic Shield will enable you to block all of their magic attacks at no damage to you and you can easily recast it between teleports. In the second phase you can use Homing Crystal Soulmass (cast between teleports) to kill of one or two of the illusions. Remember illusions shoot blue magic! Aim for the purple magic wielding one and you are golden. 

Strategy 3 (Archery)

Make sure to have the maximum amount of arrows and a decently upgraded bow before the battle. In the first phase stand behind left or central pillar to avoid most of the attacks. Mind the Soul Rain as it can hit you. Be careful and watch your sides in the second phase as the Sage starts spawning clones.

Strategy 4 (Throwking Knife Spam)

His second phase can be easily beat by using Throwing Knives to take out his clones before going for the real one.

Strategy 5 (Pyromancy)

At the start of the fight, run up to the boss and immediately use Sacred Flame when you have the chance. Keep spamming it even after you just use the spell until the boss's health is depleted.  This also allow you to skip the 2nd phase completely.


First Phase
Attack Name Attack Description
Homing Crystal Soul Mass Same as regular spell though easier to dodge considering the Sage's size
Soul Spear Same as regular Soul Spear albeit slightly larger
 Soul Rain   Summons a rain attack that can hit behind objects
 Soul Crystal Mass   Summons a large, slow moving, homing soul mass to attack the player
White Dragon Breath Shoots a laser at the ground that creates a long trail of damaging crystals.
Ice Crystals Protrude from the ground whenever the boss teleports
Rapier Combo Sweeps its Rapier from side to side twice.  Finishes the combo by reeling back, then thrusting the rapier through the player.  If this connects, the player is lifted off the ground as crystals sprout along the length of the rapier, skewering the player and dealing high magic damage.
Clones At 50% Health, clones start being summoned. They can be distinguished by their blue magic, opposed to the true Sage's purple magic

Lore Theories

  • The Crystal Sage on the Road of Sacrifices trained the Undead Legion of Farron to use magic. As a result there are now several "Farron" spells.
  • The Crystal Sages are twins and are called "the preacher twins". The other twin is in the Grand Archives.
  • Their favorite pupil was Crystal Kriemhild who also sired Daughter of Crystal Kriemhild.
  • The item description on Sage's Crystal Staff reads that crystal spheres devour the will of their user. Perhaps this is why they are mad.
  • The two sages were trained by Big Hat Logan, which is mentioned in the examine text for its hat. Their spells are reminiscent of his.

Notes & Trivia

  • It is possible to predict where the boss will approximately spawn after it disappears. These rules of thumb work most of the time but the boss seems to be patched somewhat more unpredictable lately:During phase one, if the boss casts teleport near the west wall, it will spawn near the opposite, east wall around an area where there is no crystals. If boss disappears in a corner, it will appear in the crystal free side of the opposite corner.
  • During phase two with multiple clones, the real boss will again usually spawn at the opposite side of the arena, but this time around an area where there is multiple crystals.
  • Their hat can be bought from Shrine Handmaid after defeating them
  • The mask worn by the Sage is reminescent of Bloodborne's Beak Mask.
  • Bug - A potenitally ruining glitch sometimes occurs (in experience, while cooperating online) during the fight with the Sage in the Road of Sacrifices, which appears to result from hitting a clone shortly before they begin their warp animation. With sub-optimal connection, the game may not recognize the clone has been hit until they already have entered the animation, causing it to stagger, but not dissapate; while the others, including the true mage, teleport away. The clone then becomes inexplicably invincible and returns to fighting the players; the true mage or the other clones with it will not return, and due to the fact the main mage is required to trigger the warp animation the now invincible clone will never warp from the the arena. This renders the fight unbeatable, forcing the player, should they not have a homeward bone, to willingly die to the invincible clone or use the dark sign in order to escape from the encounter. (You can also quit the game and reload in order to leave the boss fight.) (Version 1.04, PS4)
  • Bug - There is a possible exploit, where the host is able to stand within the boss room without triggering the fight, yet completely isolating themselves away from any invaders. This happens because all phantoms have a permanent fog gate at the boss room, regardless of whether the fight has been initiated or not.


Crystal SageCrystal Sage



    • 21 Apr 2017 11:11  

      This boss can be easily cheese as long as you have 12 int with story teller staff that can be easily farmed at road of sacrifice.
      Just need to poison him twice the entire fight and hide behind the 2 furthest pillars, occasionally running to the other when the sage cast his hail.

      • 11 Apr 2017 17:41  

        Dear all the scrubs who think this is the eziest boss of ds3, try NG+7 sl1 solo run against this guy. Without proper resin or itemization his friends will rekt your sorry arse without that much difficulty.

        • 08 Apr 2017 14:27  

          I found out that if you hit him/her with frayed blades WA strong attack the boss won't teleport
          The same thing has happened with poison and toxic spells.
          It should be tested if other weapon arts also do this

          • 08 Apr 2017 07:05  

            I hypothesis that crystal sorcery in general dose tremendous harm to the users mind, not just the crystal catalysts. Big Hat Logan turned into a homocidal nudist when he unlocked the secret of Seath's crystal sorcery. That being said however, he also threw away his catalyst staff in favor of the Tin Crystallization Catalyst. Difficult to say if it had anything to do with his psychotic meltdown but it might have played a part. Seath The Scaleless was obsessed with immortality and more specifically the Primordial Crystal in which he claimed as his own after betraying his own kind. His research into the primordial crystal I strongly believe was the origin of crystal sorcery...which drove him insane in the end. (See the pattern here?) Without a doubt, crystal sorceries have a long history in being harmful to the users mind, be it both dragon or undead. One other note, it also seems to cause grotesque deformities, namely crystal like tumors to grow on the users skin. Seath was covered in them and his experimental subjects were also deformed. I wonder if this is why the Sage Brothers wear those plague doctor masks, so as to hide their deformities. Just an insubstantial theory but one to consider nevertheless.

            • 20 Feb 2017 14:01  

              "The mask worn by the Sage is reminescent of Bloodborne's Beak Mask."
              A weird thing to say as Bloodborne's Beak Mask is taken straight out of a Plague Doctor mask, a historical thingy.

              • 30 Jan 2017 19:49  

                Interesting piece of info: Pestilent mercury does NOT engage his teleport, as such it could potentially allow one to beat him with little difficulty, assuming one can get close enough to reliably use it.

                • 30 Dec 2016 01:26  

                  You can spot the real sage from the clones by the color of its magic. Sage purple; clones blue. Seems MOSTLY harmless up close. Easy melee fight if you keep moving and press the attack.

                  • 11 Dec 2016 21:10  

                    why does this list say that sage is not parryable when he is, he some times use his sword to hit you with out using a magic, thats the only hit you can parry. can someone from admins fix it

                    • 03 Dec 2016 20:29  

                      A bandit knife will make this fight easy as pie. Rush him, spam R1 like crazy, and watch as his health bar is melted by the bleed effect. If you reach him in time he shouldn't be able to cast a single spell before teleporting again.

                      • 23 Nov 2016 16:30  

                        So for no apparent reason in one of my runs in the second phase it stopped teleporting. This caused my usual strategy of rush the real one and ignore the clones to get me killed as I would run out of stamina at the point where he should have warped away only to be greeted by his sword combo.

                        No clue why this was since only a day ago I fought him and he wouldn't stay in one place for more than two swings.

                        • 23 Nov 2016 01:59  

                          Weirdly, the crystal sage was actually harder than the dancer, even though I fought the dancer right after.
                          I did get the onyx blade after crystal sage, though.

                          • 26 Oct 2016 21:55  

                            I don't know if this is 100% accurate, but in the second phase when the clones start popping up, the real sage will have a faint purple particle effect surrounding him, as opposed to the clones having a faint blue particle effect. This might make it easier to find him fast.

                            • 21 Oct 2016 13:13  

                              Was this guy buffed by the latest patch somehow ? He seemed a bit more annoying than usual when I fought him today. Still not a very challenging boss though.

                              • For the Pyro strategy...07 Oct 2016 20:35  

                                It says to use Sacred Flame, which i'm sure kills it as easily as it says, but what if you're trying to get to The Deacons of the Deep first, and haven't reached the Catacombs?<br/>

                                • You can parry crystal sage30 Sep 2016 20:27  

                                  You can parry the crystal sage if you bait him to use the rapier which is extremely easy to do. He does the rapier right after the farron flashsword attack and he makes a long wind up as he reaches for the sword.

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