Great Magic Shield is a Sorcery in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Sorcery you must use a Staff or Special Weapons that can cast Sorceries.

Great Magic Shield

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 60
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 18 Intelligence
Type Buff



Sorcery which improves upon Magic Shield. Greatly reinforces left shield with magic. 

Only sorcerer-swordsmen with special duties are permitted the use of this spell, which temporarily grants even the smallest of shields fortitude more akin to that of a greatshield. 


Acquired From

  • Dropped from the Corpse-grub in its cell inside Irithyll Dungeon near the first bonfire. To get there, head straight out from the first bonfire and drop down to the lower level. The cell containing the grub will be to your left, as well as one of the jailers (video location).




  • Adds 35 Stability and enough Absorption that any shield in the game can block 100% of all damage (e.g. Buckler will block all Lightning damage even with base Lightning absorption of 11%, which is the lowest of any absorption value on any shield). Shields with at least 65 Stability will reach 100 Stability, resulting in blocking depleting no stamina, including from kicks.
  • Can't be used with a catalyst in the left hand to buff a shileld equipped in the right hand.
  • Simple & Blessed infused Shields CAN be buffed with this and the regular Magic Shield sorcery
  • Buff lasts 30 seconds by default. With the Lingering Dragoncrest Ring  equipped, this increases to 39 seconds. The effect will dissipate if you two-hand your right weapon or switch the shield out. You can still buff your right hand weapon with the use of resins.
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    • 02 Dec 2016 13:14  

      There's a mistake in notes (atm):

      Shields with any non-physical infusion (such as Simple) can't be buffed with this spell.

      i can cast it on a Simple Twin Dragon Greatshield +6

      • 100% Block on Partial Parry21 Sep 2016 20:16  

        Something I noticed when using this is that partial parries resulted in my taking 0% physical damage. I tested this with a non-reinforced grass crest shield while fighting Champion Gundyr. If I messed up the parry timing and got a partial parry, I'd still lose all the stamina I normally would, but I wouldn't take the partial damage. As such, it was less risky going for parries because I wouldn't get hurt from a partial parry.<br/><br/>I haven't tested this very extensively though, so it could depend on the particular shield, damage types, or enemy strength. I'm also if this effect of damage blocking on partial parries is intentional or not. I also didn't test this with the regular version of the spell to see if that one had some kind of similar effect.

        • Malfunction?02 Sep 2016 11:24  

          Last time I played the game the buff didn't apply on the Black Knight Shield (I have all the requirements to cast the spell, wield the staff and the shield); maybe a new bug after the patch?

          • How to be a scrub in PvP or PvE:23 Aug 2016 21:11  

            Scrub in PvP:<br/>Step 1: Use Black Knight Shield (Or echantable greatshield)<br/>Step 2: Cast this OP Great Magic Shield on your shield<br/>Step 3: Tank their attacks with your shield and magic (doesn't stop bleeding and poison)<br/>Step 4: Ran out of buff? Recast it!<br/><br/>Scrub in PvE:<br/>Step 1-3: See above<br/>Step 4: Disrespect the bosses and enemies in Lothric and rekt them<br/>Step 5: Get your RAGE out for the "Nameless King Meme Lord" And then kil him and his dragon<br/><br/>Not enough fun? Up your vitality equip Havel's Set, cast Great Magic Shield, and then cast your Iron Flesh or "Swaglord Skin" there.....<br/>You're now the profesional Dark Souls 3 Meme Lord Montage Creator Player!

            • Tank Everything17 Jul 2016 11:06  

              As noted previously, this spell only grants 35 stability, not 45. This spell, when using a twin dragon great shield +10(uninfused = 70 stability), will allow you to tank an inane number of bosses insanely easily(0 stam damage, through full face-wrecking combos like soul of cinder's 5-hit). In fact, the only bosses said combo does not utterly trivialize are the Crystal Sage, High King Wolnir, and Curse-Rotted Greatwood. Everything else you can tank every single hit and combo they can dish out.

              • Question15 May 2016 13:39  

                It says it dissipates when you two hand your weapon, does this include using a weapon skill with something like stone parma that automatically two hands it just for the duration of the weapon skill?

                • Stability14 May 2016 15:16  

                  It seems to add 35 stability, up to 100% stamina absorption. I tested it on a lotric Knight sheild +10, I wasn't taking any stamina damage from any attack, it has 66 base stability. I then tested it on a pierce sheild +9 with 64 stability, and when buffed I was taking minimal stamina damage (not enough for the yellow bar to show up)

                  • Elemental Resistances04 May 2016 03:04  

                    Seems to boost all shield resistances to 100%, blocked physical, lightning, magic, and fire with a buffed grass crest shield without damage.

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