This page is dedicated to helping new players with Dark Souls 3. Everything from the important basics to more advanced concepts. For help with the japanese version of the game, check this mini-guide.

Getting Started Guide

You can read our getting started article or watch the video:

Movement and Actions

Use the left stick to move around. (See the controls page for full control configuration.)
Push the left stick a little to walk, or all the way to run.
When you approach something you can examine, open, or pick up, you'll see an onscreen message. Press X (PS4), A (Xbox controller) or E (PC) to perform the corresponding action.
Press the R1/R2 buttons to perform a light/heavy attack or the L1 button to guard (if a shield is equipped on your left hand).
Press the □ (PS4) or X (Xbox controller) button to use the currently equipped item.


Rest at one of the many bonfires found in the world to restore your health and FP (focus points). Bonfires also replenish your Estus Flask uses; bonfires also cure all status effects. (poison, toxic, etc.)
Resting at a bonfire resurrects most enemies you have killed since your last rest, certain enimes will not respawn.


When you die, all the souls you possess will remain on the spot, and you'll return to the last bonfire you rested at.

Blood Stains (Green)

When you die, you'll drop all of your possessed souls on the spot.
The souls you drop will turn into a blood stain (green) and remain in the area you died in.
Return to the place where you died, and you'll be able to recover them.
If you die again before you can reach the spot, the older blood stain will disappear.

Rolling and I-Frames

When you execute a roll, you are temporarily immune from damage. Your roll speed (and the number of frames for which you are invincible) relies on your equipment load. At 70% or greater equipment load, you will "fat roll", a much slower rolling animation in which you are largely vulnerable.

Mastering rolling makes the game substantially easier. Make sure to look into the effects of Poise and Carthus Milkring. The combat page also has useful information.

Battle Skills

A new mechanic for the series, battle skills are weapon abilities executed with L2. Any weapons equipped to the left hand (including any two-handed weaponry) can execute these abilities which consume FP.

Battle Skills vary, and can be useful in a number of situations. Mastering when and how to employ certain battle skills can drastically improve your play.

Online Play

There are two ways to engage in online play: Cooperative (Co-op) and Invasion (PvP) :

  • Co-op involves summoning white phantoms or being summoned into another player's world. When you are in Lord of Cinder mode, you will find white summon signs on the ground; activate these signs and you will summon another player into your world until you either kill the area boss or cross a particular time limit (40 minutes). Summoned players keep their souls if they die in another player's world, and receive a portion of all souls acquired through cooperative play (do not wear a Ring of Sacrifice while summoned, it will still break). In addition, certain covenants make it easier to be summoned in certain situations. To be summoned into another player's world, you must leave a summon sign using the White Sign Soapstone acquired from the Shrine Handmaid.
  • PvP can involves being summoned as a Red Phantom invader, using a Cracked or Full  Red Eye Orb to invade a random player's world, summon a Red Phantom by touching red summon signs or invade automatically if some convenants conditions are met. When invading, area enemies will not attack you as long as the host doesn't use a Seed of a Giant Tree. The objective of an invasion is to kill the host player (or any phantom if you are in the Mound Maker), which earns you a number of souls. If you used an orb, you will earn an Ember as well. Some covenants also give additional items.

    • Carthus Milkring?28 Sep 2016 05:55  

      Pretty sure the Carthus Milkring just makes your character go temporarily invisible while rolling, it doesn't affect i-frames. The Carthus Bloodring is the one that extends i-frames.

      • TWo things19 Jul 2016 00:37  

        The first covenant, Way of blue, should be pointed otu to all newbcomers who fear getting invaded, as it will try to summon someone to help you.<br/><br/>Second, Fat rolling was changed, so that now at exactly 70% you can still ..... normal roll? slim roll? the point is fat rolling is only for 70.1% and up now

        • Okay, here's a tip for all new players...16 Jul 2016 01:48  

          Whenever you feel like raging, say these magic words "I am now stronger than any of the seven deadly si- Oops! Wrong anime!

          • Crazy roll mechanics!19 Jun 2016 09:39  

            Rolling makes you invincible for a while. While the game doesnt outright say it, thats been the deal w soul games, part of the roll leaves you invulnerable and if timed right, this takes practice, you can do impossible things like roll into slashes or thrusts, take no damage, and end up behind some enemy. You can dodge a spear thrust by rolling into the attacker as long as your invulnerable frames kick it when you get stabbed. Take advantage of this to get close to bosses with insane range and pass though their attacks so you can land hits. Git gud and learn them timings!

            • Aggression!19 Jun 2016 09:34  

              I'll admit its not good to be too aggressive. You can get caught by attacks easier, more parry vulnerability, you get slammed around more...etc, but that doesnt mean aggression is bad. Its just bad to be too aggressive. You do have to keep watch and block and roll, but sometimes attacking is better. Sometimes, you dont have to roll or block normal foes as you can out range them or hit them first with your weapons. Sometimes when a boss pointlessly wanders around, you can sneak a quick hit in or two, just have stamina for a roll. Often when a boss transforms, even if an explosion is coming, you can snag one hit then roll away. Sometimes if a boss combos the ***** out of you and you live, you can snag a hit, then escape and estus, rather than just estus and escape, as bosses have stamina too. If they keep going, they will eventually walk around pointlessly or rest for a while to regain.( depends on boss ) Sometimes you dont have to wait till the combo is over, sometimes you can roll and end up behind a boss, then score a hit before it faces you and you have to dodge again. Its risky, but its not a blind gamble. Well, it does take some getting used to. Just stay alert and judge situations.

              • Blood stain disappeared?23 Apr 2016 18:02  

                So I was fighting the Curse-rotted Greatwood and died in the underground arena, you know, when he breaks the floor. I hadn't died since that fight, I did however leave the area(went to Firelink Shrine). I came back to the fight and my stain was nowhere to be found. Not that it was a terrible loss, it was only about 5,000. If it had been more, I would actually be upset, I'm just curious if anyone else has had this issue.

                • Online14 Apr 2016 04:56  

                  My biggest tip for new players is to activelly engage in Online. Im usualy SP player, so when I bought Bloodborne (my first "souls" game") I totally ignored online for the first half of the game. Then I learned about my mistake. Basically this game offecr you two options:<br/>- Help others = if you die in other person world, you will keep all the souls. This is awesome way to learn the enviromenent, enemies, bosses and level up several times without any risks.<br/>- Once you know the level and feel confident, go to loot the level in your world<br/>- The summon other players and to for the boss.<br/>- Repeat in next area.<br/><br/>You will find, that the game is really easy this way.

                  • Take It Slow06 Apr 2016 07:06  

                    Souls Games traditionally prey on impatience. Enemies have attack patterns. Get an idea how they move and attack when there is an opening. <br/><br/>Also you are INVINCIBLE when you roll. Take advantage of this. Timing and patience are key.

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