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    • up coming dlc boss weapons30 Sep 2016 10:11

      Anyone else really hoping one of the upcoming boss weapons is a scythe? A reason I hope that is because recently I saw a video for cut content in ds3 and one things cut from the game was a weapon called lothric's scythe, which was suppose to be one of the weapons you could get from the twin prince's soul, but was later changed to lothric's holy sword. I guess it was change for the twin princes greatsword.

      • "Try Projectile"22 May 2016 12:27

        If you stand well outside of their leash range and shoot them with a ranged weapon, such as the Black Bow of Pharris (with Hawk Ring) or Onislayer Greatbow, they'll run a short distance and, shortly after, forget they were hit and return to their starting point. This can be most easily seen in the Undead Settlement shooting the lizard in the valley. It takes several arrows, but does avoid the chance that they'll escape as easily. Can be useful if you have a melee weapon that can't hit them as easily.

        • Knight Slayer Tsorig not a phantom (the second time)15 Apr 2016 19:50

          The second time you fight Knight Slayer Tsorig he is actually there rather than a phantom (though his name is at least in red). It gives no invasion warning and he appeared even when I wasn't enkindled (he almost killed me while I was using my ember as I hadn't expected him to be there without it when I returned after he originally killed me ;) ).

          • Enemy Pages15 Apr 2016 12:32

            Not an author yet, but I'm interested in updating drops from enemies. If someone's willing to start the pages, I have drops from:<br/><br/>Hollow Cages<br/>Evangelists<br/>Lothric Knights (sword and spear varieties)<br/>Lantern Cultists (the hooded fellows in Undead Settlement)<br/>Hollow Workers<br/>The crazy hollows that wear Worker's Hoods and drop on your head or shoot darts in undead Settlement<br/>Crossbow Soldier Hollows

            • Knights in High Wall area14 Apr 2016 10:47

              Knights should be separate from standard hollows. I've seen them drop:<br/>1x Titanite Shard<br/>Knight's Crossbow<br/>Lothric Knight Sword

              • giant crystal lizards13 Apr 2016 10:51

                i feel it my duty to say that the giant crystal lizards are utterly destroyed by high damage short range strength weapons especially ones with war cry weapon arts like the greataxe

                • new site creater?06 Apr 2016 06:21

                  it's nice that you (who ever) changed the layout of this side a bit, but deleting the link to my monsterlist was ***** stupid, but hey do your extra work! i'm done with that *****wiki!

                  • overview and my ugly pages02 Apr 2016 15:09

                    hey guys,<br/>because the list of enemies is so long i decided to make 1 extra page where i will put down all informations i can get so far. i will call it OVERVIEW and will place it here between my enemy-list and the bosses. i come to this point because i realized that it would be a pain to rename all the different sites and change their layouts and so on. <br/>so i will put now everything on one page and another guy can put the informations on better layouted pages later who have a better ideas of how this sitecreation tool here works.<br/><br/>have fun guys

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