Untended Graves is a Location in Dark Souls 3. It is reached through the Consumed King's Garden and is an optional area. Shrouded in darkness, but will upon further inspection reveal a familiar place.

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Untended Graves is a hidden, optional area in Dark Souls 3. The area can be accessed via an illusory wall behind a chest after Oceiros, the Consumed King's boss room. The area is a replica of Cemetery of Ash, but shrouded in total darkness and occupied by different enemies. Click here to go to the speedrun section.

Ravenous Crystal Lizards & NPC Invasion

From the Bonfire, proceed forward and head down the path to the left. You will encounter a group of winged enemies that you first encountered in Road of Sacrifices. In their center is an Ashen Estus Ring. Head back in the opposite direction to find Soul of a Crestfallen Knight 1x on a corpse in front of a vessel.

Left up the stairs to take out a fire casting hollow and dog. A corpse ahead will have a Titanite Chunk 1x. Ahead further you will find a another Titanite Chunk just past the stairs. If you head right into the pool here you will encounter some Undead dogs.

Head to the right section of this area, where you encountered the giant Crystal Lizard in Cemetery of Ash. There will now be 2 in this location after wading through the water.

Head out the center path, following it to the left. This will trigger invasion by dark spirit Daughter of Crystal Kriemhild. Defeat her and proceed down the path. Down the drop in the corner, you will find a corpse with Hidden Blessing 1x. Defeat the remaining hollows and step into the arena. 

The area boss, Champion Gundyr will be crouched, surrounded by candles. Approach him to start the battle. Defeating him earns you Soul of Champion Gundyr

Loot the Dark Firelink Shrine

In this arena you can find the Black Knight Glaive on a corpse by the broken wall. Light the Bonfire and exit via the closed double doors. Take the path to the right up to find a Black Knight with a greataxe, and beyond another with a greatsword. 

To the left of the Shrine's entrace, head up the series of stairs and another Black Knight will attack from the right. Kill it and head to the top of the stairs to find the Chaos Blade,. Head back down the path hugging the left to go up some stairs. At the top you will find a corpse with Soul of a Crestfallen Knight 1x. In the graves in the grass in front of this area you will see a Black Knight guarding a Hornet Ring on a corpse.

Make your way into the entrance to dark Firelink Shrine. Approach the vessel where the bonfire would be to find Coiled Sword Fragment 1x. If you head down the hallway you will find an alternate version of the Shrine Handmaid. She sells some unique inventory: Wolf Knight's Set, Priestess Ring, and 2x Ember. Inside the shrine you can find the Blacksmith Hammer where Andre would be. If you head down the hallway where Irina had been you will come to an Illusory Wall. Beyond you will find Eyes of a Fire Keeper. You can also find Hollow Ashes  on the hollow sitting where Yoel is located. (Only if you have not progressed Yoel's Quest line). Upstairs and outside, there may be a Seed of a Giant Tree.

When you are finished exploring, you may port out via a bonfire, Homeward Bone, or your newly found Coiled Sword Fragment to continue your journey.


Lore Notes:

  1. This seems to be a alternate version of the cemetery of Ash where the Flame has already been extiguished and the Age of Dark is already upon the world. According to Champion Gundyr's soul description it seems like he was the unkindled one destinted to link the Flame, but awoke too late and the world had already plunged into the Age of Dark. Perharps this place serves as a warning for future unkindled champions of what would happen if they choose to extingush the flame.
  2. After talking to the Alternate Shrine Handmaiden return to Firelink Shrine and when you talk to her again she will ponderingly say "Wait,  haven't I met you before?" before continuing with her regular dialog. 

Other Notes

  • Interestingly, and perhaps with lore significance, messages left here - be it in the graveyards, boss arena, or dark shrine - show up in the 'regular' versions as well, and vice versa. For example, leave a message in the dark shrine, and return to the Firelink Shrine. You will find this same message in the same location.
  • Geographically, the area is still in the correct location. In this case, you have merely walked to the graves, rather than "woke up" or bonfire-warp to them.
  • The tower key can be bought in this dimension, but the tower behind the dark shrine cannot be accessed; the door is noninteractive. Also the ladder is absent.
  • You can still jump onto the shrine's roof using the tree behind the shrine. The Crow's nest on the rafters is absent.
  • If you havent previously gone through the illusory wall or gotten the Silver Serpent Ring, doing so in Dark Firelink will do the same in normal Firelink.
  • In the menu to quit the game where the character's profile appears with time played, the location will be "cemetery of Ash" and not "Untended Graves".
  • From technical point of view Cementary and this location are the same. If you "noclip" (cheat allowing flying and ignoring collison) from your starting location in Cementary of Ash you will arrive at Oceiros boss room. If you try to return from there you will arrive at Untended Graves. Do note that under normal circumstances you can leave Cementary of Ash only through bonfire warping.

Untended Graves Map

Untended Graves Map

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TheGadgetAddicts: Untended Graves Video Walkthrough


Speed Run Walkthrough

A fast walkthrough of how to get to the end of the level the fastest, picking up only essential items goes here. 


    • 06 Feb 2017 16:14  

      Silver Serpent Ring can be retrieved from a chest in the Shrine when executing the tree jump as if it was the normal FLS, but pickle-pee and pump-a-rum can't be found.

      When looking down from Gundyrs bonfire sometimes items can be seen lying out of bounds. Theres a very high rated message that says "Try jumping" on a cliff close to the shrine, but doing so will result in falling into a deathplane.

      • 22 Dec 2016 19:32  

        Untended Graves is in the past and a place fire can't reach. Once you get the eyes and go back to Firelink Shrine, talk to Ludleth and he'll say "...Tis as if it were but yesterday."

        • 20 Dec 2016 14:40  

          I feel the Untended Graves are in the past. The Coiled Sword says that he was bested by an unknown warrior and he became the Iudex. This would imply you are the unknown warrior. Hell the legend of Artorias we hear is actually of our character not Artorias' because we destroyed the Father of the Abyss.

          • 01 Dec 2016 10:13  

            So lore-wise I think Firelink Shrine has 3 versions, past, present and future. Flameless Shrine is the past, Firelink is the present and Untended Graves is the future. On a side-note, "untended" might mean that this version of the shrine exists in a place that the fire could not affect and thus exclusively went to dark, though that does not explain the matching map and the double maidens.

            • 02 Nov 2016 16:17  

              There's also a big coffin in the boss room that's way too big for him, so I think that's Aldrich's that he climbed out of, and the trees roots are growing over it so that furthers my point that this could be the future.

              • 02 Nov 2016 16:12  

                Unattended graves is the future I think, some people think it's the past but if you think about it..the fire keeper you find has eyes, and everything seems to be dark which makes me believe that the age of fire has already happened and she saw it all. This makes me believe that is the fire keeper that we all know and love.
                The chaos blade is where sword master is, and there is a body where you find the chaos blade.
                The handmaid seems to be waiting for you, as if she's seen you before or someone like you, she said something about being trapped like a poor girl, I think she means the fire keeper or Irina.
                Everybody is missing, and blacksmith Andre's hammer is still there. So I believe that unattended graves are not the past, they're in the future.

                • Bloodstains10 Oct 2016 02:00  

                  After dying in the Untended Graves I was able to warp to the Cemetery of Ash and retrieve the bloodstain. Good news for anyone whos wants to easily retrieve souls, especially during Champ Gundyrs fight.

                  • Sunless Talisman17 Sep 2016 15:08  

                    Found Sunless Talisman after finishing all the quests with Sirris at the place where you normally find it in normal firelink shrine.<br/>Dont know if a bug or a link between the two places.

                    • Same location as firelink?29 Jul 2016 18:05  

                      While doing my 4th playthrough I killed sword master and forgot to take loot. When I came to unattended graves his uchigatana and other staff was there near chaos blade. Coincidence? I don't think so

                      • Knights15 Jul 2016 22:36  

                        No matter your level, they are difficult -.- . Personally I use profaned flame GS, great magic shield, and great chaos fire ball to deal with silver Knights. Will this work with black Knights?

                        • Updated: There's something below dark fire link shrine08 Jul 2016 23:35  

                          You can see the blue light way better if you go to the Champion Gundyr bonfire and stand as close to the cliff edge as possible. DLC? Hidden area??

                          • There's something below the dark fire link shrine08 Jul 2016 23:31  

                            If you guys go to the dark version of the Shrine, head up to the giant tree. Once standing next to it and as close to the cliff without falling, look directly down with the camera. You can see a light blue glowing ball shaped thing. I thought it was a crystal lizard, but I doubt it the more I look at it.

                            • Champion Gundyr's set05 Jul 2016 21:26  

                              When i went through the dark firelink on my NG i was able to buy the Champion Gundyr set from the shrine handmaid but i didn't have enough souls. I went back in NG+ and i'm not able to buy the set.

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