Hornet Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.

Hornet Ring

Ring associated with the Lord's Blade Ciaran, one of the Four Knights of Gwyn, the First Lord.

Boosts critical attacks.

The masked Ciaran was the only woman to serve in Gwyn's Four Knights, and her curved sword granted a swift death to any and all enemies of the throne.


Hornet Ring Effect

  • Increases critical damage (backstabs and ripostes).
  • The % of critical damage increased now depends on infusion, weapon upgrade level, wether you back stab or riposte, and the weapon itself.
  • Weight: 1.1



Where to Find Hornet Ring

  • Found at Dark Firelink Shrine after Champion Gundyr in the Untended Graves. Keep right as you move up, the pathway is about level with the entrance to the Shrine. It is guarded by a Black Knight.
  • Only appear after Abyss Watchers have been defeated.




  • You must defeat the Abyss Watchers for the ring to appear.
  • On enemy players or NPC invaders this ring changes the riposte animation to 2-3 hits instead of just one, the overall damage increase seems to be higher than 30% in that case, needs confirmation.




  • The ring is found in front of a tombstone with a Farron Greatsword leaning against it. The same location where Hawkwood is praying, and later where his shield can be found, in Firelink Shrine.



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    • Anonymous

      27 Jun 2017 18:34  

      All these comments are definitive reason that parrying should just be taken out of the game entirely. Or at least, limited to only being used in the pvp arena you can unlock after beating the Champion Gravetender. But then, considering the traffic in the area after Pontiff Sulyvahn, nobody really uses that. Most likely since most if not all of the people actually interested in pvp are just assholes who play the game just to ***** with people. And they won't use the arena because then they wouldn't have enemies to hide behind. And that's not even counting the laggers and hackers. I say FS should have invasions and coop not tied together anymore, and actually be able to play the game with friends and not worry about douchebags, but we might enjoy the game then. We can't have that, can we?

      • Anonymous

        25 Jun 2017 04:07  

        Spent 5 minutes looking for it at the shrine.

        How was I supposed to know they meant the /other/ Firelink Shrine?

        • Anonymous

          13 May 2017 01:03  

          since the riposte animation gets changed to 3 hits for most weapons does this mean each hit gets reduced by flat armor defense 3 times?

          • Anonymous

            03 May 2017 21:33  

            feels good 1 shotting the host at 90% hp with his 5 or 6 phantoms watching helplessly as i land that crushing 3rd attack with my yhorms

            • Anonymous

              30 Apr 2017 17:57  

              Attacking an invader that spams parry whist chugging through estus upon failing to finally instant kill you when it works. Very honorable battle.

              • Anonymous

                21 Apr 2017 09:15  

                If people are spamming parry, try using jumping heavy attacks, they can't be parried, neither can 2 handed attacks with Ultra Greatswords, Greathammers and Great Axes.

                • Anonymous

                  31 Jan 2017 18:30  

                  Parrying and backstabbing still requires skill, I'm really bad at it myself. They shouldn't change the ring, they should make more attacks unparryable.

                  • Anonymous

                    Hornet ring changed?06 Sep 2016 06:27  

                    Been farming silver knights and noticed that I only get a damage boost when I back stab them before they finish an attack, and the timing seems to be fairly strict. Anyone notice this? Using carrhus curved sword refined and sunlight straight sword to test.

                    • I don't know what I expected06 Aug 2016 04:03  

                      Knew this would be just as obnoxious as it was in DS1. 3 hits in the game with the easiest parries? That's so free lmao. Not to mention the good ol' lagstabs. Wouldn't be a Souls game if I didn't teleport at least once per invasion.

                      • Anonymous


                        Didn't even realize the update till I was invaded several times by these noobs who get lucky parry's off from spamming it. I've been winnin dang near all the time now. I have the average level cap of health(20 health) and wear medium armor set. I survived all the lucky parry spam attacks and then proceeded to finish them off. LOL I had a little over a 30% health left. They all freaked out when I didn't die and went back to their worlds or ran away. Some put away their castus/claw and actually tried to fight. Finished them off easy. Few of them sent me messages calling me a hacker lol. ALL YOU PARRY NOOBS GONNA HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO FIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! COME AT ME BROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE SLOW!!!!!

                        • More tests01 Jul 2016 23:33  

                          Used a regular, unupgraded long sword (60 str, 60 dex) against hollows before firelink (so mine were PvE tests):<br/><br/>Backstabs did 335 regular and 435 with the Hornet Ring equipped. (~30% increase (more precise: 29,85%))<br/>Ripostes after a parry did 444 regular and 578 with the Hornet Ring equipped. (~30% increase (more precise: 30,18%))<br/><br/>So in PvE (against non-human enemies), Hornet Ring seems to be the same as before, giving the same 30% critical damage increase.

                          • Some test results.01 Jul 2016 23:02  

                            I tested the new damage against my friend. It was a small test. tested polar opposites: broadsword and great mace. <br/><br/>broadsword: [back stab 30%] [riposte 38%]<br/><br/>great mace: [back stab 37%] [riposte 29%]<br/><br/>based off of these two weapon classes, it seems damage will vary depending on weapon class. in conclusion the hornet ring seems to have been buffed rather than nerfed. again, this was just a quick test. <br/>

                            • Anonymous

                              Rip Hornet?01 Jul 2016 00:57  

                              July 1st approximately right now in Aus, this ring has been adjusted with its efficiency, has anyone tested this after the recent update?

                              • Anonymous


                                Seriously, I'm really good at PVP. I usually win most of my battles and I'm usually a mage build with minor strength & dex points invested. But it's quite clear by now(3rd souls game.....or 4th) that anything other than the safe strength/tank build <<<<<. They also have too many options of armors and shields that basically tank any maxed out fire/magic/miracle attack. Anything less than top notched spells and fire takes a laughable amount of damage from them. Not only that, if you have low or minimum strength /Dex. Your attacks are even more laughable. To make matters worse, they can easily break your guard with 1 or 2 hits. So blocking is not an option. The only thing that does pretty good damage against these builds(without being maxed out) are poison and dark attacks. But who seriously uses these two infusions though? Also it's waaay to easy to parry another player on this game compared to dark souls 1. It used to be easier to get back stabs on part 1 and parrying took some skill and timing. On this game back stabs are hard and take skill while parrying is much easier. <br/><br/>I said all of that to say this. My whole point in breaking all this down was to show you why this build seriously needs a huge downside to it. This ring just makes them gods that you can't slip up 1 time against. I'm pretty sure a lot of you none tank/strength users will feel me on this. But when you are about to actually finally kill one of these noobs(after exhausting all your blue bar & multiple hits landing from your weapon) and they have no more estus left. They take out their trump card, THE GREAT PARRY ITEMS/SHIELDS!! Then they start spamming it, get lucky, and then BOOM!!! ONE SHOT KILL with this ring. It's all over after you've been completely dominating them the whole time. SOOOO ANNOYING! It was a pain on dark souls one but it's even worse on 3 smh at "from software". They can afford to take a few big hits so they don't really suffer any consequences when spamming parry like other build do when missing the riposte . All they do is run up on you trying to bait you into attacking. Because they have the knowledge of everything I posted above and they have the advantage. So yeah, something needs to be done with this "popular"(lol SMH) build. I didn't see this build half as much on part 1 as I do on this one, I wonder why.........?(sarcasm) <br/><br/>These builds ruin the PVP aspect of the game. They also make honest strength/tank builds who have skill look bad. Because you can't tell who's a noob troll and who's legit. Nobody wants to go up against them in set PVP battles either, except other strength/tank builds.

                                • Anonymous

                                  1 Shot Awesomeness26 Jun 2016 09:23  

                                  You shouldnt be able to riposte with heavier weapons, 1500 dmg is kind of stupid, pvp this time around is a parry feast, even knowing parry requires some skill, its still bs, slow weapons shouldnt be able to riposte or backstab if the dmg is this stupidly high. If you are good at parrying, and you know you are going to parry at least once per duel, then there is absolutely no reason to pick another weapon that isnt a heavy big ass sword/hammer/axe, its 1shot, period.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Bows/ Crossbows?25 Jun 2016 20:03  

                                    Does this increase head shot damage or the damage while enemy is staggered? That would be sweet.

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