Ring of Sacrifice is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.

Ring of Sacrifice

Thys mystical ring was created in a sacrificial rite of Velka, the Goddess of Sin.

Its wearer will lose nothing upon death, but the ring itself breaks.

A sacrifice is only worth as much as the life it spares.


Ring of Sacrifice Effect

  • Prevents soul loss upon death
  • When dying with ring equipped, the ring will "break" and disappear from the player's inventory.
  • Even though it prevents a loss of souls, you will still lose your ember.
  • The ring will not break if you die from Curse, meaning you will drop a bloodstain as in any normal death.



Where to Find Ring of Sacrifice




  • Not only does the ring save your souls but it will also save your bloodstains. For example if you died without ring on you would drop all souls at spot A. Then you equip ring of sacrifice but then die at spot B before making it to spot A. Your bloodstain would still be at spot A (with all you previouse souls) rather than being at spot B
  • Unlike Dark Souls II, the ring completely breaks upon death, there is no way to repair it, just like in the original Dark Souls.
  • Also unlike the previous versions of Dark Souls, this ring WILL break when you are being summoned and die in another players world. It is unknown at this time if this is an oversight on From Softwares part, or if it has some deeper meaning which has yet to be found.Till that time it is advised to remove it before being summoned, as you will needlessly lose it if you perish in the hosts world.



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    • In dark souls 2....03 Aug 2016 22:30  

      If you died again and again you would need this ring for a reason because you could f***k yourself and be stuck at a pow soul level if you kept dying before you got your souls back because you could grind enemies till they wouldn't spawn anymore it makes sense to not repair it in this one I mean really

      • Does not always work...17 May 2016 12:59  

        Was in Demon Ruins going to see how phantom Tsorig did against actual Tsorig after he kick my keister. When i died to the basalisk swarm though the ring didn't break losing my +200,000 souls in the process.

        • Ring of Life Protection18 Apr 2016 09:46  

          As cheesy as DS2's variant was, It made end game grinding a cakewalk rather than a grueling grindfest that pretty much spelled dying needlessly and losing out on all that effort. I really hope they consider adding at least one of these rings; Ring of Life or Soul protection.

          • Ring didn't break, lost souls??15 Apr 2016 06:22  

            I just went to retrieve lost souls in farron keep. at the place were the swamp is very deep and there's 4 or 5 frogs coming at you. I got cursed, died and then my previous souls were gone, and the ring didn't break. I guess it only works when it's not a curse that kills you? -.-

            • Breaks as a phantom?!15 Apr 2016 03:18  

              Seriously? I just learned the hard way that this thing breaks when you die as a summoned phantom. That has to be a glitch right? That's a ***** move, even by From standards.

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