Untrue Dark Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.

Untrue Dark Ring

One of the illusory rings worn by the Hollows of Londor.

Retain human appearance while hollow.

The Hollows of Londor are wretchedly aged, fraught with deceit and dubiously secretive. It is no wonder that they are deeply detested."

Untrue Dark Ring Effect

  • Retains human appearance while hollow, removes phantom aura and removes the smoldering effect from the player while Embered. 
  • Weapon buffs won't cover the entire weapon. Instead, just the blade will be coated in the buff.



Where to Find Untrue Dark Ring




  • While not mentioned on the ring's description, this ring will make phantoms appear as Hosts of Embers, changing their title as well. 
    • Useful for tricking players in PvP. However, remember that the true host can be identified by the Ember effect on their clothing, unless they are also wearing this ring.
      • The host's name is also given to the invader when he spawns into the host's world, the invader can use this to identify the true host, making the ring less valuable against experienced PvPers.
      • If you are an invader and use the ring, your name will still appear red when locked on.






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    • 24 Dec 2016 06:01  

      I really wish more invaders knew that the name of other invaders appears red when they are locked-on to, I've seen far too many invaders killing other invaders because of this... though at times it is a bit funny.

      • Boss fight's.26 Sep 2016 09:15  

        A guy invaded my world and he had the Host of Embers title and entered the boss fight of the Dragonslayer Armour and attacked my inside the fight does this ring allows for that?<br/>Probably a hacker tough he healed with estus 20 times and after i summoned a guy he took no more damage and 1 hit killed the phantom.

        • Mugshot20 Aug 2016 20:34  

          While this ring does alter the way you look during regular gameplay, it seems as if your picture in the menu does not and still shows you as a hollow. I cannot confirm if this happens with summon signs as well.

          • PvP Final Boss26 Apr 2016 16:51  

            So, I'm not anywhere near the end of the game yet because I don't have much time to play/also play 5 characters... but I need to find 3 other PvP players on PC that would be interested in starting a new character named "PvP Final Boss" all 4 of us would have that name and would wear this ring and use the dried finger to lure invaders. We could Cos-play Workers with pitchforks, Black Knights, or a gang of DS2 characters: Solaire, Artorious, Ornstien and Smough. It would be so much fun.

            • Excellent for Invasions20 Apr 2016 08:47  

              this is my favorite ring<br/>when you invade you can hide so well with this<br/>I'm giggling like a little girl when my enemies run past me and I cower in a corner just to get up and backstab them

              • Brilliant Invasion/Mound Maker troll item15 Apr 2016 08:24  

                Step 1. Be mound maker<br/>Step 2. Have friend summon you<br/>Step 3. Summon another guy/mound maker<br/>Step 4. ?<br/>Step 5. Profit!

                • Two "Hosts"14 Apr 2016 00:44  

                  When summoned as a sunbro, I was greeted by two host messages and two hosts. When one of them died, their death message labeled them a phantom. Is this the ring's doing? And if so, can the white ring be used similarly to make a host look like a summon?

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