Carthus Bloodring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.

Carthus Bloodring

Ring worn by warriors of the sand kingdom, Carthus. Boosts rolling invincibility, at the cost of defense.

The sword technique of Carthus allows for fluid movement with a curved sword. Masters of the technique are said to dazzle their opponents by moving as weightlessly as a grain of sand. They live for their High Lord Wolnir, conqueror of most kingdoms known to their people.



Carthus Bloodring Effect

  • Boosts rolling invincibility frames, at the cost of taking 15% more damage.
  • Raises number of i-frames from 12 (.4 sec) to 16 (.533 sec), or a 1.33x increase (tested via Sony Vegas and ingame test footage).
  • New absorption will be ((1 - (currentAbsorption/100)) * 1.15). This is effectively taking the current amount of damage you take after absorption and multiplying it by 1.15.
  • Weight: 0.8



Where to Find Carthus Bloodring




  • The ring only affects rolls, and will not improve other dodge techniques, like backsteps or the quickstep skill.
  • The ring will make your absorptions negative if they are low enough.
  • You seem to lose around 12 (Or 12%) damage absorption in all resistances. See this image, a comparison of two different armor sets (First being outrider knight set and second being yuria's set with hood of prayer as headpiece) See: "Effect" section, above.








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    • 31 Jan 2017 18:46  

      Haven't taken this thing off since I got it. I love it. It's my baby. There are some boss fights I'm sure would've taken me many more attempts without it.

      • 30 Dec 2016 03:45  

        Here's a fun test: go to any article for a semi-decent item/spell/weapon/ring/armor and type in "this should be nerfed"

        You know what should really be nerfed? Your cry baby attitudes. Git gud you *****ing casuls, don't cry cause things rebalance your gank squad bull*****.

        • 28 Dec 2016 12:53  

          So this is why i'm getting so many "God dodgers", i use great hammers, and is expected people to roll many attacks, but i'm getting to many ***holes the easily, and literally, dodge everything, even the suprise/delayed moves. Such a shame, like the poke attacks and turtle noobs wasn't enough...

          • 30 Oct 2016 10:55  

            This should be nerfed tbh.
            And rolls in general, even though I like playing nimble characters that can get destroyed easily without dodges this just makes it piss easy. You can abuse the iFrames so easily.

            • "Great" ring02 Aug 2016 02:13  

              Makes the already easy to spam rolls from benign tumor to terminal cancer. I fought a guy with this thing on, I hit him once for half his HP, he killed me anyway because roll spam yaaaaaaay. It's a good ring for boss fights, but use this in PvP with the washing pole/dark sword if you want to be the king of cancer.

              • BS ring08 Jul 2016 06:23  

                this ring nealy gave me heart attack it's is basically the ''bullsh*t'' ring because From didn't learn from their mistakes! they don't have to put such a ring in the game when everyone have the same amount of i-frames! people just have to time their rolls instead of turning into untouchable retards using thorn amor and meta weapons

                • That's why I was getting hit so hard04 Jul 2016 01:49  

                  I had no idea the ring increased damage and I've been playing with it equipped with no armor my whole play through and I'm at endgame... Haha

                  • ..26 Jun 2016 12:12  

                    Amazing ring for the likes of Champion Gundyr, Dancer, Pontiff and Nameless King. Equip this for bosses you're having trouble dodging and you'll notice a big improvement.

                    • Very helpful24 Apr 2016 13:54  

                      Thanks to this ring it made it possible for me to beat the nameless king on two different files since I'm a ***** shields in pve kind of guy and before to dodge.

                      • You cant go into negative defence when you supposedly take 15% more damage21 Apr 2016 08:55  

                        How does 15% increased damage make sense if you can go into the negative? That makes absoutely no sense.

                        • Can be very helpful19 Apr 2016 13:30  

                          I find this to be a situational ring. I probably wouldn't wear it for an entire playthrough, since I like the challenge of having to time my rolls correctly. That being said, I just beat the Pontiff Sulyvahn boss with this ring equipped. I was having a miserable time trying to survive his constant onslaught of combos. After roughly 10 attempts and my patience/sanity waning, I tried using this ring. I figured that if at any point I screw up and get caught in a combo I'll probably be dead anyway, so the defence reduction won't really matter all that much. This ring made a huge difference and I'm happy to say that Pontiff Sulyvahn is now very, very dead. So my suggestion is to keep this ring in mind for tough bosses that require a lot of precise rolling.

                          • Superb18 Apr 2016 13:39  

                            If you have other ring slots you don't mind swapping, then pairing this Ring with the Ring of Steel Protection (+1/+2) and/or the Speckled Stoneplate Ring (+1 recommended) will do a great job at bumping your physical and magic defense back up. This is only recommended if you are still worried about getting hit with such low defensive stats. It is by no means needed as the Carthus Bloodring is just so ***** great with i-frames.

                            • 5/7 best ring15 Apr 2016 10:43  

                              Absolute must have on everyone pretty much. Makes mistimed rolls very forgiving with the amount of i-frames it adds. Most of the time you can just mash roll and avoid damage.

                              • Best ring in the game14 Apr 2016 20:51  

                                If you roll a lot or are playing without a shield, this ring is excellent. The i-frames you get are more than worth having less defense.

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