Controls in Dark Souls 3 are mostly the same as previous Souls games, with a few slight changed due to the Weapon Arts. The Controls for Dark Souls 3 as seen in the Network Test are seen below:

Xbox One


PS4 Controls go here

Movement and Camera Control

Left stick Move character
Right stick Move camera
R3 button Lock on/camera reset
Open Menus

Touch pad button

(Left) Open Gesture Menu
(Right) Open Start Menu

OPTIONS button

Open Start Menu
Right-hand Actions

Right-Hand Actions

R1 button Attack with right-hand weapon
R2 button Strong attack with right-hand

Left-hand Actions

L1 button Guard (when shield equipped)
Use magic (when sorcerer's staff or talisman equipped)
L2 button Use battle skill
L3 button Jump


Up Change magic
Down Change items
Right Change right-hand weapon
Left Change left-hand weapon

○ button Event action
△ button Switch between dual-hand/single-hand
□ button Use item
☓ button Backstep/dash/roll

Using Battle Skills
① Set the weapon equipped in your right hand to dual-hand mode.
② In dual-hand mode, press the L2 button to unleash the battle skill for your right-hand weapon.
Battle skills consume your magic/battle skill gauge.
If you've equipped the Kite Shield or Round Shield in your left hand, you can launch your right-hand weapon's battle skill with the L2 button without switching to dual-hand mode.
The above controls are for the Network Stress Test version and may change in the retail game.
Xbox One Controls
*credit to
PC Controls
If you are having a hard time getting your controller to work on Steam, you need to: 

Go to Start menu/Control Panel/Device Manager
Open the Human Interface Device menu
Right click on any HID-compliant game controller and select Disable.
Re-start Dark Souls





Click to enlarge!

external image darksouls3controls2-640x360.jpg

Above is the control layout for Dark Souls 3, as it was presented in Gamescom. The official screen showed an Xbox One/PC controller, so this custom piece is a PS4 approximation for the fans. We do not know if "Pause menu" actually means you could pause as this was disabled, it may simply be options. See the Wiki Article on Gestures and Weapon Arts for more information on those mechanics.
Please note that all control schemes are subject to change by the developer before release, and there may be specific control setup customization via in-game options.
Also for Asian users, Circle and X buttons are generally inverted.

  • L2 is “Arts/Parry.” You have two stances with your shield, offensive and defensive. Selecting offensive will cause you to use a battle art, rather than parry. From the loading screen:
  • Arts are unique to a weapon held in right hand or both hands. equip a kite round shield or wield two handed to perform arts. Some arts can be followed up with a special attack
  • Parries are exclusive to small shields in left hand. Follow up with RB for riposte critical


Keyboard + Mouse Controls

Left Click Normal Attack
Right Click Block
Shift + Left Click Strong Attack
W + Shift + Left Mouse Button (Need to be pressed simultaneously) Jump Attack
W + Left Mouse Button (Need to be pressed simultaneously) Kick (a.k.a. Guard Break)
Q Camera reset / Target lock
E Interact / Pickup
R Use Item
Press and Hold (W, A, S, D, W+A, W+D, S+A or S+D) + Space Dodge
Press and Hold one of the directions and then Hold Space  Run
Press and Hold one of the directions + Hold Space + Press Space again Jump
Left Ctrl Parry / Weapon Art
Left Shift + Right Mouse Button Weapon Art
Left Alt Walk
Left Ctrl + Right Mouse Button + Left Mouse Button Bow Weapon Art with Zoom
Left Shift + Right Mouse Button + Left Mouse Button Bow Weapon Art without Zoom



    • Anonymous

      03 Aug 2017 03:46  

      What the fuk is dash used for when the game is so fuk ed that when I run away I still get fuk in hit when there swing isn't near me

      • Anonymous

        06 Jun 2017 19:06  

        Looking forward to the day when you would be able to bind your consumable on 1,2,3,4,5 etc... on keyboard...

        • Anonymous

          01 Jun 2017 07:17  

          PC controls would normally indicate the use of a keyboard and mouse. It is absurd that you have to spam buttons to find out how to play a game.

          • Anonymous

            09 Apr 2017 23:14  

            On PC how do you use the +10 function on sliders? Like in the character creation or while handling multiple items in the inventory, I can only move 1 unit a a time, it says "RB +10" and "LB-10" or something like that, but I haven't found a key to actually use that feature.

            • Anonymous

              22 Jan 2017 17:59  

              In this video,, the character moves to the side and backwards while continuing to face the boss. How do you do that? Whenever I move left, right or back, my character turns and is no longer facing the enemy.

              • Anonymous

                03 Jan 2017 17:28  

                I use anitech pc joystick not the xbox one but its look live PS joystick.
                I don't want to use keyboard&mouse, so how can I use joystick? how to setting?

                • Anonymous

                  configuracion pc03 Oct 2016 19:55  

                  maestro,en la configuracion con teclado y mause!! si no quiero pelear con escudo y quiero atacar con 2 armas en las dos manos no se puede?en dark souls 2 se podia, porque aca no?

                  • Anonymous

                    Having trouble with menu20 Aug 2016 20:42  

                    Hello!<br/>I start the game but I stuck on the "press any button" title menu I pushed the keyboard and the mouse even tried it with DS4 controller but can't pass the title menu.<br/>I get windows mouse cursor instead of the DS mouse cursor I just write this down because someone can help.

                    • Anonymous

                      Missing HID...13 Aug 2016 13:18  

                      In my human interface devices menu is only usb input device there is no HID-complitant game controller in the menu

                      • Anonymous

                        Fix for K+M Jump21 Jun 2016 02:31  

                        If you're having trouble jumping with the K+M controls just rebind the key for Dash/Backstep/Roll to something different. Start moving in a particular direction, start dashing, and then press space to jump. That is how I have been doing it. I don't think you can jump unless you being the dash anyway.

                        • Anonymous

                          omg17 Jun 2016 20:14  

                          I can think of very few games that have such convoluted and illogical controls. It's like the devs live in a parallel universe, where mineral-cows drive butter-coconuts and reality is backwards, and controls like these are OK. Oh, wait, this world exists, it's called Japan.

                          • m+k17 Jun 2016 10:55  

                            ITs very possible and playable on mouse + K keyboard. I use it comfortably since dk1 but AHK i necessary for things like kick or jump attack. You switch items and for with CTRL/SHIFT + mouse whell up or down.

                            • Anonymous

                              parry04 Jun 2016 00:12  

                              i know how to parry but i see people/players with the most ridiculous three hit reposte. how do i perform that?

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