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    • Anonymous

      21 Oct 2017 09:53  

      Everyone is talking about how "hard" this game is. Let me tell you this. It's not about beeing hard. It's about challenge and overcome this challenge. Adepting to new situations. DS3 beeing a "hard game" always sounds like its "frustrating difficult" level. But thats not Dark Souls. You'll always have alternatives you can discover or new strategies that will make it easier and easier for you until you fly through each area blindly. It's not Sonic the Hedgehog were you even after 100h cannot speedrun through the first level because of its broken gameplay. Dark Souls wants to make a better player out of you. That is its main agenda and that is what makes this series great.

      • Anonymous

        16 Jan 2017 06:26  

        How do i get 3 people in my game because everytime i try to summon 1 person it gets rid of the other summon sign

        • Anonymous

          Calibrations Fix18 Apr 2016 06:40  

          Here's how to fix the calibrations. You need to be on update and version 1.03. If, for whatever reason, you are on 1.02, hard reset your system and it should find the update. If you are on 1.03, you need to quot out of Dark Souls 3, start the installation of one game, and then start Dark Souls 3 back up. It should find the calibrations. Just don't forget to pause( not cancel as you you'll have to redo this process every time you want to play online for now) the installation so you don't have slow connection!

          • Anonymous

            Calibration issues12 Apr 2016 23:10  

            I'm on Xbox one and I can't receive calibrations for the game at all. Is anyone else having this problem?

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