Build Calculator for Dark Souls 3 - this is a working beta with weapons, rings, items, spells.

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Soul Level Calculator by Portalz

Same as DS2, tells you how many souls you need to get from level X to level Y. (Levels 1-1000 supported)


Build Calculator by Blastorion
Calculates optimal starting class


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    • Anonymous

      21 May 2018 14:27  

      Definitely needs improved cause I want to check if what the lowest level I need to be to use my main build on low level- gingercamcam

      • 30 Dec 2017 04:35  

        Heads up, the wiki calcluator is totally wrong on weight. BKGS, Lothric shield, Havels Ring, and the Falllen Knight set told me I'd be able to use it with a mid roll. Was off by 3 levels. Wasted a respec, thanks a lot.

        • Anonymous

          10 Dec 2017 16:07  

          Wouldnt recommend using the builder and stuff since it isnt that accurate with information say i want 10 strength but i dont need it but the build im going for...end up saying warrior or something with 16 str idk man

          • Anonymous

            24 Aug 2017 06:07  

            First off where is +3 of all the rings? Second the Dragon Tooth required 40 str but you say it requires 0. Not to mention other misinformation. Please fix!

            • Anonymous

              07 Jul 2017 12:50  

              nice job but the viki calc is broken or out of date...
              example astora greatsword, the values (and scaling) shown in the calc, does not correspond to those shown in the game (newest version)
              not checked every weapon yet, but most of them are false

              • Anonymous

                01 May 2017 18:05  

                Why the hell would you use excel online vs. any of the free spreadsheet programs out there? This crap is worthless.

                • Anonymous

                  06 Apr 2017 03:39  

                  If you guys are having proble with this build calculator just download the app called MugenMonkeyForDarkSouls3

                  • Anonymous

                    29 Oct 2016 00:30  

                    My god figure it out. The build calculator is not rocket surgery. Just be glad someone built something to do the calculations and decided to share it with you. If its missing armor or weapons then add it to the sheet yourself and make adjustments or replace an armor/weapon you don't give a hoot about. I did notice a slight miscalculations on weight but very insignificant. I could just correct or just deal with it...its close enough.

                    • 18 Oct 2016 04:40  

                      calculator off by .8 in weight or burden. unsure which, but when equipped with shiled of want, uchigatana, longbow, dragon crest shield, silver knight set, gold and silver serpent rings, cholantry and estus rings, the calculator is .8 weight below what it should be

                      • Anonymous

                        Calculator creator is smart17 Sep 2016 04:43  

                        I don't know how to open the calculator. Please add a *****ing read me or a link on how to use this ancient file format you mongoloids holy *****.

                        • Anonymous

                          Pyromancer Gear?05 Jun 2016 17:32  

                          Both the Pyromancer starter set and the Conjurator set are missing from the fextralife calculator.

                          • Anonymous

                            Don't tell me what to do!04 Jun 2016 02:51  

                            I'll build a calculator if I feel like it, I don't need a wiki to boss me around!

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