Mechanics Research for Dark Souls 3 is a list of pages and links that include detailed game mechanics information as researched by the community.


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    • Anonymous

      23 Apr 2018 21:02  

      I did not know where else to report this but the abyss watcher fight was broken I have a vid to prove it but it's on my xbox 1

      • Anonymous

        Soul rewards on PvP01 May 2016 01:21  

        A friend and I have been looking into soul rewards on pvp recently and we found the following correlation:if there is a level difference: The player with the lower will get soul rewards upon victory roughly equal to: (number of souls for next level up for higher level player - no. souls. req. for lower character) / 2 = the average soul differencethe higher level player gets: roughly 9.5% (average * 0,095) of the average soul difference upon victory.(this was tested on soul level 106 and 110 on PC). Please fill in with more data using the formulas above, as we need to confirm if the formula above holds.thanks in beforehand for all data//Anon101.

        • Anonymous

          kick/guard break24 Apr 2016 15:20  

          i don't know if this is the page to put it...but...I usually kick the pontiff knights with shield for guard break&easy kill...yesterday, as always, i kicked and...nothing...five kicks in a row, still nothing. The difference was my right hand weapon : the s....y dagger to boost sorceries & of course i don't meet the requirements for it. I then switched to a longsword and get the guard break in one kick as always.So theory : the stamina lost when guarding against kicks is affected by the right hand equiped weapon of the kicker

          • Anonymous

            equiping your fire bombs in your quick menu17 Apr 2016 21:19  

            how do you equip your fire bombs to one of the 4 squares where you can quick switch items?

            • Anonymous

              Any word on how criticals are calculated yet?16 Apr 2016 04:19  

              Is a dagger still broken for ripostes? what's the diffrence between 100, 110,120, and 130 for critical values?

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