Maps in Dark Souls 3's are located here. As there is no in game map, these can help guide you if you get lost. Maps are restructed, colored and populated by Fex, authorized and based on designs by Komachi, and will be added as they are created.  These images are copyrighted and we do not allow their republishing in any form.

Individual Maps



Progression Map


World Maps


    • Anonymous

      09 Aug 2019 15:10  

      massive praise to whoever came up with these maps. not perfect but often more helpful than the text breakthroughs. just wanted to express my enthusiastic gratitude and say well done to you

      • Anonymous

        22 Dec 2018 16:41  

        the "roads of sacrifice" map forgot to mention that the giant crab on the right drop the "Great swamp ring" which boost pyromancies

        • Anonymous

          23 May 2018 10:52  

          I found two errors on the High Wall of Lothric Map 1. The "Deserter Trousers" and "Broken Straight Sword" (3 and 2 respectively) are not items found naturally in this level, but rather are drops from hollow-men in the High Wall of Lothric.

          I presume the map creator made this mistake by letting the dragon kill all the hollow-men, and then running up, seeing their drops on the ground, and counting them as part of the natural map items.

          • Anonymous

            01 Nov 2017 22:33  

            Painted World of Ariandel maps are linking to "file not found" page. Using for now but any way you could look into this?

            • Anonymous

              29 Sep 2017 21:58  

              Great job man, appreciate the time u spend to put all this maps together, helped me a lot to not get lost....thankz

              • Anonymous

                20 Aug 2017 18:16  

                Hey, just wondering if we are still getting The Dreg Heap map soon ?
                I asked on 7 July and you said "Hopefully this week", to be clear: it completely fine that it wasn't, but i would still want to make sure i'm not waiting for something that will be forgotten :P

                Thanks again for all the hard work ! you help a lot of people with your wikis !

                • Anonymous

                  19 Jul 2017 11:28  

                  as a random anon, i have to say, your doing a great job man, keep up the good work. and for all you others who keep pestering this guy for the new map; it takes time. if you want everything listed off, and detailed maps, you need to give the man time to figure it out all, map it, and upload it... its not something thats going to be done in 5 mins..

                  • Anonymous

                    13 Jun 2017 04:15  

                    May I take a most of the map. I will cite your website. I just need this for a quick school project. I will also not take any of your credits.

                    • Anonymous

                      19 May 2017 07:48  

                      To everybody begging for Ringed City maps: Jesus, will you give him a second? It hasn't even been out a month, and you're all *****ing for accurate maps including all the items and secrets? Make your own damn map if you're that antsy; we're lucky he makes these at all.

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