Cathedral of the Deep is a Location in Dark Souls 3. The area consists of a huge cathedral as well as a graveyard and the surrounding grounds. The area features a very vertical level design, with several shortcuts leading back to a central bonfire (Cleansing Chapel Bonfire). The path to Cathedral of the Deep lies in the Crystal Sage's ruins.

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Full Cathedral of the Deep Walkthrough

Click here to go to the Speedrun Walkthrough.Click here to go to the Lore and Speculation page for this area

Finding Paladin's Ashes and Crest Shield

From the first Bonfire, to the left you can follow the path down to take on a dagger-wielding enemy and behind it, Paladin's Ashes (this enemy will sneak up behind you while you fight the axe-wielding enemy at the top of the stairs if you do not kill him first.) Head up the staircase to take on an axe-wielding NPC who also tosses throwing knives at you. He'll drop the Spider Shield. If you head to the left of the stairs into the wooded area, you can find a corpse with a Titanite Shard 1x. To the right of the stairs, follow a path a drop down to the lower path. Follow the path up to find a Crest Shield.

Continue up the stairs through the archway and into the wooded area. You will encounter undead dogs and hollows perched on the stone walls firing flaming bolts at you. This can be a chaotic area trying to fight off the dogs and dodge the bolts, so use the environment to your advantage by using the trees to block bolts while engaging the dogs. Once you have cleared the enemies, you are safe to grab the Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler that sits on a ledge to the right of this area.

Cleansing Chapel

Proceed forward into the next area where a self-immolating hollow will charge you, you will encounter many of these enemies in the Cathedral. The best way to fight them is to charge at them and kill them before they have a chance to transform. Enter the cathedral ahead and open the double doors to find and light a Bonfire in front of an altar. In the corner of the cathedral is a corpse with the Notched Whip. If you have bought the Ashes of Arandiel DLC, there will be a man or a piece of a paint nearby the altar. Interact with them to start the DLC content. It's worth noting that Siegward's quest can be furthered here, he's in the well nearby the entrance. He appears once you have opened the double door that from the Cathedral lead to the graveyard.

Exit the church and head right, where you find a group of hollows in prayer around a corpse. Dispatch them to loot the Estus Shard 1x from the corpse. Continue up the crumbling stone stairs and enter through the open gate. On the path ahead will be many zombie-like, Reanimated Corpses. Continue forward until you come to a path on your left. Take that path, with more zombies, and on your left, you can take another path where a zombie is crouched in front of a gravestone. You can loot a corpse here for an Astora Greatsword. If you continue to explore the network of paths in this graveyard you can find a Fading Soul 1x and Executioner's Greatsword. Looting this will trigger a zombie ambush. If you head up the path on the hill right to the right of the gravestone with the sword you will come to a ledge where you can drop down to a path where a solitary hollow lurks. Head up this path and cross stone walkway/bridge.

Dispatch the several zombie hollows here and cross the bridge and head up the stairs. If you have befriended the giant archer in Undead Settlement, he will shoot arrows in this area, only targeting enemies. If you have not made friends, you will continue to be a target for his arrows. Along the stairs you will encounter a dual wielding grave warden. Dispatch the enemy and at the center, make a right down a flight of stairs to come to an area marked by many spears stuck in the ground. There are several items to loot from corpses here, including Young White Branch 1x, Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler 2x, Repair Powder 2x, Undead Bone Shard 1x.

Return up the stairs and head right and right again down a short staircase to find another staircase leading up into a chamber. Inside the chamber you can loot a corpse for a Curse Ward Greatshield. If you travel down the stairs here you will come to a ladder, which you can kick down and descend. At the bottom, you can exit to the outside and if you go straight you will come to an area patrolled by a zombie hollow. Near here you can approach a structure with several small windows, one of which is open. Loot a Titanite Shard 1x from the corpse in the open window. Entering this window leads back to the bonfire. Instead, if you descend down and to the right from here you will come to an area with both a large and normal Crystal Lizard. Up a narrow hill here you can find a tree with a corpse that holds a Titanite Shard 1x

Back in the area with the Crystal Lizards, in the corner you will a narrow passageway from which you can enter into a dark room where you will find a writhing rotten flesh. In this room, you can loot a corpse for the Poisonbite Ring. If you exit this area near the building, you will find another Crystal Lizard and a corpse along the wall with a Titanite Shard 1x. Head down the stairs to encounter another writhing rotten flesh. To the left another writhing rotten flesh waits in the water. On a small mound, by a tree stump to the left you will find a Saint-tree Bellvine. Ahead will be writhing rotten flesh in the water. 

Continue down the watery path until you come to a hill on the left. Go up and left into the building and climb the tall ladder you kicked down earlier. Exit the building and proceed ahead up the central staircase. Around the corner to left, you can find Rusted Coin x2 behind some boxes. To the right you can loot a Red Bug Pellet from a corpse. Beyond you will encounter several hollows, one with a spear and shield, one self-igniting rushing hollow and one above firing arrows at you. If you head down you can cross some broken pathways to a roof across with a hollow self-igniter. On a balcony here, you will find a hollow and a corpse with a Soul of an Unknown Traveler. When you approach this corpse, hollows will crawl over the balcony and attack.

Proceed down a narrow stretch of the roof and to the landing where 3 archer hollows and a spear and shield hollow lie in wait. After dispatching them, make the short, easy jump to the slanted rooftop opposite the one you came down. This leads back to the rooftop where two more gremlin hollows are ready to drop down in ambush. From here you can drop down onto a flat rooftop just below where you will find 3 gremlins ready to ambush you if you had taken the normal path instead. To the far right side of this rooftop you can see a gremlin hanging on the slanted rooftop ready to ambush you if you grab the item below. Take a swing at it from the rooftop if you can or just drop down and take care of it to loot your Red Bug Pellet. Head down this path until you come to several hollows in worship by a large Evangelist. You can loot a corpse here for an Undead Hunter Charm 3x.

Head back down to the landing and make a left to go down the walkway. Draw out the hollow wielding a Halberd and fight him alone, 1 gremlin hollow will leap out from the doorway to your left (and 2 from the rooftop if you didn't dispatch of them earlier). If you head into that room, you will see more of the gremlins on the ceiling waiting to drop down and attack. You can loot a corpse here for a Soul of a Nameless Soldier 1x. Exit this room and head left to see 3 hollows resting. If attacked from a distance they will throw Undead Hunter Charms at you before attacking. Head up the next staircase into a room where 2 dual wielding grave wardens lurk. If you head up the staircase here, you will encounter 2 of the self-igniting hollows. At the top of your stairs, proceed and to your left will be a seated hollow. At the end of this path you will find several hollows kneeling. A corpse will have an Ember 1x. An axe-wielding hollow will jump out at you here from the left.

Beyond is a large double door that you can open and enter. Down a short flight of stairs, you will see a tunnelway on the left. There is a tar blob down this tunnel. Down the hallway will be a corpse with a Duel Charm 1x. In the next room, 3 undead will attack you.

Proceed to the next area, where you can either make a left to a lift or right into a doorway. If you take the lift on the left down and proceed down the hallway you will come to a grated door which you can open and exit to the exterior, leading to double doors into the building that you can open to unlock the shortcut to the Bonfire.

Getting Past the Giants

Make your way back up the lift and enter the doorway. Down a long staircase you will come to a room with an Evangelist. On a balcony outside the room is a corpse with a Deep Gem. Return up the stairs to defeat a tar enemy and step outside to enter a central chamber with a massive giant who attacks you. Note that these giants can be killed and are guaranteed to drop a Large Titanite Shard, but you might miss it permanently if you don't pick it up before either dying or reloading the area. You shouldn't fight him here; instead, wait until you go down to the bottom of the large room where it is easier to kill him. You can dodge his attacks (or return to the top of the stairs and stand in the center of the dais until he starts to attack, then retreat a moment and take swipes at his hands). Navigate the perimeter of the area, being mindful of enemies here. Along the way you can loot corpses for a Soul of a Nameless Soldier 1x, and Lloyd's Sword Ring. The giant can easily kill you in one hit so be aware of his positioning at all times. On a corpse hanging over the edge you will find Exploding Bolt 6x. 

Continue dodging the giant's swipes until you arrive at a doorway to a staircase heading down. Upon arriving at the first landing, make a left and head into the next room where several gremlin hollows emerge to attack. In a corner a corpse lies with Seek Guidance but beware of the tar blob that will drop when you approach. Exit via the ladder in the corner and ascend to a room where an Evangelist patrols to the left. In this area is a corpse with an Ember 1x.

Return back to the staircase leading down to come to a room with a chest in front of an altar, except in this case it is a mimic. Defeating it or using an undead hunter charm will cause it to drop a Deep Braille Divine Tome. Take the next staircase down and enter a room to face off against a greatshield and mace-wielding Cathedral Knight.

Note: Giving the tome to Irina of Carim and buying the dark spells will fail her questline.

The Deep-Accursed Room

In the adjacent room, upon walking in a spider-like Deep Accursed will drop down to attack. To make this fight easier, run back to the entrance of this room and attack it from the doorway. Defeating it will earn Aldrich's Sapphire. In this room you can loot an Ember 1x. Exit this room back from where you came and enter the next doorway to enter the large open area where the giant is. If you are in Ember Form, Longfinger Kirk (one of the Fingers of Rosaria) will invade when you enter the room. Be careful as he can hit hard. Once taken care of, he'll reward you with a Spiked Shield and Barbed Straight Sword.

In front of you will be a lever, if pulled it will raise a divider. Nearby there is a cathedral knight and some gremlins, with poison water spewing fountains along these walkways. You can loot a corpse in a corner here for a Soul of an Unknown Traveler. Continue down the stairs, open a grated door and continue until you reach a double door. Open it and you will find a lift. Don't take the lift and continue to another double door, which opens a shortcut to the Bonfire.

Go back in the room with the giants. The one in the corner on your left (the one that has not attacked you) will be surrounded by tans and several corpses that can be looted for Drang ShoesLarge Soul of an Unknown Traveler 1x, Pale Tongue 1x, and Drang Armor and Drang Gauntlets. Behind a pillar you will also find the Drang Hammers.

Nearby the other giant you can loot the Maiden Set from a corpse here as well as a Soul of a Nameless Soldier. Make your way carefully to the large double doors here and open them to reveal a large staircase down. At the bottom of the stairs is another set of double doors which you can open to exit to the outside. Directly ahead on a corpse along the railing you will find Saint Bident. To the right at the end of a broken staircase you will find Homeward Bone 2x.

Ensuring the Meeting with Patches

It's worth noting that taking the path along the rafters will prevent Unbreakable Patches from making an appearance later in the cathedral (See Rosaria's Section). To meet patches surpass the giant in the corner, and climb the stairs on the left. This leads to a chapel-like area where you will see a cathedral knight and several cleric hollows. If you head left to the edge of this area, you will find a corpse with an Ember 1x. There is also a cathedral knight seated in one of the pews here. Take a lift in the opposite direction of the stairs you have taken and you'll reach a double door. Open it to open a shortcut to the graveyard and trigger his spawn, then reload the area and come back. Continue your path along the stairs, and you'll be in a room with a corpse with a Duel Charm 3x and Siegward of Catarina. Siegward will talk about a treasure and tell you to walk over the narrow bridge. Walk the bridge and in the middle, a cutscene will trigger.

Finding the Rosaria's Fingers Covenant

Now return to the lift beyond the double door nearby the last shortcut you opened to the bonfire and take it up to encounter a crossbow-wielding enemy. Step outside and take the narrow ledge on the left around the corner to find a ladder. Take the ladder up to take out a red-eyed foe and take the wood plank ramp out to obtain the Deep Ring. You can drop down to the narrow roof here and take it up where a thrall will emerge to attack you. Follow this path to the left and at the end you will encounter an axe-wielding enemy on the right. Make your way back in the opposite direction to encounter a halberd-wielding enemy. If you take one of these narrow rooftops down to the tower at the end, you will find a corpse with Arbalest on it. Return to the main path and at the end, you will find a thrall enemy in front of a corpse with a Pale Tongue 1x. Another thrall will climb the wall and attack you here.

In the middle of this wide ledge, take a doorway inside to come onto a series of curved rafters, where several thralls wait to attack. A cathedral knight is also present on a platform here (be careful, he can cast Emit Force). A corpse along the wall here can be looted for a Blessed Gem.

Make your way back across the rafters and on the right-hand side (opposite from where you came in) you will see a ledge that you can drop down to. The ledge is being guarded by two cathedral knights, the furthest one has a ranged weapon and the closer one will try to follow you down if not killed. It is a bit of a drop and will take some of your health, so make sure you're healed up before taking the plunge. From this platform you can drop down to another landing and ahead will encounter a casting worm where several more hollow worms will attack. They are weak to fire so pyromancy like Fire orb is helpful. There is a lever here you can pull. 

Head up the stairs through the doorway to encounter several more worm enemies. At the end of this room, you can attack a seemingly unhostile enemy who drops the Red Sign Soapstone.

Through a broken portion of the gate here, open the double doors to enter a room with a Bonfire. In this room you'll find the Armor of Thorns Set on a body near the back if you have been invaded by Longfinger Kirk. Also in this room is a bedchamber at the end, where you will meet Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth the leader of the Rosaria's Fingers Covenant. This is the standard invasion covenant, as well as where you can find stat reallocation and appearance alteration services.

Note: Joining this covenant has implications for other NPCs and their Side Quests, so if you are attempting a specific playthrough please consult those pages to help with your decision making. For example, giving a Pale Tongue to Rosaria will fail Sirris of the Sunless Realms questline.

There's a lever outside Rosaria's Bedchamber, and Unbreakable Patches will be standing here if you have progressed things properly (a reload may be necessary). Activating it, raises the narrow bridge that leads to the graveyard.


Towards the Catacombs

Return to the area with the pews where you encountered the cathedral knight seated in a pew. There will be 2 deacons facing an altar you can dispatch. Beyond this central altar to the right of the archway you will find the summon signs of Horace the Hushed and Anri of Astora. Descend the stairs and enter the fog to take on the boss of this area, Deacons of the Deep. Defeat them to earn the Small Doll which allows passage to Irithyll of the Boreal Valley and Soul of the Deacons of the Deep. A Bonfire will appear. Resting at the Bonfire or coming back to this area will spawn in a drop for the Archdeacon set. Continue your journey either to Farron Keep or Catacombs of Carthus via the Road of Sacrifices or Irithyll of the Boreal Valley if you have already cleared Farron Keep and the Catacombs of Carthus.

Cathedral of the Deep Maps

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cathedral of the deep map2
cathedral of the deep 3
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Video Walkthrough

Cathedral Of The Deep Walkthrough Part 1

Part 2 (Second Shortcut to Boss Fight)

Cleansing Chapel Bonfire to First Shortcut

Speed Run Walkthrough

A fast walkthrough of how to get to the end of the level the fastest, picking up only essential items goes here.

Unlocking Cathedral of the Deep's Shortcuts

Cathedral of the Deep Speedrun (starting at Cleansing Chapel bonfire with both shortcuts)


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    • Anonymous

      Unbreakable patches will still do his c**ntishness even if the giants are killed before getting to him, he will have some alternate dialogue if they are already dead.

      • Anonymous

        I bumblefxxked my way through here way easier in my first playthrough than I am right now trying to follow this guide.

        • Anonymous

          Since one finds both the Astora GS and the Executioner GS relatively close in the same area, does this then signify Anri and Horace might have lost those blades while beset upon by droves of mindless undead?
          Seems a little too coincidental. As they actually say they've been there looking for Aldrich...

          • Anonymous

            Why do so many people hate this area? I think it’s fantastic - the atmosphere, the lore and the level design with all the shortcuts is very good.

            Tho idk what they were thinking by putting a swamp at the bottom.

            • Anonymous

              The swamps in DS3 almost kill the enjoyment for me. A swamp inside a building?? After slogging through 2 swamps previously? (if you visited Farron Keep first) No item to make traversing them slightly less odious? Staggering cathedral knights by raining cestus blows on their shield makes it worth it tho

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                Every time I think about starting a new playthrough of this game I remember cathedral of the deep exists and that's enough to convince me to not

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                  Love the vertical design but holy crap are the AI dumb af the mobs keep leaping or attacking then falling to their deaths

                  • Anonymous

                    Guide conveniently fails to mention an entire DLC you could get involuntarily forced into if you answer some vague dumb question from a random NPC near the bonfire.

                    • Anonymous

                      Giants: "ignore" the first giant and just run the ledge past flame x-bow mobs. When you reach the second giant, hit the oozes with fire (infused or firebomb, etc) so you can attack the giant's feet without interference. Either be unembered, or kill Kirk before going upstairs. Get double-crossed by Patches on the fake bridge so the first giant "ambushes" you in the clear water. Stay at his ankles and dodge the occasional stomp and you should be home free.

                      • Anonymous

                        It says in items that that there are two large titanite (1 from each giant) and the 1 other regularly lootable one, and then it says that you can loot a corpse in the room with the second giant for 1 large titanite shard and 4 dung pies, but that is not a regular loot. That is the drop for killing the giant. There are only 2 possible large titanite shards in this area, rewards for killing the giants.

                        I killed the first one during the first encounter on the ledge and didn't get his drop because I died on the way down ):

                        • “Finding the Rosaria's Fingers Covenant
                          Now return to the lift beyond the double door nearby the last shortcut you opened to the bonfire and take it up to encounter a crossbow-wielding enemy.”

                          Can someone attempt to translate this to actual directions? Cos that sentence makes no sense at all. This otherwise superb guide is full of directions that only make sense when you find the route by complete accident

                          • Anonymous

                            I just had the weirdest glitch here. There were never ending thralls spawning in the graveyard along with the usual maggot hollows. Anyone else ever seen that. I'm on PS4. So I don't have any mods or CE or anything. Strange.

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                              Is it weird I didn’t even find the deacons till after beating the AW’s and getting to the bridge at Irithyl

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                                graveyard can be cleared, but it's pointless. kill the sitting hollows multiple times then all the ones in the area a few times and they don't respawn.

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                                  Probably one of my favorite areas in the game tbh. i like the vibe and the interior of the actual cathedral is *****ing beautiful.

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                                    I don't know about others, but I'm on my 50th play through with a character, about that many again with all my other characters combined, and every time I have to go through the cathedral I just groan. It's the must boring leg of the journey. The giants you are forced to kill who take forever, the muck that slows you down, a long winding path of creep after creep just to get to the main area, it's just a grind. If only I could skip it.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I simply killed the giants with arrows before I even met (killed) Patches. It took a while to kill the giants, but not too long. It was my first time encountering them and they sat down again if I got far enough.

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                                        Patches is an absolute bastard. this dude cost me 3,000 souls. and this wiki is not trustworthy, lots of trolls can edit this.

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                                          Does anyone know what is up with the almost clone of your character next to the paladins ashes? Does it have an actual name?

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                                            There's a slight inaccuracy with the maps. There's a small crystal lizard close to the big one (a bit up and to the left on map 1) that is not shown on the map.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              You can easily obtain the Large Titanite Shard from the first Giant while still killing it from the balcony if you're at full health or have Spook/Silvercat Ring as the fall isn't lethal. In fact on my first playthough the Giant knocked me down there and I survived. If you want you can open the third shortcut from the Cleansing Chapel Bonfire if you want while you're down there while you're at it. You could also get to the rafters this way without needing to go by the room with the Deep Accursed and the Mimic.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                I'm sorry that not everything was put in a straight line in front of you.
                                                How dare they ask you to explore the world they made.

                                                • How the ***** was i expected to find this location?? I just ran straight to farron keep after road of sacrifice. Same with smouldering lake. How am i expected to find all of these areas?

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    How the ***** was i expected to find this location?? I just ran straight to farron keep when i didnt find anything else in road of sacrifice. Same with smouldering lake. How was i supposed to find all this?

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      I'm not sure if this was found already, but I had a special interaction with Siegward that isn't listed in here anywhere, to my knowledge. Back when I was supposed to kill that fire demon with him back in the Undead Settlement, *I didn't* because I took the lift downwards, instead of upwards, and just assumed I needed to find another way to get there, and never thought about it again. Fast forward to the Cathedral. I put up both of the massive gates that are supposed to keep the giants at bay, and then opened up the doors leading back to the main bonfire in the chapel, at the beginning. Going through whichever one leads right into that main room where the giants are, at the top of the stairs was none other than Siegward. He said something extremely vague about "treasure over on the other side, across this narrow bridge" (referring to the now-raised gate) and nothing else. Assuming that Siegward was a friend, I decided to go for it. I got about halfway across before triggering a short cutscene where the gate/bridge begins moving back downwards. Seigward *takes off his helmet* to reveal a clean-shaven white male (if that's relevant at all. maybe an impostor?) and says something along the lines of "so greedy"... and watches me drop down to my imminent death in that room with the giants. Since then I've been unable to find him anywhere in the questline walkthrough.

                                                      • I have modified the walkthrough to make it easier in the last part. The notes about the route to take to find patches were a bit messy. This way the walkthrough follows the "meet patches" path.

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                                                          Tip for that knight with the mace after the first giant. Kite him out to the giant if you havent killed him, he will follow you out and the giant will two-shot him if you plan it right. free kill!

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                                                            "Use the map provided" to find Patches is poor walkthrough design. In fact––where the fck is Patches on the map? One of those green letters for which there is no legend?

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                                                              Why does this not mention anything about that bum kneeling at the Altar offering some quest ? I don;t know whether to accept or decline since it didn't really make any sense to me.

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                                                                The true pain of this area is when it glitches and suddenly there is a huge invisible wall which blocks your entire way

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                                                                  the crying woman statues are Caitha I think. She is depicted crying and that makes only sense so people could tell who that statue should stand for. (Like nude man nailed on a cross= Jesus) And her tears (Tears of Denial, Caressing Tears, Tearstones) are the gifts of Caitha. Why the people there turned to the abyss, whats up with Rosaria and why Gael is praying to Caitha... no idea. So far I didn't hadve the impression that it was more than a cult in a far away land. Not a complete religion on Christianity level...

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    It say down the curse Ward Greatshield place you fill find hollows patrolling, but you have to fight 2 corpse grubs which a really powerful if u do not have a torch

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      "It's worth noting that Siegward's quest can be furthered here, he's in the well nearby. He appears once you have reached Rosaria's Bedchamber and lit the bonfire."

                                                                      Incorrect. He appears when one opens the last set of big doors, the ones to the left at the top of the elevator when facing towards the boss, off the rotunda.

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        "but you might miss it permanently if you don't pick it up before either dying or reloading the area. You shouldn't fight him here; instead wait until you go down to the bottom of the large room where it is easier to kill him."

                                                                        Listen to this advice. I lost a large shard because I didn't, and did it like the first youtube result showed (swiping at his hand from the balcony). I killed him, but had barely any life and no estus left. Then an imp ju.ped out from behind a pillar and stabbed me, which killed me. I killed the other giant and found it was WAY easier to do it the normal way. No upgrade for my sword now, until I find another large shard.

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          Seven things I have learnt from doing friendly-twink invasions in the Cathedral:
                                                                          (1) nobody knows that the torch cures worm-bleed
                                                                          (2) nobody knows that you can’t “clear” the cemetery, and shouldn’t try to
                                                                          (3) nobody knows about the titanite shard in narrow outside balcony above the kickable ladder
                                                                          (4) nobody knows that if you fire a single arrow/bolt at the first outside evangelist, she’ll almost always step forward, try to cast Gnawing, and fall off the edge
                                                                          (5) not everyone can make the jump to the second buttress to get to the roof above the Thrall-ambush room, before the two Gravewardens, or knows the tactical advantages of doing so
                                                                          (6) nobody knows that the easiest way to kill Blues is run them back and forth in front of the first giant
                                                                          (7) nobody knows how careless the two Cathedral Knights up on the curved rafters are (or the accompanying Thralls), and that all you need to do to kill them is to get them to chase you around said rafters

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            On new game plus the Ring of the Evil Eye +1 is located behind the monument with the two deacons in front of it right before the boss room.

                                                                            • You actually do not get the Great Chaos Fire Orb before this fight if you follow the wiki's walkthrough. It takes you to the Cathedral before you go to the Catacombs where GCFO can be obtained. You can always go to the catacombs first and get the orb and then come back. Since I am a jolly cooperator, I will likely stick with Fire Orb and let me friends do the melee for me.

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                Finally started Ds3 and bought the fire fades edition and it seems certain things are different or simply not added. For example on this walktrough there doesn't seem to be a mention of the tar blobs and a man-grub that are present around the second giant where you can loot the drang set. Or the fact that the NPC who starts the painted world of ariandel DLC is present at the chapel bonfire which isn't mentioned here.

                                                                                And that's not all I've noticed multiple changes to much to list them all but it seems the area walktroughs are in need for a update to be in line with the fire fades editon. While detailed these walktrough aren't very linear thus confusing at times. Multiple times when i use one of these walktroughs i get the feeling I'm going for A to C to B instead of going from point A to point B etc etc.

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  Would be nice if there was another bonfire somewhere between the one in front of the altar and where ever the effin next one is. Fair is fair. Seems like there's one every 10 feet in Farron Keep. I ran out of estus after killing enemy after enemy - a 100 foot giant, several evangelists, monks or priests with halberds, something with dual blades, a trick treasure chest, a magic knight, even a gigantic freakin spider - oh and everyone throwing poison, but still no freakin bonfire. What a load of crap. I understand the game is challenging, but this is a little ridiculous.

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    is there anyone willing to trade the armor of thorns for anything I just need a good set of armor because I'm a starter so if theres anything you missed ill get it and trade

                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                      Ravenous Crystal Lizard can be shot from "balcony" near Curse Ward Greatshield - I shot it 3 times and it killed normal Crystal Lizard. But don't bother trying to snipe it from that distance...

                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                        If you have dlc, there will be a praying npc at altar in chapel, do not talk to him a second time unless you wish to start the ashes of ariandel, this should have been noted on here as I just got sucked in with no warning

                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                          What's a matter fex you slackin and i call you on it and get my comment removed that's cool i guess you just aint committed to this installment of souls like you were of 1 and 2 i understand it is not as polished as either of the first 2 the invisible shielded hallows that i referanced in my initial comment say it all i mean they hold up there arm and we are supposed to believe that counts as a block

                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                            Missing enimies on this list the suicidal hallows shielded or invisible shield variants and
                                                                                            great ax hallows

                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                              I finished the Cathedral of the Deep first without finishing the Farron Keep location. Did I do it right by finishing Cathedral of the deep first?

                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                Your Summon Sign disappears when you use the elevator shortcutsI'm not sure if it is bug or intended but it's a bit annoying

                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                  I'm not sure about the giant guarding the Saint Bident end of the Cathedral, but the one blocking the stairwell up to the Deacons of the Deep can be moved into the gated area directly across from it. You have to stay right under his feet to keep him moving and not just using his sludge-flinging move, but he WILL follow you over there, and once he's in the room far enough you throw the lever and trap him. He goes to sleep right away once you walk away, and on top of that, the game actually saves what you did and changes his spawn-in point to the caged area. So you can gather the items in peace.All things considered, this actually took a lot less time to do than it would have for me to kill the giant (especially on my first playthrough) once I figured out I had to be very close to him to get him to take steps. It's definitely a good option even if you don't care about your treaty with the giant on the tower.

                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                    So after you beat the 2nd Giant, by the drang set, across from him there is another lever that raises a bridge. The bridge seemingly is impossible to get on and leads to two dead ends in the wall BUT, if you look at the area it leads to from atop the main floor of the church with the pews and two cathedral knights it seems there is a 2nd floor that can only be accessed from that bridge. There IS an elevator that takes you up to open the doors of the church but that seems to be on the 3rd floor separate from this unexplored area. Does anyone know where I'm talking about or how to get up there?

                                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                                      I cannot find the lever ANYWHERE. I have been wandering around looking for one for a half hour. And nothing. I dont have the slightest idea where it is.

                                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                                        "The area consists of a huge cathedral (similar in appearance to the one found at the centre of Anor Londo in Dark Souls 1)" How are they similar in any way? I honestly think this should be removed.

                                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                                          I can't light rosaria's bonfire, I wanted to do Sirris' questline before joining Rosaria's covenant, now i'm done but I can't light it for some reason yet I can warp to it.

                                                                                                          • The only thing Cathedral of the Deep did not let us uncover is the origin of Dark itself. Deep Gem's description states that "there is a darkness that lies beyond ken." Ken is range of human vision or understanding in this context. "... This pyromancy tome is dark, and delves into the depths of men, where an untouchable flame resides. I cannot comprehend this myself, let alone teach it to you. Only one terribly afflicted, or burdened by deep sorrow, could begin to understand this. " - that is the monologue of Cornyx after you try to hand him Grave Warden pyromancy tome. Black Flame is lore-wise a Deity of the human sin and fear. Karla expresses her own opinion on the topic: "Here is one thing that you should know. There is a darkness within man, and I am afraid you will peer into it. Whether the fear will spark self-reflection, or a ruinous nostalgia... is up to you entirely. " So, taking that into consideration, we have the following: Dark is not made by man, bit lays beyond humanity's recognition, deep underneath its skin, and soul. The Dark became alive, to some extent, as a result of an enormous Fear born in agony and death. So, we came back to where we started: Cathedral of the Deep. In days long past Aldrich ruled the Cathedral, devouring its unlucky "visitors" - undead peasants from the Undead Settlement. Aldrich knew no satisfaction, and started to devour Gods instead and moved to Irithyll, but Dark emerged the moment Deep was full of death. Is it Abyss? Well, not entirely. When Wolnir fell into Abyss, many Grave Warden pyromancers uncovered the Black Flame - an artifact which was brought to the known world by Wolnir's fear of death, and that fear was vicious. Abyss is more a realm of sins and evil, while Dark has human spiritual origins.Having that said, what is the speculation all about? We know the Dark is present. We bind its will and use it as a weapon, but no man saw the source of it. And my speculation is a) it is in Cathedral of the Deep and b) we will travel there in one of the upcoming DLCs. There is a small detail that forced me think about this whole stuff: a lake so deep, it is almost black. Like the Dark itself. It can be seen from the balcony where Deep Gem is located, guarded by Evangelist. Maybe, that is where Fromsoft could lead us. After all, Light travels not alone, but with the Darkness by its hand. And Dark Souls is well known for these types of comparison. For now, there are only two main happenings - which are being lively discussed - in the Cathedral of the Deep: Patches and Siegward. There must be much, much more to this. Black Flame, as well as Profaned Flame, First Flame and Chaos Flame (now that I think of it, this composition resembles Four Horsemen of Armageddon) are extremely vast and important topics in DS universe.

                                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                                              The walkthrough has a problem in that it does not tell us how to find Patches. In the subsection titles "Meeting Patches", it tells us how to find the route that will prevent us from finding Patches.

                                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                                where even is this place? ive gone as far as beating the smouldering lake and still haven't found it (should be noted that my friend speed ran a whole area while i slept so don't judge me too hard)

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