YouTube Partners for Dark Souls 3 will be listed on this page. Please check back later for an updated list. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact an Admin on the Forums by replying to this thread. Since it has been more than one year since launch, we are not currently looking for more partners, so keep this in mind and apply early next time!


YouTube Partners

If you are accepted your name will be posted below. Once accepted you MUST:

  1. Include a link to the Wiki or Wiki Page that your video is on in your video's description. This helps out the Wiki and gives it something in return for all the views your videos will get. You MUST do this for EACH video.

  2. You must name the link a short description of your video. Here is a an example of how they should look: It is no longer necessary to post your name next to the description.

  3. You must be an active member of the community. You will not be allowed to continue to add ONLY video links to the Wiki and contribute nothing else. It is expected that you help edit the pages you put your video links in, filling in missing information if you can or adding TEXT strategies. Alternatively you can participate in discussions in the forums or in the comments.

Please keep in mind that a violation of these guidelines may result in the immediate removal of your videos.

List of Accepted Channels:

  • AnimeGayBoy
  • announakis
  • Antediluvian
  • Back_like_Flint
  • Baseborn
  • Bio94
  • DarkGerald
  • Esquire
  • FinPeku
  • fungo
  • Halicarnassis
  • HolyLuigi
  • Icegodzilla
  • JudasBlitzkrieg
  • Kamies
  • Keegos
  • Lots
  • ManatuBear
  • Mashiro-chan
  • maxx72
  • mothereternity
  • PrimeraEspada91
  • samurai_masurao
  • stillborn
  • TonyDamajer
  • TSMP
  • Xaphalys
  • XuitusTheGreat
  • YasooKuuhl

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    • Anonymous

      Methodical Gamer - Requesting to add one of my Newest Videos to the Wiki Dark Souls 3 Demon's Scar Weapon Info Page.

      This video discusses strategies for using this weapon in PvP and offers a suggested build for players to use.

      Brand-new weapon from The Ringed City DLC. I noticed no video has been linked yet in regards to showing players a viable build and strategy for using the weapon.

      Video Link Below:
      Dark Souls 3 PvP - Demon's Scar Weapon Showcase / Build:

      I am fully aware and have read of the Terms of Agreement for linking my donated video onto the wiki site. Please inform me via Twitter or YouTube when my video has been accepted so that I may add the proper links respectfully on my YouTube video to the Fextralife Wiki.

      - Methodical Gamer

      • Anonymous

        Methodical Gamer - humbly requesting to be added to the list in exchange for my donation of build videos to be linked on Fextralife wiki. (Example Below)

        Dark Souls 3 PvP - Friedes Great Scythe :

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