Stats in Dark Souls 3 are what determines a player's health, damage, stamina, etc. The Stats in Dark Souls 3 are similar to previous Souls games. If you would like to re-spec your character, you will have to visit Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth.

  • Please see Status Icons to understand the icons displayed under your healthbar when you have an active effect.


Stat Information

The player status screen keeps track of your Level, Souls and Hollowing level as well as your values in the following categories:


Vigor  Vigor

Attunement  Attunement

Endurance  Endurance 

Vitality  Vitality

Strength  Strength

Dexterity  Dexterity

Intelligence  Intelligence

Faith  Faith

Luck  Luck



Base Power

Hit Points  HP

Focus Points  FP

Stamina  Stamina

Equip Load  Equip Load

Poise  Poise

Discovery  Item Discovery

Attunement Slots  Attunement Slots



Physical Defense  Physical Defense

Strike Defense  VS strike

Slash Defense  VS slash

Thrust Defense  VS thrust

Magic Defense  Magic Defense

Fire Defense  Fire Defense

Lightning Defense  Lightning Defense

Dark Defense  Dark Defense


In-Game image from level-up menu.

 Dark Souls 3 Stats Screen


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    • Anonymous

      weak dex, strength, vit and vigor users vs also weak Attunement, faith, intelligence and endurance users

      kinda cringe bro w..wait whats that!?!?

      *mega chad luck user enters the fight*

      everyone else: oh shi..

      moral of story? Don't be a casul, use luck!

      • Anonymous

        Just like the BS of cast time affected by DEX, stats in general needs a bit more work.

        Attunement shouldn't dictate the amount of spell slots you have, that should be tried to INT/FTH, starting at 1 sorcery/miracle at 9 INT/FTH, increasing by 1 for every 9 points, & capping at 10 spells at 99. For pyro, it would 1 spell slot for 5 points on both INT/FTH.

        Vigor should have base stability for blocking, even with weapons, while shield give bonus stability.

        Equip load should affect run speed as well. It's ridiculous how a character with 60 units of equipment can run as fast as a naked guy.

        Needless to say, rolling is ridiculously spammable too. Shields need to be buffed and rolling needs to be nerfed.

        • Anonymous

          In Dark souls 2, they had "adaptibility". So is our ability to roll longer distances solely depended on what our equipment load % is?

          • Anonymous

            I want the best stats for Pyromancer and for strengthening the weapon. Level of my personality 233. Thank you

            • Anonymous

              If you're looking to fully optimize your character without caring about SL, PVP, what not. then here is basically the soft/hard caps for all stats. Also implementing my own opinion to what numbers you should stop at. STATS: SOFT/HARD (SUGG) Vigor-28/50 (between 40-50 the sweet spots) Attunement-35/99 (between 30-40 all you really need) Endurance-40/40 (literally don't waste your time lvling it up passed that) Vitality-99/99 (i personally see no problem with going full tank) Strength-40/60 (66 for that lovely max strength(99) when 2 handing) Dexterity-40/60 (60 for scaling. 40-50 for that prime cast time) Intelligence-40/99 (60 for lovely scaling and ur able to use all sorceries) Faith-40/60 (60 for that lovely weapon scaling and full on Zeus power) Luck-40/60 (40 if you're a loot goblin. 60 if you want the world to bleed)

              • Anonymous

                does anyone know at what point the stats are at the soft cap? like in DS1 where all stats would do waaay less after reaching lvl.40

                • Anonymous

                  Anybody know why Warrior is different in Stats in DS1 and DS3 is changed in scaling? Where in DS1 Warrior was scaled even in STR and DEX and in DS3 STR and DEX is not equal as a quality build which I am doing in both. Granted for DS1 was alot better in Warrior stats in the beginning and now in DS3 its alot different. I'm not complaining but shouldn't DS3 Warrior Stats remained the same from DS1 and that way it makes since. True DS3 is like about the pilgrimage in DS3 where your Ashen 1 or King Arthur build and yet DS1 your Undead and everything puts 4 years later or is it 10 years later after you decide from Kindiling the bonfires in DS1 or not Kindle the bonfires in DS1 and if Anor Londo is in the 1st game goes to the 3rd game shouldn't we be able to import our saves into DS3 from DS1 which makes since because most places are the same in DS1 into DS3 such as Anor Londo such as the Gargoyles that we killed in DS1. Even though I would've liked that our stats in DS1 would also be imported into DS3, because if we think about it DS3 is the same from DS1 except for adding other places to travel to and sure we had to work our way to travel in DS1. Maybe bosses should fight each other and that way whoever loses we have to kill makes since its like a Triple Threat Match like in WWE instead of having a handicap match for bosses in DS1 and 3. I love Soul Farming to get my 40/40 STR and Dex. I just want my Black Knight Great Sword I have in DS1 into DS3 or is it known as bugs. I also wish that From soft should give us more jumps like bigger jumps and not smaller jumps of course I am referring to the A.I.'s that do bigger jumps than we do.

                  • Anonymous

                    Ok, I don't know where exactly to post this, but I'll share it here: I think the item drops must be tied to the character (like name or presets or whatever), rending luck and discovery boost items less useful. I've found out that some characters of mine have a lot more "luck" finding some drops than others on ridiculous ways (like my main character, I had to farm symbol of avarice in every mimic until Ng+ yhorm so I could get one. Other character got 3 in the first 4 mimics without me even trying, and this is only one example) maybe someone with more free time than me can test it out and see if there's a master lucky build.

                    • Anonymous

                      Luck ups the application of bleed and poison but does anything up the speed that frostbite occurs? I usually run Friede's Great Scythe, but i dont really see too much of its frost damage active. It'd be nice to be able to see it do work.

                      • Anonymous

                        So im doing a full-on 2Handed Strength build (no shield), anyone can share a good stats placement say at SL100? Im at SL85 atm, running ard with a Great Club smashing s h i t. Yabbadabadoo mofo! ^^

                        • Anonymous

                          Whats stats should I get for my Knight str build ? Is SL150 too high for a NG ? I tried soùething like this on the calculator :
                          VIG : 30
                          ATT : 10
                          END : 30
                          VIT : 60
                          STR : 70
                          DEX : 18
                          No lvls in other stats

                          Thank you :)

                          • Anonymous

                            the people in here bashing people for asking questions are pieces of trash. They ask to be better. If you don't want to hear "noob" questions, then get off the forum dumb fuck.

                            • Anonymous

                              Under my stamina appears a symbol, and I do not know what it is, and remove all the armor and my rings all, and still there is

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