Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth

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Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth is a NPC in Dark Souls 3.


Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth Information

  • Rosaria is the leader of Rosaria's Fingers, an invasion Covenant in Dark Souls 3. 
  • You can turn in Pale Tongues to deepen your devotion, re-allocate your stats, or change your appearance.
  • Re-allocating stats or changing your appearance counts one "rebirth."  You can only be reborn 5 times per NG.  Each rebirth costs one tongue.
  • Backing out of the rebirth does NOT use up one remaining times you may be reborn.
  • You cannot change genders nor change your name during a rebirth.
  • If you have been reborn 5 times and request to be reborn again, it says "Further rebirth is not possible during this lifetime.  Persisting will transform you into a grub."
  • NOTE: Offering Pale Tongues to rank up or equipping covenant ring will make Sirris hostile.




To find Rosaria, go to Cathedral of the Deep and make your way up the shortcut elevator on the left side of the Cleansing Chapel, head outside onto the ledge, turn a corner and climb up the ladder. Head to the hole in the wall at the opposite side of the room and drop down onto the tiled-roof of the cathedral support below. Head up to the top of the support. Enter the cathedral through the first passageway to the right of the support. Traverse the precarious stone arches and reach the opposite side of the room from where you entered. Jump down to a stone platform below, then jump down a second time, to the area with guardrails. From here, simply hug the right wall until you reach Rosaria and her bonfire, past a broken fence and large iron doors.




Step 1: Rosaria has a quest event related to Leonhard. Progress his quest until Leonhard moves to her room, then the next time Rosaria's Bedchamber is reloaded she will be dead with a black eye orb, and Leonhard will be missing. However, her bed can still be approached for you to be reborn or offer pale tongues.

Step 2: Use the black eye orb in the room above the Aldrich boss room to invade Leonhard's world. Use one of the elevators in the back of the room to gain access to what used to be Gwynevere's quarters. Defeat Leonhard and obtain Rosaria's Soul from him.

Step 3: You can chose to perform Soul Transposition and obtain a miracle from her soul, or return it to her. Alternatively, return her soul to revive her. Afterwards, the Bonfire will not be accessible. Kill the man-grub next to it to relight it.



  • Nothing



Rosaria does not speak



  • Rosaria has some connection to Princess Gwynevere from Dark Souls 1. They are both found worshipped at their bedside, have covenants in their name and Rosaria's Soul can grant you one of Gwynevere's miracles.  Additonally, Leonhard brings her soul to where Gwynevere can be found at the Anor Londo Cathedral in Dark Souls 1.  Given their shared title of Mother, it is possible that Rosaria is Gwynevere.
  • Given that both the Soul of The Dancer and Rosaria's soul yield miracles of Gwynevere, and both the Dancer and Rosaria have connections to Pontiff Sulyvahn and Aldrich, the two likely have some relation.
  • Rosaria's Fingers bears resemblance to the Chaos Servant convenant from Dark Souls 1. Both leaders (Rosaira/The Fair Lady) are guarded/served by human-hybrid creatures (Man-Grub\Egg-Carrier), and have NPC followers (Longfingers\Chaos Servants) go invade other worlds in order to kill people and take an item from them (Pale Tongue\Humanity) in order to give it to their master as an offering. Kirk is a member of the covenant in both games.
  • Rosaria cannot be permanently killed by the player, nor can the player obtain her soul by killing her. She can die, but will revive once the player leaves and returns to her.
  • NPCs connected to Rosaria's Fingers are Ringfinger Leonhard, Longfinger Kirk, Yellowfinger Heysel and Creighton the Wanderer  (according to Sirris, although no further "finger" title is given).
  • Once the player defeats Yellowfinger Heysel and offers a Pale Tongue to Rosaria, Heysel can be summoned as a white phantom near the Keep Ruins bonfire.



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    • Anonymous

      27 Mar 2020 23:04  

      Welp I got a surprise... if you only talk to Rosaria it make Sirris ostile so if you want to follow Sirris's sidequest DONT even TALK with Rosaria

      • Anonymous

        12 Feb 2020 18:48  

        Is it possible that the door leading to her are broken because of Aldrich? Think about it: In the opening cutscene we see that Aldrich spills out of his coffin yet in his boss room he looks more like a snail/solid creature therefore, he may have tried to enter her room but since the doors were closed he used force breaking them in the process, then he came to Rosaria and got reborn, probably content with result of the ritual he left Rosaria alive and moved on to *SPOILER* Anor Londo */SPOILER*

        • Anonymous

          20 Dec 2019 21:51  

          What if I choose to reset my stats but choose to not spend all of the points? Will this lower my level and refund the points not spent back as souls?

          • Anonymous

            20 Dec 2019 06:36  

            Gotta love the Aholes who left so many bloodstains *exactly* over the 'Examine' trigger, I never saw it on my first blind run, so I killed her thinking that was what was needed.

            • Anonymous

              15 Sep 2019 02:10  

              I’m surprised no one has realized she’s a reference to Saint Mary 1. Mother Of Rebirth 2. Name is a form of the word Rosary referring to a Catholic bead collection and prayer to Mary 3. Lives in Cathedral 4. She is in a position similar to Michaelangelo’s Pieta

              • Anonymous

                13 May 2019 08:08  

                This needs changing she dropped the black eye orb. And I did not kill her she just seemed to be dead but yeah I got the black eye orb. In case your wondering I have beated all bosses except slace knight Gael of the dlc, champions gravetender, and everyone in the archives onward. I did the anri avowal ceremony. And she just seemed to be dead in her bed and dropped the black eye orb.

                • Anonymous

                  04 Mar 2019 05:28  

                  May my pale tongue cleavage to my mouth if I do not remember thee, if I do not set Rosaria above my greatest joy.

                  • Anonymous

                    21 Feb 2019 19:51  

                    Note: killing rosaria does NOT give you her soul, I repeat: KILLING ROSARIA DOES NOT GIVE YOU HER SOUL!!!

                    • 11 Feb 2019 15:22  

                      Gotta love the attempts to tie Rosaria, Leonhards nonsense of a Quest and Gywnevere together. I point out that both her Cov rings in DkS1 and 3 show her to be alive, raising a family and gone from this World. I could give it a pass if they didn't know her image was fake but her Ring drops after killing Leonhard in 3. Ffs!

                      • Anonymous

                        27 Dec 2018 09:34  

                        If you are trying to use the respec glitch make sure you don't have any spells equipped that will be auto-unequipped after you no longer meet their requirements. This creates a save and will use up a pale tongue and one of your 5 rebirths.

                        • Anonymous

                          30 Apr 2018 15:17  

                          What happens if you choose to revive her? Is there any special animation, or should I just keep my extra Rosaria Souls?

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