Lion Knight Albert

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General Info
icon hp souls Location Drops
1,275 12,000 High Wall of Lothric, Grand Archives Golden Wing Crest Shield

Lion Knight Albert is an NPC in Dark Souls 3.


Lion Knight Albert Information

"Official description goes here"



  • High Wall of Lothric: His summon sign can be found right after the room with the Winged Knight, in the corner of the terrace by some bushes, just before the path with two patrolling Lothric knights.
  • Grand Archives: One of 3 hostile NPCs, outside near the wax statue, on a staircase that leads to the Twin Princes bossfight.




Combat Information

  • Wears the Faraam Armor  set, which has relatively flat absorption/resistance across all damage types (i.e.  all four physical types are roughly equally absorbed, all four elemental types are roughly equally absorbed). Of the physical damage types, thrust is the least absorbed (27.3, 27.4, 27.3, 25.3); of the elemental damage types, magic is the least absorbed (21.7, 24,0, 22,3, 22,3); of the status effects, poison/toxic is the least resisted (141, 102, 146, 67)—too bad there isn't a curse pine resin. It's also worth noting that his shield – Golden Wing Crest Shield – blocks 100% of physical damage, 75% of magic, 50 fire, 57 lightning, and 47 dark. With dark being the second least-absorbed elemental type for his armor set, attacking him with a dark weapon may be the most effective.
  • Strong against ?? , ?? and ?? damage.
  • Weak Spot: Very Slow, body is main weakspot. Going for backstabs is advised, but be wary of the two ranged NPC's that guard him.
  • Use ?? Item



None. He does not speak.


  • If you summon Lion Knight Albert for the Vordt of the Boreal Valley fight, then kill Emma to initiate the Dancer of the Boreal Valley fight early, Lion Knight Albert will use his Black Separation Crystal and return home and cannot be summoned again (implying some allegiance to Emma's cause. Later appearing with two other hostile NPCs, outside Prince Lothric’s boss area, further implying that he is loyal to the Lothric line).
  • Of the three hostile NPCs near the end of the Grand Archives area (Albert, Kamui, and Kriemhild), he is the one wearing the Faraam Armor Set, on the long set of stairs guarding the Twin Princes.
  • Voice actors, chracter inspirations, fan art, cosplay goes here.



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    • Anonymous

      I killed Vordt but I didn't use any embers after the first attempt, but his summon sign wasn't there when I had used one.

      • Anonymous

        Lion Knight Albert is not available for the Dancer of the Boreal Valley fight at all. I never killed Emma and went through the story to get 3 Lords of Cinder done and was teleported here during a cutscene and she died after I talked to her with her giving me the Basin of Vows. I am in NG also.

        • Anonymous

          "We're supposed to be stopping the ashen one. Why are you helping him?"

          "I'm going to be so useless it makes things harder."

          • Anonymous

            Im so confused. I beat this game before & I’ve never had this problem before but on the vordt fight I can’t find his summon sign even though I’m embered and Emma’s alive?

            • Anonymous

              I've never encountered this before, when I got to the end of the grand archives, I found him already dead with his loot on a dead hollow item container(I don't know how else to put this)

              • Anonymous

                i honestly can't find this dude's sign.....and I've been trying to solo the dancer only to be wrecked when i have 7 hits left or so......

                • Anonymous

                  Quite possibly the dumbest NPC summon in the game. Stands there blocking and doing nothing while you solo 2 lothric knights, and only once you’ve killed everyone without his help does he decide to swing and go ham on thin air.

                  • Anonymous

                    After that awful gank, i summon him at highwall in every NG+ so he can watch me beat up his grandma to get to the castle

                    • Anonymous

                      I don’t know if I saw this right since he was quite far from me ( I was running for my life ), but he just suddenly stopped moving and just taunted me, blocking with his great axe really fast. Just like players do.
                      Technology has gone too far.

                      • Anonymous

                        He stands for the knights, Kamui for the hunters and Kriemhild for the scholars. Emma is probably the 4th member of the team. Beeing the priest. Strengh, Dex, Int and Faith.

                        • Anonymous

                          Oh what nice lore he has, the tragic story of "official description goes here" really tugs at the heartstrings.

                          • Anonymous

                            Fun fact: As a phantom and NPC enamy, he may sometimes two hand his axe and block spam in between weapon art usage, I found it quite amusing that he block spammed Black Hand Kamui after I killed him. (That seems to be the cause, death of any kind of nearby npc or standard enemy)

                            • Anonymous

                              "I was able to summon Lion Knight Albert after killing the Dancer of the Boreal Valley, I was wearing the Dancer's Set. He used the Black Seperation Crystal after killing Emma." This makes no sense seeing as how you can't fight the dancer until Emma is dead (either killed by player or once three Lord's are beaten) and once you fight vordt his summon sign disappears. And if you've killed Emma and he crystaled out you can't summon him as his sign never comes back.

                              • Anonymous

                                so he leaves upon killing emma. this implies he will help against the dancer if emma keels over herself after the teleport, yes?

                                • In the Grand Archives I take these guys on one at a time. One play through he was last but died for no apparent reason while I was fighting the other ones. I looked around but couldn't find a spot where you can fall to your death. I still got all his stuff so no big deal I guess. Interesting glitch of some kind. Possibly he wandered as far as the elevator shaft but that's in the other direction.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    There's a loose background story between Albert, Kamui, Gotthard, and Kriemhild, that you can get a feel of as it unfolds as we play through the game.Albert is present at the High Wall when you arrive, and will help you to defeat the now insane Vordt, who is an agent of Pontiff Sullyvahn. But should you betray the royal family and kill Emma, he'll Black Crystal out in defiance. Albert is unseen for the rest of the game until you reach the Archives. It is likely that he remains somewhere in Lothric Castle until the Eclipse causes him to ascend to the Archives to meet with Kamui and guard the Princes.We don't meet Kamui in game until the encounter in the Grand Archives, so it's likely that he was simply waiting there all along, guarding the final path to Prince Lothric, but we do know that before he was initiated into the order of Black Hands, he travelled to the Undead Settlement to forge a companion blade for his main weapon, Onikiri, creating Ubadachi, as all Black Hands fought with paired weapons. We don't know when this happened however, so it is possible that he was made a Black Hand after Prince Lothric was resurrected, and travelled to the Undead Settlement more recently, though apparently before we arrived.Gotthard, another Black Hand, sets out from the castle to destroy an enemy of the Royal family; Pontiff Sullyvahn. We first encounter him on the path to the Abyss Watchers, who he helps us defeat to unlock the passage that eventually leads down to Irithyll. We can then summon him for assistance against the Pontiff, fulfilling his quest to defeat the power-mad tyrant. Gotthard returns to the castle and flees towards the Archives when the Eclipse occurs, but is killed by unknown means (possibly whilst fleeing from the Dragonslayer Armour). It is Gotthard's death that allows us to proceed into the Archives, towards the encounter with the Princes.Kriemhild, the favourite student, and possibly biological daughter of the Crystal Sages, invades us in the Untended Graves following the player's victory over the Crystal Sages in the Crucifixion Woods. Unable to defeat us and exact revenge by herself, she ascends Lothric Castle to join Kamui and Albert in defending the path to the Princes, hoping that their greater numbers will grant her the revenge she seeks against the player.It is worth noting that the ultimate encounter in the Archives is basically a nod to the Gank Squad boss fight from Dark Souls 2, in Shulva. Just like before you have a heavy-hitting tank in the form of Albert, instead of Varg. A dual-wielding katana edgelord in the form of Kamui instead of the Afflicted Graverobber, and a primarily ranged character who switches to a rapier up-close with Kriemhild instead of Cerah.

                                    • Seeing as he's found before Lothric, "guarding" possibly, it could be that the reason he crystals out, is because he doesn't want you to pass the Dancer and get to Lothric.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        I don't think this is true, For me when i killed Vordt with him helping, he just leaves, i haven't tried to kill emma first tho.

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