Ringed City Hollow

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
???? ??? ?? ??
Physical Defense vs blunt vs thrust --
?? ?? ?? --
icon-wp_firedef.png Magic Defense icon-wp_lightningdef.png icon-wp_darkdef.png
?? ?? ?? ??
Bleed Resistance Poison Resistance Frost Resistance Curse Resistance
?? ?? ?? ??

Ringed City Hollow is a NPC in Dark Souls 3.


  • Killable
  • First NPC you meet in the Ringed City 
  • Informs you of Filianore and The Dark Soul


  • Just before the Mausoleum lookout bonfire.
  • Once Filianore is awakened, he will disappear.



  • Nothing

Combat Information

  • Weak to ?? Damage.
  • Strong against ?? , ?? and ?? damage.
  • Weak Spot: ??
  • Use ?? Item



"Hark, they brought thee here, did they not?"

"Dost thou the gods serve? Or mererly that role affect?"


I serve the gods

"A lie, a wretched lie! How wouldst one such as thee do service to the gods?"

"Thy scheme is known to me, I know what it is thoust desirest"

"... The dark soul, no?"

"Why else wouldst one deign to visit this dung heap?"

"Give rest to thine falsity, I would be an ally to thee."


Just pretending

"Yes, yes, of course. How wouldst one such as thee do service to the gods?"

"I have intimatly knowledge of thy kind. I know what thy want."

"... The dark soul, is it not?"

"Why else wouldst one deign to visit this dung heap?"

"Give rest to thine falsity, I would be an ally to thee."


"If it is the dark soul thou desirest..."

"Then seek Filianore's church, at the base of the cliff."

"There wilt thou the sleeping Princess awaken."

"... Her slumber is a deceit ..."

"A lid covering an overgrown privy: a prop to keep thee from the dark soul of thine desire."

"Worry not, I am a true friend to thee."

"If thou'rt yet human, the urge will soon begin to swell."

"To curse the gods, and bring ruin upon this accursed heap of dung."


"Now, yarely to Fillianore's church at the base of the cliff, to rouse the sleeping Princess."

"If thou yet the dark soul desirest ..."


Upon Death

"May the Abyss's curse take the gods..."


Lore Theories

  • Many believe that he is a pygmy, as he has the same skin color, posture, and voice actor as the pgymy king, being voiced by Ramon Tikaram.
  • Likewise, some theorize that he is an outcast of the Ringed City, given his location, outside the heavily defended city entrance.
  • As a pygmy that despises the gods, some theorize that the Ringed City Hollow may in fact be the Furtive Pgymy himself, however, there is little additional information to corraborate this.
  • The information The Ringed City Hollow actually provides that is not his opinions meant to persuade the player is primarily information identical to the information Shira and Judicator Argo provide regarding Princess Filianore and The Dark Soul. 
  • The exception is his dying statement, which implies that the curse of the Undead in fact originates with the Abyss, or otherwise that there is another curse which stems from the Abyss.



  • Voice actors, chracter inspirations, fan art, cosplay goes here.



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    • Anonymous

      Sorry lil man but if this series taught me anything it's not to trust raggedy old guys who talk like their diet is made up of sand and dried wood shavings

      • Anonymous

        One thing I want to point out concerning this guy is his colors. He wears a black robe with golden circles/rings on it. This is in contrast to the one pygmy lord who partially escapes Gael's slaughter, who wears a white robe with the same golden circles. The hair is exactly the same. The dead pygmy lords seem to be wearing black or at least darkened robes, though it could be stained this way from their blackened blood and the dust they're left in.

        It could be that the colors they wear signify their allegiance or status - White to support Filianore and the gods (Gwyn means White) and existence in general, black to oppose the king's decree and undo the illusion that keeps existence together. We know that colors have been used on NPCs to signify their allegiances before. The Deacons' robe states that they used to wear Red to symbolize their tending to the Fire, but later changed to Blue once their devotion changed to the Deep. Likewise, in Lothric castle we can still see a large number of Red-clothed Lothric knights farther out, and Blue-wearing knights closer to the Princes - this is one of many signs of the civil war in Lothric, between those who support linking the fire, and those who support the Princes in letting the world rot.

        We also find hollow pygmy enemies all throughout the Ringed City, who wear bright red and throw bits of lightning, a clear sign of blessing from the gods. They also drop both hollow and blessed gems. They resemble more intact versions of the crawling pygmy lords, but I'm guessing their garb lacks the bright white cloth or golden rings either due to their lower rank, or because the cloth was dyed completely red in service to the gods. The blue-robed hollow clerics in the Ringed City fight along them in the same streets, but they also occupy the Abyssal Swamp, quite comfortably it would seem. In the Ringed City, we see the otherwise impossible convergence and alliance of both light and dark, which is why we see Red and Blue fighting together, not against each other. See also the light-and-dark spell circles the clerics cast, or the fact that the hollow assassin enemies can drop both Hollow and Blessed gems.

        Now, it is entirely possible, with the slain pygmy lords wearing black or stained robes, that the exile pygmy here isn't clad in robes that signify his stance - this would be an extraneous detail anyway since he straight up tells you he wants you to wake Filianore - and rather, the robes became stained black as he was forced to crawl away from the center of the city, likely exiled for wishing to pull the lid off the "privy." It's also possible that the White of their robes signifies the status of their Dark Soul within. The living lord clearly has some soul left in him as he crawls toward Filianore, so his robes remain white. The exiled lord may have been stripped of his Dark Soul somehow by the others upon being banished, and the others' robes turned black as their Dark Souls were consumed by Gael.

        One thing we can say with pretty sure certainty is that he's former pygmy royalty, based on his appearance and garb. For those wondering whether or not that makes him the furtive pygmy, no. Rather, like all humanity, or rather all life, he holds a piece of his original lord's soul - the Furtive Pygmy, AKA Manus' Dark Soul - which was split and diffused throughout the ages. Another possibility, since it seems likely the Ringed City was created back when Gwyn was still alive, is that the Furtive Pygmy's soul split into multiple parts - Manus (the primordial human who represented the wild will of humanity, peaceful until disturbed and then irreversably enraged), and the Pygmy Lords (the rulers who accepted the tainted gift of Gwyn and stayed loyal until the end). While Manus was awoken, enraged, and later defeated in Oolacile, we know from DS2 that his soul split then into Nashandra and her sisters, but the fraction of the Dark Soul that stayed to rule over the Ringed City did so loyally, forever and outside of time. Just some theories.

        • Anonymous

          I truly wish there were more to learn about this NPC. It would have been nice if something happened after waking up Filianore, but instead he just disappears. What a sham.

          • Anonymous

            I don't really feel like he's THE Furtive Pgymy, considering the Furtive Pygmy was "easily forgotten," apparently even by Gwyn until he acknowledged the threat of humankind and essentially cursed them to continue feeding the First Flame, when he tasked the Pygmy Lords with "guarding" the Dark Soul (in actuality, he was preventing mankind from realizing their own latent potential). The "Corrupt" Pygmy must have been a Pygmy Lord that rejected Gwyn's decree, and thus was exiled and stripped of his crown.

            The Crucifix of the Mad King description states that Shira once slew a "mad king born to pygmy royalty," implying that the Pygmy Lords used to be fairly less decrepit and may have been tasked with the upkeep of their bloodline--in other words, they used to be mortals. However, when their blood "ran dry," the Pygmy Lords became stagnant and helpless, and were prohibited from dying in order to continue serving Gwyn by guarding the Dark Soul. When Gael finally came for their Dark Souls, there was no chance of escape.

            Canonically, I don't feel like the Ringed City exists anymore after you awaken Filianore, which would explain why this particular Pygmy happens to disappear, just as he wished would happen--as does Filianore from her tower. It would just be crazy inconvenient if they completely removed an entire map from the game after triggering a story event, so I guess the reason the player can still return is because the Unkindled can still remember the city by use of the bonfire. As for the Pygmy himself, I'm pretty sure he's finally achieved the death that he was forbade for so long.

            • Anonymous

              Its a theory but he mightve died when we interact with filianore, mainly because she is a source of power which stops the city from crumbling into pieces due to time and that pygmy lord might be in the wrong time but still affected by the illusion, thus he crumbles into dust. Or possiby he just decided to book it coz if we fail to kill gael, he's screwed.

              • Description from the Blood of the Dark Soul: "When Gael came upon the pygmy lords, he discovered that their blood had long ago dried, and so consumed the dark soul."
                +Ludleth is a pygme lord too.

                • Anonymous

                  I think this guy is the Furtive Pygmy. Otherwise I'd find it odd he's the only Pygmy Lord not wearing a crown, plus he opposes Filianore while the others basically worship her. Not to mention he seems to be hiding from everything, and only appears once early on, making him "easily forgotten."

                  • Anonymous

                    I just found out that this Pymy Lord is the 9th one missing in the SKG boss area, there are 8 thrones in the area but somehow there is one missing which means there are a total of 9 Pygmy Lords and this Lord somehow managed to escape and is still alive but he is nowhere to be found after you wake up Filianore. (Keep in mind that regardless of your answer to his question when you first met him he will tell you that he will be an ally to you which means there is still something we don't know about or is yet to be discovered about this pygmy lord) Im still trying to figure out where to find him. There are still a lot of secrets to be discovered. Plus after watching Vaati's video I can confirm that after you wake up Filianore there are more trees (7-8 trees I think) added in the Farron Keep Perimeter Area just outside the Abyss Watchers boss area.

                    • Anonymous

                      Hmm... there is something mysterious about this npc... it's like there is still a lot of secrets that needs to be discovered in the Ringed City involving this npc..

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