General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
500 1100 High Wall of Lothric Castle Basin of Vows

Emma is an NPC in Dark Souls 3.


Emma, High Priestess of Lothric Castle 

  • Can be killed.
  • Items given by Emma: Small Lothric Banner, Way of Blue covenant item.
  • After defeating three Lords of Cinder you will be warped back to Emma. She will be on her knees begging you to save the Prince of Lothric, she then dies and drops the Basin of Vows.
  • If killed she will drop the items that she hasn't given you yet, including the Basin of Vows, which allows early access to some late game areas.
  • Upon approaching the altar behind her chair with the Basin of Vows in your possession, the Dancer of the Boreal Valley will appear.



  • You can find Emma inside the cathedral opposite the Vordt of the Boreal Valley fight in the High Wall of Lothric. A map is provided on this page.





First encounter dialogue

Ahh, the wait has been long, Unkindled One.
I am Emma, High Priestess of Lothric Castle.
Allow me to speak frankly.
You will not find the Lords of Cinder here.
They have left, gone.
To their churning homes, converging at the base of this castle.
Head to the bottom of the High Wall.
Forge on through the great gate, and raise this banner to proceed." (Gives 1 Small Lothric Banner)


This farewell gift is for you.
It is the insignia of an old covenant.
If you fear trespassers, dark spirits drawn by the embers.
Then etch this upon your heart.
And the old concord will beckon noble Blue Sentinels to hunt these foul spirits." (Gives Way of Blue)


Selecting "Talk" before Vordt is defeated"


Unkindled One.  Head to the High Wall's base.
Go through the great gate, and raise the banner to proceed.
But beware.  The dog keeps a close eye on things.
The vile watchdog of the Boreal Valley."


Selecting "Talk" after Vordt is defeated

What is wrong, Unkindled One?
Are you not a Lordseeker?  Head to the base of the High Wall and seek the Lords of Cinder.
Is this not the calling of your kind, since ages past?"


After the player has defeated the last of the three Lord of Cinders before Prince Lothric

Ahh, Unkindled One. Fire fades and awaits its one last Lord. Prince Lothric is in your hands... Please save his soul."


When spoken to Emma whilst on ground

Prince Lothric is in your hands. Please save his soul. Tell him what he must be... a Lord."

 Player attacking and killing her

What on earth?"
"Whatever is this about?"
"A Lord, he must be... My dear Prince...Lothric..."



  • There are no downsides to killing her early. (Although this does spawn an end-game boss)
  • If she is killed early before she has a chance to die on her own and give the player the Basin of Vows, the cutscene after killing the three lords of cinder will still activate with her voice and the player will be teleported to the church as normal. Upon arriving, Emma will not be there, but the magic circle and blood surrounding where she should be will be there.
  • Voiced by Joan Blackham.



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    • Anonymous

      27 Jul 2021 21:52  

      Emma get the fuc back upstairs lothric is mortally ****ing sick and aren't you his carer the dancer has the entrance covered I think lothric and lorian could use the company

      • Anonymous

        14 May 2021 16:41  

        Some say gotthard killed emma to help you progress towards lothric (or to finish the prince himself), but i have some doubts about it:

        How did the dancer not kill him the second he killed emma? How did he get up there without the stairs? How did he get past through all those lothric knights and the 2 wiverns UNNOTICED? Did kamui, albert and kriemhild wait until he got to the archives to ambush him and kill him there?

        I ask this myself because in a normal playthrough he gets to the archives before us, while in ng+ you just kill everyone in lothric castle and he's not there until you've killed the remaining lords of cinder. It makes no sense to me. It would have been better if the corpse were hanged in the roof, as if the dancer just impaled him from behind right after he killed emma, so we arrive, emma dies in front of us and gotthard's corpse is found after defeating dancer and going up the stairs, to shoot the hanged corpse with an arrow.

        • Anonymous

          01 May 2021 20:01  

          So who is Emma? Who killed her? The Dancer? Why would the Dancer killed her if Dancer is there to stop anyone from getting into the Castle? Dancer could jolly well let Emma sit there whole day to block player's progression into the Castle. So who killed Emma?
          BUT if the player killed Emma then it makes sense for the Dancer to attack. So if the player didn't kill Emma, who did?

          • Anonymous

            26 Mar 2021 17:44  

            why dose she not point out to people that Ciaran's weird mother the boreal dancer is literally above us and could drop down and impale my ass on her saber any second like come on a warning would be nice

            • Anonymous

              13 Feb 2021 04:25  

              I was currently building a Minecraft map when I noticed an interesting thing. In some video(i used as referense) Emma has a lantern on her left side and in some she doesn't! I can't be the first one to notice this, right?

              • Anonymous

                28 Jul 2020 22:16  

                4 years ago, I didn't have a controller. I played with kb+m so in other game you can double click or press enter to skip dialogues. Well, FromSoftware said "**** you" and made it to "E". Well ****, I accidentally hit this old hag thrice and she died. I panicked not knowing what to do I ran around and ended up triggering Dancer of the Boreal Valley bossfight. And that is how I killed Dancer of the Boreal Valley in sl 15 before Vordt of the Boreal Valley. Actually thinking about it, I might be one of the few people who discovered this boss fight early before people start making video about it.

                • Anonymous

                  26 Jul 2020 01:41  

                  She talks about how we must save Lothric and tell him to be a Lord, so it supports the theory that Lothric actually never linked the flame. He is just referred to as a "Lord of Cinder" because that was his destiny, he was created specically for that reason, as the royal family was attempting to create a worthy heir. But the family turned "unspeakable means" after failed attempts... and so Lothric was born. He with the power of a lord.. but this very same power soul cursed him and left him crippled. He learned the truth about the linking of the fire from the First of the Scholars and rejected his fate.

                  sorry for bad grammar writing this from Nokia phone

                  • Anonymous

                    26 Mar 2020 21:09  

                    This old hag I killed her in my ng++ because unfortunately yhorm is my third boss and she will teleprot me, and I must stay with my Friend sig during his death but when he finished his dialogue she teleported me! To save her yaoi lord I WILL KILL HIM, IF HE WAS NOT MAIN BOSS I WILL NEVER GO TO HIS AREA SO THAT SHE WILL SUFFER! MY FRIEND SIG REST IN PEACE

                    • Anonymous

                      19 Feb 2020 07:58  

                      That priestess is just an puppet.... that dancer is running her strings... pontiff the dancers.... and aldrich the pontiff..... and.... the one of the main reasons anyone kills in this game is either to burn an fire or extinguish it.... I knw there is a load of history there but technically it's all about fire... The Hawkeye character speaks of it and so does the depresed dude in ds 1.... It's nothing but a sham...

                      • Anonymous

                        07 Dec 2019 19:10  

                        She was evil. She wants you to force, aka kill, the prince, and set his body on fire to keep the age of fire going because she was a gywn cock sucker like all the rest. Christ Dark souls people suck. SNUFF THE FIRE! Been against this bullcrap from the start.

                        • Anonymous

                          02 Nov 2019 18:43  

                          I have a theory on why she dies after you beat the first 3 Lords of Cinders. We can summon Black Hand Gotthard for Abyss Watchers and Pontiff (who leads to Aldrich) and later on, his corpse can be found in front of the Grand Archives. He too may have been after the lords, so when Watchers, Yhorm and Aldrich were dead, he headed for Lothric. To enter the castle he had to pass Emma and presumably she wasn't very happy that her prince was about to be murdered, so she stood in his way. Gotthard wounded her and went forward, only to be killed later, most likely by Kamui, Albert and Kriemhild (trio you fight just before the staircase leading to Lothric's boss arena). That would also explain why his corpse doesn't appear if you go there early, he's busy killing the other 3.

                          • Anonymous

                            12 Jun 2018 22:13  

                            Will killing her allow you to skip the first 3 boss fights entirely? Or are we still required to go back and finish off the other lords.

                            • Anonymous

                              09 Apr 2018 19:02  

                              The way she's positioned while dying is rather similar to Lothric in the cutscene and phase 1 of the Twin Princes fight. This may, however, be a mild coincidence.

                              • Anonymous

                                24 Jan 2018 00:56  

                                A bit out-of-style for there to be no consequences to killing her, besides obviously facing an end-game boss, but even this is something you can control after getting the Basin.

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