Basin of Vows is a Key Item in Dark Souls 3.

Basin of Vows

Chalice used in old ceremony in which Lothric knights take their vows.

It is only a formality now, but it remains as an empty practice.

Place this basin at a statue of a beheading knight.


Basin of Vows Usage

  • Place on the altar at the cathedral of the Way of Blue to access Lothric Castle. Once placed, a cutscene will activate and the Dancer of the Boreal Valley will appear for her boss fight. Note: If acquired the conventional way from Emma, the boss fight will start and the Basin must be placed under the statue afterwards to drop the ladder down.



Basin of Vows Locations







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    • Anonymous

      I feel like the dark souls protagonists would be completely unstoppable if they just carried a step ladder around. The ridiculous stuff you gotta do to move like 10 feet upwards just isn't worth it if you can just become Gilligan and pull a ladder out of thin air

      • Anonymous

        This old hag I killed her in my ng++ because unfortunately yhorm was my third boss and she will teleprot me, and I must stay with my fried sig during his death but this idiot woman when he finished his dialogue she teleported me and I didn't not farewell him! My friend rest in peace

        • Anonymous

          This reminds me of the Lordvessel, which makes sense given how much Lothric culture idolizes the sacrifice of fire linking.

          • Anonymous

            Emma was alive and gave me the Basin of Vows and then she disappeared. When I touched the statue, the boss fight with the Dancer commenced. I had defeated the three Lords of Cinder.

            • Anonymous

              this is the most stupid key item ever in ds universe. it initiate stone statue beheading animation, just to miraculously bring down a 5ft ladder down. the hell man, why dont just climb the stone statue to reach the ladder for god sake.

              • I have a feel this has something to do with all of the beheaded Lothric Knights scattered around the High wall of Lothric. Were they given an order to behead themselves?

                • Anonymous

                  this does not initiate the fight, you do not place it on the alter to start the fight. you use it to bring the ladder down behind her after killing the boss. you get the boss to spawn by killing her.

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