Hawkwood the Deserter

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
???? 1000 (NG) Firelink Shrine

(Note: he drops a heavy gem at Firelink, not the Farron ring) Farron Ring

Hawkwood is an NPC in Dark Souls 3. He is a fugitive from both Farron's Undead Legion and his own duties as Unkindled and admires the power of dragons.


Hawkwood Information

  • Gives the "Collapse" gesture.
  • Can be summoned in the following locations:
    • In the Consumed King's Garden, for Oceiros in the plaza just before the 2 knights outside the boss fog gate.  After dropping in from where the Hollow cleric is, turn left towards the central garden to find his sign (if you have already finished his questline, i.e. killed him, his summoning sign will expectedly not be available here). This summon sign is available only after you received the Farron Ring from him after defeating the Abyss Watchers (talk to him in Firelink Shrine and make sure he disappears after exhausting his dialog), you must also defeat the Crystal Sage.
    • In Archdragon Peak, just outside the Great Belfry Bonfire. Go left after spawning at the bonfire, and his sign should be near the wall. His aim is to reach the altar at the top of the peak. Once he does, he will use the Path of the Dragon gesture and disappear, presumably having acquired the Twinkling Dragon Head Stone. Note that if you try to trigger the Nameless King boss fight by ringing the bell, he will leave using a Black Separation Crystal.
  • Before departure he fights with a Bastard Sword, switching between two handing it and one handing it with his shield. Later on, he will leave his shield at Firelink Shrine and uses the Farron Greatsword instead.
  • In the final fight for the Twinkling Dragon Stones, he has 7 Estus Flasks
  • He wears the Undead Legion Armor and the Chain Helm.
  • Easy to beat, he won't exit the Abyss Watchers room so you can just stand outside the doors and repeatedly headshot him with arrows or pelt him with magic. As long as you keep hitting him he'll just keep rushing to the edge of the room then slowly backing up while you're completely safe outside.
  • If the player wishes to beat him legitimately, it is much less easy but doable. Hit him up to four times when he is open, and use jumping thrust attacks when he is running towards you. He is also parryable and can be backstabbed, although not easily. He has seven Estus Flasks so consider using Undead Hunting Charms. His longest attack is five moves, and the fifth comes slow, so this is how you can gauge when to come in to avoid that very damaging attack. Throwable offensive weapons are useless, so don't bother with those.


Location & Questline

  • First encountered at Firelink Shrine, but he may sometimes be found outside of the building, at a grave with a sword in it, to the left as you exit the main building. Hawkwood gives the player some items if talked to after defeating bosses.
  • After defeating the Abyss Watchers he will give the player the Farron Ring, to get it one must exhaust his dialog in Firelink Shrine after doing so. After receiving the ring he will become available as a summon for the Oceiros, the Consumed King boss fight.
  • After the Abyss Watchers, Curse-Rotted Greatwood, Deacons of the Deep, and the Crystal Sage have been defeated, Hawkwood leaves the shrine, leaving his Shield for Andre to pass to you. (Fextra Video) [Hawkwood shield has also been found sitting at the gravesite with a sword leaning on it. May be triggered to spawn if you didn't talk to Blacksmith Andre after he leaves.]
  • If you talk to Blacksmith Andre after obtaining the Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone, he will have a message from Hawkwood requesting a duel via Hawkwood's Swordgrass.
  • Meet him at the Abyss Watchers arena and duel him for the other stone. If he kills you, he takes it. If you kill him, you get the Twinkling Dragon Head Stone. If he kills you and takes your Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone, you can get it back by killing him. Take note Hawkwood will have seven estus when you fight him.






First encounter dialogue


Ahhh, another one, roused from the sleep of death?
Well, you're not alone. We Unkindled are worthless. Can't even die right. Gives me conniptions.
And they'd have us seek the Lords of Cinder, and return them to their moulding thrones.
But we're talking true legends with the mettle to link the fire. We're not fit to lick their boots.
Don't you think?" Devilish chuckle

Grave-Site dialogue


The poor wretched souls... Be they lord or legend, the curse shows no mercy. What a shame.

Selecting the "Talk" option (either after Vordt is defeated, or after the banner is raised)


Ooh, yet to give in, eh?
Good.  The Fire Keeper must be twitching with delight.
But what do you really know about these Lords of Cinder, these supposed legends?
Let's take Aldrich, for one.
A right and proper cleric, only, he developed a habit of devouring men.
He ate so many that he bloated like a drowned pig, then softened into sludge,
so they stuck him in the Cathedral of the Deep.
And they made him a Lord of Cinder.  Not for virtue, but for might.
Such is a lord, I suppose.  But here I ask.  Do we have a sodding chance?" 

Selecting "Talk" again right after


At the foot of Lothric Castle, an old path still runs below the tower in the Undead Settlement.
It was used to transport sacrifices to the Cathedral of the Deep.  You should see where it leads.
...If you've the stones for it."

Selecting the "Talk" option (either after the Curse-Rotted Greatwood is defeated, or after the first Bonfire on the Road of Sacrifices is lit)


You haven't given up yet?  Then you're a brasher [lad/lass] than I thought.
You can make better use of this.(gives heavy gem)
I don't need it.  Not now I've flown the coop."

Selecting "Talk" again right after


The Undead Legion of Farron is a caravan of Undead.
Sworn by the wolf's blood to contain the Abyss,
the Legion will bury a kingdom at the first sign of exposure.
Joyous bunch, really.
Gaining admission to the Legion is a matter of some ceremony.
Inside their keep, snuffing out the flames of three altars opens the door to the wolf blood.
Even accursed Undead want to believe they're special, it seems.
I pity the sorry souls."

When attacked in Firelink Shrine, but not yet made hostile


What is it, now!" (once)
"Enough, you fool!" (twice)
"What in the bloody hell is wrong with you!?" (thrice)

When turning hostile in Firelink Shrine


I'm a deserter, I know.
But I've still plenty of fight in me…"

When killing the player


We'll never amount to anything, not you, not I…"

On Death


You crawled out of the ground, for gods' sake..."
 "Go on, be as bloody mad as you like."

When meeting him in the Farron mausoleum


I should have known.
Well, I've decided to stop running from my fate.
Loathe me all you like, I shall take what makes you dragon."

Upon killing the player in the Farron mausoleum


Loathe me all you like, but I am the true dragon…" (takes Twinkling Dragon Torso stone)

Approaching him after being killed by him in the Farron mausoleum


Ahh, there you are.
This shall be no petty theft.
As the true dragon, I shall take what is rightfully mine."

When killed by the player in the Farron mausoleum


You are a dragon, more dragon than I." (drops Twinkling Dragon Head Stone, drops Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone as well if he took it)



  • He is voiced by Blake Ritson, who previously voiced Griggs of Vinheim in Dark Souls and Royal Sorcerer Navlaan in Dark Souls 2. He was also originally supposed to voice Knight Artorias.
  • Although Hawkwood is a named NPC, he shares many similarities with the Crestfallen Warrior from Demon Souls, the Crestfallen Warrior from Dark Souls, and Saulden the Crestfallen Warrior from Dark Souls 2, all well known to be the guides for new players in the previous Souls games.
  • If he dies by falling (bug or cliff) just reload the game and his loot can be picked where he was sitting.
  • His questline involves the Dragon Covenant, hinting that may be a reason he left the Undead Legion. 


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    • Anonymous

      20 Jun 2021 06:42  

      Me: I want the Crestfallen Warrior

      Mom: We have the Crestfallen Warrior at home

      The Crestfallen Warrior at home:

      • Anonymous

        21 Apr 2021 03:33  

        I like summoning NPCs for fights and i noticed that Hawkwood does not care about Oceiros's pestilent mist
        And with this i don't just mean he does not walk or roll away from the fog but that he does not consider it as damage so his Ai won't heal cause it thinks he is full HP, I noticed this in some fights
        Data first:
        1)he heals at about 1/2 HP (like all NPCs)
        2)Oceiros's Mist deals about a 1/4 of Hawkwood's HP

        -in some fights was able to take Oceiros to phase 2 without using mist Hawkwood healed at about 1/2 HP
        -in most fights Oceiros used one mist Hawkwood used his estus at 1/4 HP
        -in a fight in which Oceiros used two mists Hawkwood did not heal at all and he died without trying to heal

        for possible questions/criticism
        1)Maybe Hawkwood finished his Estus in the fight in which he died - Answer: NO, Hawkwood used only one Estus, and i has 2 or 3
        2)Maybe Hawkwood was unable to heal because Oceiros staggered him or oneshot him - Answer: NO, Hawkwood was for a pretty long time at half HP while i had the Agrro and Oceiros even in phase 2 is unable to oneshot him, and he was also at 1/4 HP for enogh time to chug an Estus but he did not

        Anyways i will also add this comment to Oceiros's page, if you have any other question i'll answer or just want to call me a casual scrub that uses summons because he is just **** at the game i will say right now that you are 100% right

        • Anonymous

          19 Apr 2021 12:24  

          Ironic how using his own weapon against him is so effective, all the running attack and roll attack spam he does leaves him wide open

          • Anonymous

            14 Apr 2021 02:03  

            I can’t believe you guys listed the cheese strategy first thing instead of the actual fight. Do people just buy games to get through them as quickly as possible?

            • Anonymous

              12 Apr 2021 06:45  

              #1 Reason why this game is poorly designed. NPCs and side quests are f#cking stupid. Talked to him, received Farron Ring (all after figuring out who the hell he was, even though I talked to him a dozen times to no effect), still not outside Oceiros.

              • Anonymous

                24 Mar 2021 16:24  

                If you dont do his questline and hes gone after you finished everything his body is where you do the path of dragon gesture before teleporting at the dungeon with the drahons sitting

                • Anonymous

                  22 Mar 2021 19:32  

                  It isn't mentioned here, but if you complete the Archdragon Peak summons with him, and receive the Torso Stone, he can no longer be summoned for the Ocerios boss fight.

                  I assume at that point he relocates to the Abyss Watchers arena and can no longer be summoned.

                  • Anonymous

                    17 Mar 2021 23:42  

                    Well, since I found him "useless" I killed him before I even fought the curse rotted greatwood. Does he respawn at some point, because after reading this I kind of regret not keeping him around.

                    • Anonymous

                      08 Feb 2021 14:27  

                      It's my head Cannon that Hawkwood is the same Crestfallen Warrior from the Lordran Firelink Shrine and Majula Far Fire. It just kinda fits and feels right, however unlikely it is.

                      • Anonymous

                        04 Feb 2021 00:59  

                        Um, when he was sitting outside of firelink I may have mistaken him for an enemy. And that may have been when I learnt you can turn NPC's hostile

                        • 14 Jan 2021 16:13  

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                          ██║░░██╗░██║╚██╗░██╔╝█████╗░░╚█████╗░  ██╔████╔██║█████╗░░
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                          ╚██████╔╝██║░░╚██╔╝░░███████╗██████╔╝  ██║░╚═╝░██║███████╗
                          ░╚═════╝░╚═╝░░░╚═╝░░░╚══════╝╚═════╝░  ╚═╝░░░░░╚═╝╚══════╝


                          • Anonymous

                            Hawkwood [DKS3 Wiki]29 Oct 2020 13:41  

                            This is not true, I’ve fought hawkwood plenty of times and his estus retreat happens when he’s brought under 50-75 percent health, can confirm if I hit him with a vestige every time he retreats and drinks, no cool down on that

                            • Anonymous

                              15 Oct 2020 03:30  

                              I was able to summon him right outside the nameless king boss room at archdragon peak. True to his name Hawkwood the deserter instantly teleports back home.

                              • Anonymous

                                12 Oct 2020 19:25  

                                Little late help for people:

                                Hawkwood is sometimes found at the Artorias Sword grave, his shield also shows up here.

                                Hawkwood is quite easy to beat with a decent shield and a good mid-range weapon (long greatswords, long ultra greatswords, spears, and pikes) don't bother parrying (chances are you'll flub it and get comboed to death) just break his rhythm and punish his every move with quick slashes and stabs.

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