Black Separation Crystal is a Multiplayer Item in Dark Souls 3.

Black Separation Crystal


A charm of farewell granted to banished Undead. The crystal sends phantoms back to their homes, or you back to yours.
Beware of fickle use of this item if you intend to nurture relations."


Black Separation Crystal Usage

  • Use to return home from a host's world or to return a phantom home that you summoned in yours.


Black Separation Crystal Location

  • Obtained at the start of the game.
  • Cannot be dropped.
  • Cannot be destroyed.






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    • 17 Mar 2021 07:22  

      Whenever I get summoned into a fight club, I strip and show that I'm only using a bow. I drop an Ember for my would-be opponent and the host, and then I bow and crystal out. I know I've got virtually no winning chance being bow-only and unstable internet when more than three people are there, so I'd rather leave peacefully than subject everyone else to that annoyance. If I can help with a single invader for someone else, I'll gladly do so, but I know I'm beat in a fight club lol

      • Anonymous

        12 Mar 2021 01:06  

        If i ever find myself summoned into a gank squad, either i let myself get killed or bc out of the sht that ruined pvp. I can help ppl get through a difficult/tedious area or boss, but i ain't babysitting them. So many advantages to the host makes me wish friendly fire was a thing.

        • Anonymous

          19 Jan 2021 03:49  

          Reading the **** in this comment section makes me want to use this item out of pure spite for the people here. Comment sections on the internet are a disgrace, I swear on god.

          • Anonymous

            19 Jan 2021 03:41  

            Anytime a host tries to black crystal an invader out of their world, a loyal darkmoon knight goes hollow. Think of the knights, don't be a ****ing dumbass.

            • Anonymous

              16 Jan 2021 23:04  

              Anytime a host tries using this to send a invader home, a loyal darkmoon knight goes hollow. Think of the knights, don't be an idiot.

              • Anonymous

                13 Oct 2020 03:24  

                "ThIs ItEm Is OkAy BeCaUsE iT lEt'S yOu LeAvE gAnKsQuAdS". A common defence of this items I hear when I get annoyed at dark spirits sprinting the **** away from a 1v1 in to mobs to bail because they got absolutely dumpstered. You only have this item in your hotbar as a cheap bail option when you're getting outplayed and you know it. And I don't even get the whining with invaders rolling up in to gank squads. If you can't adjust to the varying nature of the pvp in dark souls, what are you even doing here? In my personal experience while invading, gank squads are way more entertaining to roll up in to because it requires you to be able to think on your feet and have some level of competency in the game, as opposed to fishing for 1v1s with your meta build you stole from some youtuber where you don't even understand why its good. TL:DR meet every invading challenge as it comes and take a loss with dignity without resorting to the coward separation crystal

                • Anonymous

                  24 Aug 2020 06:39  

                  Was a sunbro helping people through bosses. Had a guy black crystal me immediately after beating Oceiros for him, denying me my precious sunlight medallions. So I put my sign down at the Untended graves, confident I would see him again. Sure enough he was the first person who summoned me there, and as we passed through the gate, I sat down in the path of the dragon and watched him fight. As it dawned on him that he was now fighting a buffed boss solo, he tried to kite the Gundyr into attacking me, again and again, but Gundyr knew what I had been through and denied him, yeeting him into the graves with his foot. In his final breaths he was met with my hot dungpie upon his face.

                  Don't be like this to cooperators.

                  • Anonymous

                    19 Aug 2020 17:27  

                    So, ganking somehow is ok but black crystal out of a gank is wrong? How about your alt + f4 once your 3 phantoms dies? We don't talk so much about that, huh?

                    And blues, fck off with "i can't get the covenant reward" bs, you ll only get what you want after you work for it, not before. It doesn't matter how much you wait; if the host already has phantoms, use this and get out.

                    • Anonymous

                      23 Jun 2020 15:43  

                      Ah, the black salt crystal, the invader's equivalent to the alt+f4. Only to be used in the hotbar for bad invaders who know they can get dumpstered easily. You know exactly who you are

                      • Anonymous

                        25 Apr 2020 23:22  

                        If an invader uses this to ditch a gank squad then its totally fine. Still run into salty invaders though who, on the brink of losing a duel, will run home so I cant get an ear; *****in sucks.

                        • Anonymous

                          17 Apr 2020 06:49  

                          While I am not A blue sentinel or darkmoon I still think that if an invader uses this item the blue should still get the covenant reward while it is a scummy thing to gank it is an even scummier thing to black crystal out on a blue (or even send a blue home)

                          • Anonymous

                            23 Oct 2019 09:43  

                            General tip: best used when the people in the world suck, not when they're better than you. Hiding host? Group of dedicated gankers (there to kill phantoms, not clear a level)? Summoned by a useless player? Summoned a useless phantom? That's the use. Please ruin less duels with this because you were outplayed, just take the loss with grace

                            • Anonymous

                              16 Mar 2019 20:30  

                              Seems like some fails to fully read the description. This item doesn't remove invaders, but only summoned players (blue or gold). This also allows you to return to your own world if you have been summoned or if you invade another's game. (This is why you can use it when invading as Aldrich Faith.) On console, when using it with only an invading player in your game as the one living, a pop-up appears telling you that there's no player to disconnect. With that said, I have seen plenty of PC videos and post that state that, on PC, people are able to use the BSC to disconnect even invaders. (I also see a lot of comments about it being an hack/mod)

                              • Anonymous

                                23 Oct 2018 16:29  

                                I cant use this item when im invading as watchdog, but weirdly enough when invading as aldrich faith, i can use the item to return.

                                • Anonymous

                                  26 Aug 2018 20:34  

                                  I like making gankers chase me all the way the the Aldrich faithful boss door and black crystal out to waste their time.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    26 Jun 2018 03:09  

                                    Anyway a red could use this mid-fall after hes been pushed over the edge to avoid dying? Just had one get pushed off but he somehow "returned to his own world" before he was supposed to die

                                    • Anonymous

                                      14 Apr 2018 00:23  

                                      The description should say "Made from black salt, this crystal activates when a dark spirit throws their controller at a wall."

                                      • Anonymous

                                        27 Mar 2018 01:02  

                                        Last time i was forced to leave host world when he used this crystal it is impossible i guess? Cheating? Glitch?

                                        • Anonymous

                                          06 Feb 2018 01:17  

                                          I was invading in the area after Pontiff and found a guy who was standing unmoving. Obviously, it was suspicious so i went to him expecting a trap and i was right, as soon as i tried to gesture he attacked. we traded a few hits and then he chugged so i did the same and then he ran away. after a while i find him again standing still. i also stood there and we spent a minute without moving and then HE USED BSC AND KICKED ME OUT OF HIS WORLD. can anyone explain me what happened? its the first time i see something like this.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            28 Jan 2018 01:40  

                                            *****ing hate this item. I've had so many hosts summon me just to help kill a red then immediately send me home right afterward. Or I've summoned phantoms and had them BSC out in the middle of a boss fight. They need to make some changes to how this item works.

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