Vertebra Shackle is a Multiplayer Item in Dark Souls 3.

Vertebra Shackle


A special bone collected by members of the covenant of Mound-makers, discovered in the corpses of their victims.

Only one such bone is found in the vertebrae, and the Mound-makers believe it to be a shackle of the gods. In their minds, each victim is another connection, an addition to the family."


Vertebra Shackle Usage

  • Used to increase Mound-Maker Covenant allegiance at the Sacrificial Altar in Undead Settlement, Pit of Hollows.


Vertebra Shackle Location

  • One is gained from defeating mad spirit Holy Knight Hodrick after he invades in the Undead Settlement. A Vertebra Shackle will not be obtained upon killing him after summoning him near the Crucifixion Woods bonfire.
  • +Item Drop from Carthus Swordsman Skeleton in the Catacombs of Carthus (Very Rare, ~0.8% at 100 Kills with Item Discovery of 100, tested on 100 Kills with 499 Item Discovery).
  • +Item Drop from Carthus Gravewarden Skeleton in the Catacombs of Carthus (1-2% chance - based on 100 kills). 
    • Test 2: 3% Chance (Based on 100 kills with 486 item discovery).
      • Addendum: A good place to farm these offline is just outside and to the right of the first Catacombs of Carthus Bonfire. Equip the Crystal Sage Rapier, Symbol of Avarice and switch to a luck build. Run past the rolling skeleton ball and pull the two Gravewarden skeletons into the path of the returning ball. Simply run back to the bonfire, rinse and repeat.




  • You will earn a Vertebra Shackle after you fulfill your duty when invading as a mad dark spirit (by killing the host of embers or by killing enough phantoms).
  • Defeating an invading Mound-Maker as a Host of Embers will reward you with a Vertebra Shackle.
    • This does not apply if the invading Mound-Maker invaded by means of White Sign Soapstone.
    • You can also earn one by defeating a Mound-Maker as a defending Blade of the Darkmoon, alongside the normal Proof of a Concord Kept. (There may be more ways to earn as a phantom, this is the only one I have experienced).
    • You can also earn one by dealing the killing blow to a mad dark spirit as a phantom.
  • A cheesy way to farm Vertebra Shackles is to get a friend to summon you via the Red Sign Soapstone and allow you to kill them repeatedly while you are a Mound-Maker. They do not need to have their Ember to summon you, and if they stay near a bonfire they will have no risk of losing any souls they may have. They don't even have to be near your level. Set a password so only they can summon you, and farm away. Profit.
  • You may offer these in mutliples of 10 by pressing LB - 10 and +10 RB.
  • One may be offered to Pickle Pee, Pump-a-Rum Crow to receive the Lucatiel Mask once per playthrough.
  • This item is not able to be given to other players. 



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    • Anonymous

      07 Oct 2021 15:38  

      People farming this offline need to also kill the 3rd skeleton rather than just the 2. Just walk towards the floor plate that triggers the arrows and a couple of steps away, you can see the greatsword wielding skeleton that will aggro when it sees you and attack. I farmed all 30 this way and had the 3rd skeleton drop the shackles a few times. And don't rush yourself cause you only have a minute with the rusted coins and try to do 2 runs for each coin. You're gaining way more than 200 souls, so might as well just use one for each run and focus on killing the skellys. This and proof of concords were the worst grind I've ever done for a cheevo :(

      • Anonymous

        07 Oct 2021 04:05  

        It took me 4 hours to farm 30 from the two Carthus Gravewardens near the first bonfire. That area is surprisingly treacherous. You do not want to mess up while fighting them. If you try to back up, there's a rolling ball and it'll probably double-hit you due to the passage being at the end of the hallway where the ball bounces back. If you go the other way, there's a pit on one side of the skeletons (which is full of bonewheels and slimes that drop from the ceiling) and the other way is a floor trap and a greatsword wielding skeleton who rezzes after being killed. I could one shot these guys, and I still ended up dying countless times to weird flukes or the fact that their behavior and patrolling is never quite consistent from run to run. What a pain.

        • Anonymous

          02 Oct 2021 03:14  

          These are pretty easy to get just by playing online since you get them for killing phantoms as well as hosts. You'll get them faster by invading than you would farming them off the carthus skeleton by the abyss watchers bonfire so don't waste your time doing that. No honor when an a mountain maker, you're driven by madness after all. Go full on tryhard and get your shackles.

          • Anonymous

            27 Sep 2021 23:44  

            I've been farming for 2 hours (200 kills) on Ps4 and got 13 VS with just 272 Discovery. I did not even use Coins. I don't know if I were lucky or the drop rate were increased. You guys should check this out.

            • Anonymous

              27 Sep 2021 21:09  

              I am playing in PS looking to farm this and/or any other covenant item. I normally play at night after 9 p.m.

              PSN ID: HECTOR_EL_ALA

              • Anonymous

                26 Sep 2021 21:48  

                If anyone is willing to help me farm em, I missed the covenant on this playthrough, but I will let you kill me 60 times and we can split the shackles. Reply if youre on PS and willing to help.

                • Anonymous

                  13 Sep 2021 23:42  

                  Hello, need a lot of these please, I'll help back if you need them too, would kindly appreciate it, steam code is: 931722688

                  • Anonymous

                    26 Aug 2021 20:38  

                    Its difficult if you did these last in the game, I'm in NG+2 and its difficult. I'll help anyone who needs it if they help me
                    PSN: TroloSwag

                    • Anonymous

                      24 Aug 2021 04:28  

                      About 20 minutes and I got my first one with 322 item discovery.

                      I need 30 of them for the Pyromancy Achievement on Steam.

                      Will I be spending my time on this?

                      Hell nah

                      • Anonymous

                        16 Aug 2021 21:45  

                        So this is currently what is working for me.

                        425 item discovery, this is with a rusted coin.

                        I do 3-5 runs, if i get 1, I instantly save and quit, regardless of if its the 1st or 5th run, if i do all 3-5 runs and 1 does NOT drop. I also save and quit. Save and quit after the run is completed, DON'T go back to bonfire and then quit.

                        I've had 11 drop in approximately 3 hours.

                        • Anonymous

                          13 Aug 2021 08:34  

                          Farming this is ridiculous I have over 500 item discovery and nothing dropped in over an hour. If anyone else is having trouble my psn is nasyn43.

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