Holy Knight Hodrick

General Info
hp.jpg souls.jpg Location Drops
???? - Undead Settlement Vertebrae Shackle

Holy Knight Hodrick is an NPC & NPC Invader in Dark Souls 3


Holy Knight Hodrick Information


  • You can speak to Hodrick in the Pit of Hollows and join the Mound-Makers. You must hop into the back of the Hollow Manservant with an empty cage in the Undead Settlement and you MUST do this before having the floor break in the fight with Curse-rotted Greatwood. Drops nothing if you kill him here, although he has some interesting, yet brief dialogue.
  • Invades near the Dilapidated Bridge area at Undead Settlement if the Curse-Rotted Greatwood has not yet been defeated.
  • Can be summoned as a mad phantom near the Crucifixion Woods bonfire in the Road of Sacrifice if the Crystal Sage has not yet been defeated.
  • As part of Sirris of the Sunless Realms story she will summon you to help her fight Hodrick. After killing him together, you can find his corpse near the Pit of Hollows bonfire with his armour set.



  • Souls: NG (0), NG+ (9000), NG++ (??), NG+3 (??), NG+6 (??), NG+9 (??)
  • Vertebrae Shackle


Combat Information

  • When summoned, he wil attack the player and AI enemies. Lead him to other enemies, and let them weaken him. 
  • On NG+, when summoned in the Crucifixion Woods, he is EXTREMELY dangerous. Almost all of his attacks will instantly kill most players, dealing up to 2000 damage. He will attack enemies, but they can swarm him easily. However, he only drops 1000 souls on death, so summoning him is not recommended. Proceed with caution.
  • While dangerous, he can easily dispatch some of the powerful enemies nearby, such as invader Yellowfinger Heysel and the two Exile Watchdog NPCs who guard the Farron Keep bonfire below. As long as you can maintain a safe distance from Hodrick and lure him well enough, he can make short work on them.
  • Can be distracted by Alluring Skull in any of his encounters. This makes him prone to backstabs.
  • Wields: Flamberge (RH), Sunset Shield (LH), Pyromancy Flame (LH).
  • Casts: Warmth and Power Within.
  • Other: Red Tearstone Ring, Blue Tearstone Ring. Has 3 estus that heal him for half hp.



First encounter


Well, what's happened here? This pit is for hollows, not for the likes of you sane folk. Or perhaps you are a Hollow, posing as otherwise?"

Selecting "Indeed"


Yes, yes. Then we're just fine. It's important to know who you are. But we'll all be mad, soon enough. And should you be Undead, well, all the more so."  

Selecting "No"


No, no, of course  you're not. That's what you mad fools always say. But we'll all be mad, soon enough. And should you be Undead, well, all the more so."

Selecting "Talk"


Beware, the shackles of the Gods are fragile. You might need this. Etch it on your heart if you feel your sanity slipping." (Receive Mound-makers)

"Come here to pile up your victims, for that will form your anchor. You'll see when you go mad. They'll be your family." (Laughs)

Selecting "Talk" again


You'll go mad one day, but not today. Take my advice. Use this bone, and leave this place." (Receive homeward bone x1)

"This pit is for Hollows, and for the occasional madman fond piling up victims. You've better things to do, I'd hope?" (Laughs)


Upon Attacking


I knew it! I knew You were hollow!"

"I knew it, I knew you were Hollow! Well, that's just fine."

Upon dying to him


"Oh well, another addition to the family."

"Right, onto the pile with you. You're family now..."

Upon killing him


Ahh, my family... Dear little Sirris..."





  • Holy Knight Hodrick is the grandfather of Sirris of the Sunless Realms, as, when summoned to assist her in fighting him, she addresses him as a "grandad". Also, Sirris leaves message with a budding green blossom, which may be purchased from Shrine's Handmaid, saying "Goodbye, dear Grandmother. I will visit Grandfather, at the Pit of the Hollows" which might imply that Shrine's Handmaid is Sirris' grandmother, and, possibly, Holy Knight Hodrick's wife.
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    • Anonymous

      08 Sep 2021 20:13  

      I love this guy's armor, especially the tilted cone helm, it looks so cool. It's one of the few sets in the game that isn't grey/black/brown rags and rusted metal. Well, it is, but at least the metal is a nice coppery yellow instead of plain grey.

      • Anonymous

        28 Aug 2021 12:27  

        Remember boys! If you ever get ganked by watchdogs of Farron in road if sacrifices, just remember this guy's summon sign and make him fight those casuls

        • Anonymous

          28 Jul 2021 05:10  

          RIght as he invaded me I was sitting down at the bonfire so it despawned him, and he never came back. RIP.

          • Anonymous

            16 Jul 2021 14:12  

            If you have some trouble going against him in a pure melee fight, you may want to try a little cheese strategy.

            From what I can tell:
            In the beginning of the fight he really wants to cast the "Power Within" buff before going into a sort of second phase (healing orbs, etc.).
            During the cast you can safely attack/backstab him for a large amount of damage, while also interrupting the cast.
            As long as you keep him from casting the buff successfully, he will attempt the cast over and over again, allowing for many cheap opportunities to attack him.
            Keep in mind to not get too greedy while spamming attacks, as he is still very, very, very good at parrying.

            Also, don't be afraid to parry him yourself.
            He uses a fairly slow sword which is not too difficult to parry (even with a medium shield).

            • Anonymous

              18 Jun 2021 13:26  

              First time I fought him with Sirris he parried and riposted me while she was casting Darkmoon blade. I survived, but as I was getting up he parried the sh!t out of Sirris and instakilled her. It was funny

              • Anonymous

                30 Apr 2021 07:07  

                ng+ is when you can give back the parry god sensation to him: spam sacred flame until he is dead. parry this now if you can

                • Anonymous

                  08 Apr 2021 13:09  

                  Me: Parries and Ripostes hodrick for the 7th time

                  Hodrick:still survives

                  Also Hodrick: Ripostes me once with full ho


                  • Anonymous

                    08 Mar 2021 11:51  

                    Easy easy to kill, after summoning I baited him towards the bonfire and jumped into the swamp off the rocks ledge, he didn’t follow but paced and I just shot him with arrows until he eventually died

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