Holy Knight Hodrick

General Info
hp.jpg souls.jpg Location Drops
???? - Undead Settlement Vertebrae Shackle

Holy Knight Hodrick is an NPC & NPC Invader in Dark Souls 3


Holy Knight Hodrick Information


  • You can speak to Hodrick in the Pit of Hollows and join the Mound-Makers. You must hop into the back of the Hollow Manservant with an empty cage in the Undead Settlement and you MUST do this before having the floor break in the fight with Curse-rotted Greatwood. Drops nothing if you kill him here, although he has some interesting, yet brief dialogue.
  • Invades near the Dilapidated Bridge area at Undead Settlement if the Curse-Rotted Greatwood has not yet been defeated.
  • Can be summoned as a mad phantom near the Crucifixion Woods bonfire in the Road of Sacrifice if the Crystal Sage has not yet been defeated.
  • As part of Sirris of the Sunless Realms story she will summon you to help her fight Hodrick. After killing him together, you can find his corpse near the Pit of Hollows bonfire with his armour set.


  • Souls: NG (0), NG+ (9000), NG++ (??), NG+3 (??), NG+6 (??), NG+9 (??)
  • Vertebrae Shackle


Combat Information

  • When summoned, he wil attack the player and AI enemies. Lead him to other enemies, and let them weaken him. 
  • On NG+, when summoned in the Crucifixion Woods, he is EXTREMELY dangerous. Almost all of his attacks will instantly kill most players, dealing up to 2000 damage. He will attack enemies, but they can swarm him easily. However, he only drops 1000 souls on death, so summoning him is not recommended. Proceed with caution.
  • While dangerous, he can easily dispatch some of the powerful enemies nearby, such as invader Yellowfinger Heysel and the two Exile Watchdog NPCs who guard the Farron Keep bonfire below. As long as you can maintain a safe distance from Hodrick and lure him well enough, he can make short work on them.
  • Can be distracted by Alluring Skull.
  • Wields: Flamberge (RH), Sunset Shield (LH), Pyromancy Flame (LH).
  • Casts: Warmth and Power Within.
  • Other: Red Tearstone Ring, Blue Tearstone Ring.



First encounter


Well, what's happened here? This pit is for hollows, not for the likes of you sane folk. Or perhaps you are a Hollow, posing as otherwise?"

Selecting "Indeed"


Yes, yes. Then we're just fine. It's important to know who you are. But we'll all be mad, soon enough. And should you be Undead, well, all the more so."  

Selecting "No"


No, no, of course  you're not. That's what you mad fools always say. But we'll all be mad, soon enough. And should you be Undead, well, all the more so."

Selecting "Talk"


Beware, the shackles of the Gods are fragile. You might need this. Etch it on your heart if you feel your sanity slipping." (Receive Mound-makers)

"Come here to pile up your victims, for that will form your anchor. You'll see when you go mad. They'll be your family." (Laughs)

Selecting "Talk" again


You'll go mad one day, but not today. Take my advice. Use this bone, and leave this place." (Receive homeward bone x1)

"This pit is for Hollows, and for the occasional madman fond piling up victims. You've better things to do, I'd hope?" (Laughs)


Upon Attacking


I knew it! I knew You were hollow!"

"I knew it, I knew you were Hollow! Well, that's just fine."

Upon dying to him


"Oh well, another addition to the family."

"Right, onto the pile with you. You're family now..."

Upon killing him


Ahh, my family... Dear little Sirris..."





  • Holy Knight Hodrick is the grandfather of Sirris of the Sunless Realms, as, when summoned to assist her in fighting him, she addresses him as a "grandad". Also, Sirris leaves message with a budding green blossom, which may be purchased from Shrine's Handmaid, saying "Goodbye, dear Grandmother. I will visit Grandfather, at the Pit of the Hollows" which might imply that Shrine's Handmaid is Sirris' grandmother, and, possibly, Holy Knight Hodrick's wife.
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    • Anonymous

      15 Jun 2020 08:32  

      This guy one shotted me on NG+5. I fear this guy now never summoning him again. And if you have managed to get a riposte, he just uses warmths ;__;

      • Anonymous

        08 May 2020 06:29  

        In my opinion this is the most well-designed npc. The only other npc that has ai even close to his is probably Gael.

        • Anonymous

          07 May 2020 21:24  

          I ride over the back of the manservant hollow, met podrick became a member of the mound covenant. Later I went and finished off the curse rotten wood. Even later still when i warped back to the pit of hollows, podrick the poor fella's corpse was lying there dead, I believe he was crushed when I initiated the bosss fight. Now and ever whenever I warped back in the pit of hollows his corpse is there lying face down.

          • Anonymous

            28 Mar 2020 02:29  

            ***** this unfair npc*****ty garbage, you cant throw one misplaced attack or he will parry and one shot you like the *****ing bs he is, ***** midir and gael and *****ing nameless king, this piece of***** can end the *****ing world with his horse*****parries Whoever thought this was a good idea should *****ing die

            • Anonymous

              26 Feb 2020 00:47  

              Fun fact: The first time he invades, you can lure him past the Giant Archer's target zone to where the Undead Bone Share is and he will simply fall trying to get to you. No more getting humiliated by his parry!

              • Anonymous

                09 Feb 2020 05:59  

                Does anyone have the issue of Hodrick not spawning at the bridge? I had met him in the Pit of Hollows prior to going to the bridge if that helps.

                • Anonymous

                  17 Jan 2020 01:03  

                  Does anyone know which combustion pyromancy he uses? I've only seen him do it once. He was trying to path find to me with his pyromancy glove out, but a Crucifix was blocking his way, so he spammed a combustion like 3 times to smash it. I've tried googling "holy knight hodrick combustion", but nothing comes up.

                  • Anonymous

                    22 Nov 2019 12:55  

                    I feel so embarrassed thinking about the time I beat that NPC, thinking it was actually another player that invaded me. Felt a little bit salty when he used the big razor carrier enemy to his advantage and healing constantly. I shouted to the screen in joy when I defeated both, pumped with adrenaline.

                    • Anonymous

                      09 Oct 2019 15:24  

                      You can cheeeeeese this fella on NG+ by having him fight the giant crabs in the woods where you summon him. Simultaneously whuppin all three. Be careful not to let either of them aggro you though, 'cause it won't end well.

                      • Anonymous

                        06 Jul 2019 04:47  

                        This piece of*****'s summon in the Crucifixion Woods has no right to be as strong as it is. He has the most retarded damage I've ever seen this early in the game, he pulls the AI hax and perfect frame parries you all the time, the bleed on his weapon builds up on you insanely fast, his stamina damage is insane, and I swear to god he never runs out of FP for his stupid healing ball.

                        • Anonymous

                          03 Apr 2019 19:20  

                          Brother! Literally the only backup you need in crucifixion woods. Watch the invaders, summons and blues all drop one after the other. :^D

                          • Anonymous

                            31 Mar 2019 23:48  

                            When I summoned him after a while he did Havels rock form but I’m not sure how he did cause I was facing away and I just heard him and he had rocks on him

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