Cornyx of the Great Swamp

Cornyx of the Great Swamp
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???? 1000 Undead Settlement Cornyx's Ashes
Cornyx's Set

Cornyx of the Great Swamp is an NPC in Dark Souls 3.  Cornyx teaches pyromancies, acts as a merchant, and upgrades the Pyromancy Flame.


Cornyx of the Great Swamp's Information



  • You can find Cornyx at the Undead Settlement, where he will offer you his service. He is located in a cage at the top of  the building that has 3 firebomb throwing Undead.  In order to get there you will need to drop down from the cobblestone bridge that is near the Cliff Underside bonfire and ascend to the top of the building to reach the balcony where his cage is.
  • After accepting, he will relocate to Firelink Shrine where he operates as a merchant and provides Pyromancy training services. To find him in Firelink, approach Blacksmith Andre, and head right down the stairs. He will give you a Pyromancy Flame and speaking with him a second time will unlock the Welcome Gesture.
  • If you summon White Phantom Great Swamp Cuculus (right outside Old Demon King fog) in the Smouldering Lake and defeat the Old Demon King, you can find the Spotted Whip, and a set of Cornyx’s Garb where you rescued him in Undead Settlement (Note: If Cuculus dies during the Old Demon King boss fight, then you can't get the spotted whip).




Items Sold


First encounter

Ah-ha, Unkindled are we?
Welcome to my abode.
I am Cornyx, an old pyromancer.
A crow in his cage as you see, now.
But here we are, an encounter for the ages!
I hear the Unkindled make for fine vessels.
Care to learn pyromancies from this old man?"


Ask to learn pyromancy

Most wise. A chance encounter should not be squandered.
To reiterate, I am Cornyx, of the Great Swamp.
The pleasure is mine."


Decline to learn pyromancy

 (snickers) Most foolish.  This old crow has a little knowledge on his own, you know.
Bah. No sense in spelling it out.
I will not rush you. You will return, once you are enlightened.
We are, after all, both Undead. And both prisoners in our own ways." (snickers)


Second Encounter (Firelink Shrine)

Ahh, there you are, Unkindled One.
I wish to express my gratitude.
For trusting a lowly pyromancer, and allowing me to gaze upon this majestic flame.
As promised, I will impart pyromancies to you.
But first you will need a flame of your own (Gives Pyromancy Flame).
Careful you don't burn yourself with it."



Heed my words, Unkindled One.
Fear the fire.
The home of pyromancy, Izalith, was scorched by the very fire it created.
Undoubtedly, it was a flame of chaos, tangled by a witch's hand.
But who's to say that this Bonfire's flame is any different."


Carthus Tome

Well, well...I've never seen anything like this.
This inscription...this tome is from the Catacombs.
Fascinating. On this day, the teacher learns alongside the pupil." (laughs)


Izalith Tome

Ah, what have we here! A pyromancy tome from Izalith!
Then you've found the home of Pyromancy.
Brilliant. I will never curse being old and Undead again.
Now, now, show it here, quickly. Let us channel them together.
The primal pyromanices known only to old Master Salaman!"

Quelana Tome

Ahh, what have we here...
By the gods. This inscription reads Quelana, the ancient deity, one of the witches of Izalith...
The last of them, who wandered the lands. Then she must have returned to Izalith, after all.
But I regret to say, I cannot accept this.
Quelana's pyromancies are for witches, and must be learned from a mistress.
But thank you, for allowing me to peer upon such a thing.
If only I were a woman." (ha!)


Grave Warden Tome

I'm afraid I cannot accept this.
This pyromancy tome is dark, and delves into the depths of men, where an untouchable flame resides.
I cannot comprehend this myself, let alone teach it to you.
It is a spell forbidden in the Great Swamp, and nearly everywhere else, too.
Only one terribly afflicted, or burdened by deep sorrow, could begin to understand this."



"Why? What's the matter?"


Making him hostile

"Fine, fine, I see how it is.
When a pupil strays from the path, the master must intrude."


Killing the player

Spare the rod and spoil the child."



I can't complain... This old reverie... had to end..." 


Killing him in his cage

Little bird, what's to be gained?"


Upon player leaving

Do not be gone for long. What's a teacher without a pupil?"



  • Character inspirations, fan art, cosplay goes here.
  • Cornix is the latin name for crow.
  • Voiced by John Rowe.



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    • Anonymous

      02 Feb 2020 23:18  

      he seems to have a special line if you start as pyromancer (or have acquired a pyromancy) by the time you talk to him

      • Anonymous

        14 Apr 2018 03:06  

        This guy is why I see no reason to start as a pyromancer. LOOK AT ME NOW!!! I'M A FIREBALL LOBBING, GREAT SWORD USING KNIGHT IN FULL ARMOR!!!

        • Anonymous

          11 Jan 2018 19:23  

          This NPC is virtually useless outside a casting build. Still cool tho, there is a lot of useless npcs in regards to differing playstyles so.. not really a surprise there just thought I'd look him up and see if he has anything else to offer other then magic support/resource.

          • Anonymous

            07 Jan 2018 00:48  

            Killing him is the only way to get a second pyromancy catalyst.....but he's also the only NPC capable of upgrading said catalyst. This means you are required to beat Sully in NG+ before being able to PvP with your true, pure pyro build. But those dedicated to the fire are all mad, are we not?

            • Anonymous

              19 Aug 2017 16:20  

              when you press 'Leave' at Cornyx's menu window, he should say "What a pupil without a TEACHER..!!"

              "One who understand nothing, can understand nothing..!!"


              • Anonymous

                30 Oct 2016 01:31  

                Another Quote that he says that doesn't pop up here when you talk to him is, "If you seek pyromancy tomes, take this sage advice. The lands of the Lords converge upon Lothric. The home of pyromancies drifts comparatively close, as well. At least, that is what pyromancers of the Great Swamp believe. The Place is called Izalith. Oh how I wish to behold a primal pyromancy. Well, these are old tales. No one knows where the truth begins, or ends." *chuckles*
                I believe this quote happened to me right after I killed the Crystal Mage Boss.

                • Anonymous

                  Bashful Trey23 Sep 2016 20:26  

                  "Fine, fine, I see how it is.When a pupil strays from the path, the master must intrude."Vaguely reminiscent of Gherman's line from Bloodborne:"Oh, it doesn't matter... It always comes down to the Hunter's helper to clean up after these sort of messes."

                  • Anonymous

                    so I had an idea...20 Sep 2016 04:59  

                    What of he's Flann? the dlc trailer features him alongside the likes of nameless king and the twin princes. He's a male pyromancer, and wont touch chaos flame or dark flames, both of which are anathema to gods. I've seen plenty of people theorize that the self mutilating boss in the dlc trailer was Guinevere, and so it would make sense that he is trying to get people to go find her, she's his wife. At the very least he's connected to the painted world, since the exiles are worshipping our grave in the untended graves which is where he was performing some unknown pyromancy, maybe setting us up to rise as ashen ones?

                    • Anonymous

                      RE: Unknown Dialogue10 Jul 2016 04:44  

                      Cornyx has a set of lines that is not recorded here. Once you've given him the Carthus Pyromancy Tome, he hints at the existence of the Izalith Tome."Ahh, you found this (spoken 'a') tome in the Catacombs...""This spell is akin to chaos. It may even serve as a link to Izalith, home of pyromancies."

                      • Anonymous

                        Cornyx/Carthus Pyromancy tome glitched?31 May 2016 05:36  

                        I seem to have encountered a bug. I have freed Cornyx, and found the Carthus Pyromancy tome. I THOUGHT I gave him the tome, but he will not sell me the Carthus Pyromancy's. I also do not have the tome in my inventory, nor the pyromancys. I also cannot pick up the tome, as it's gone from the game from when I first picked it up. Anybody got any ideas on what's going on here?

                        • Anonymous

                          Old Demon King23 May 2016 22:14  

                          Note: Great Swamp Cuculus must NOT die in the Old Demon King boss fight. If she does, then you must restart the boss. Otherwise you will not get the whip and cornyx set.

                          • Anonymous

                            All around Cornyx20 May 2016 06:28  

                            Anyone notice how he's surrounded by dead goats and crows? I was curious whether or not they were there from the start, however there are no goats/crows in the Untended Graves, and there are no goats/crows at his location before you recruit him in NG+.

                            • Anonymous

                              No garb/whip?14 May 2016 21:58  

                              I summoned great swamp cuculus for the old demon king fight and went back to cornyx's cage and there's nothing there? Does great swamp cuculus need to be alive when the old demon king dies?

                              • Anonymous

                                Great Swamp Cuculus30 Apr 2016 18:50  

                                Great Swamp Cuculus must survive the fight with Old Demon King to get the whip and armor set.

                                • Anonymous

                                  klenechen20 Apr 2016 14:20  

                                  you must not summon him for the old demon king fight . i released him at the of the game and at his cell there was his armor and whip

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