Carthus Beacon

carthus beacon
Spell Type


icon fp costFocus Cost 35
icon attunementSlots Used 2
Requirements 12 Intelligence/ 12 Faith
Type Self buff
Duration 30 seconds

Carthus Beacon is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Pyromancy you must use a Flame or Special Weapons that can cast Pyromancies.



The most obscure pyromancy developed in Carthus of the Sands.

Damage increases with consecutive attacks.

Carthus's aggression has been likened to an uncontrollable fire, and since ancient times its beacon has been used as a signal for war.

Pontiff's Right Eye Effect

  • Boosts attacks, as long attacking persists.
    • PVE: Initial buff = 7.5%, Max = 15%
    • PVP: Initial buff = 3%, Max = 6%


Acquired From




Acid Surge  ♦  Black Fire Orb  ♦  Black Flame  ♦  Black Serpent  ♦  Boulder Heave  ♦  Bursting Fireball  ♦  Carthus Flame Arc  ♦  Chaos Bed Vestiges  ♦  Chaos Storm  ♦  Fire Ball  ♦  Fire Orb  ♦  Fire Surge  ♦  Fire Whip  ♦  Fireball  ♦  Firestorm  ♦  Flame Fan  ♦  Floating Chaos  ♦  Great Chaos Fire Orb  ♦  Great Combustion  ♦  Iron Flesh  ♦  Poison Mist  ♦  Power Within  ♦  Profaned Flame  ♦  Profuse Sweat  ♦  Rapport  ♦  Sacred Flame  ♦  Seething Chaos  ♦  Toxic Mist  ♦  Warmth


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    • Anonymous

      it's decent i guess, but i don't get why they were so afraid of making it good.
      power within gives you more damage, stamina regen, costs less fp, only takes 1 slot, and has lower requirements. even if carthus beacon wasnt nerfed in pvp (why is it anyway?) power within would STILL give you more damage...

      • Anonymous

        Doing a Nintendo Run with friends and I'm Mario so he's a Melee based Pyromancer with Demon First. The Weapon art is a perfect match for Mario's Whirlwind. I'm curious to see if the weapon art would essentially max out the dmg buff. I'll update when my group finally makes it to Carthus.

        • Anonymous

          Srry but this is just inferior to power within, and taking 2 slots makes it worse. Power within, on top of the superior danage boost, raises your stamina regen to an absurd rate. It takes life away, but not that much to worry about.

          • Anonymous

            For those of you still confused over which is better between PW or CB...

            PW automatically negates using Lloyd's, because of the health drain.

            So, ultimately, it's choosing between using Lloyd's and requiring more investment in attunement or freeing up a ring slot and only needing base attunement.

            Sure, PW has more raw damage, but you can use Lloyd's with CB; it's a balanced tradeoff. If Lloyd's is a part of your ring setup, go with CB, and sacrifice a few extra points into attunement. At the end of the day, if you don't like having that extra attunement, I heard Rosaria can help you out with that.

            • Anonymous

              With a +10 blood infused twin daggers and pontiff's right eye ring, the AR quickly jumps from 163 to 217. This is with only the minimum STR/DEX to wield.

              • Anonymous

                still 10 more seconds with Lingering Dragoncrest Ring +2 so dont waste your time if you already have the base ring.

                • Anonymous

                  I tried using it with a curved blade 2H and it's not worth it. It seems to be only worth using with twin weapons tested on both demom scar and sellsword twinblades. The L1 combo fits best though the L2 is not bad but they coun the same. Tested on the giant crab next to cruxifixion wood bonfire.

                  • Anonymous

                    You should also include that carthus beacon inherently boosts base damage without the need to consecutively attack. It's a small boost, but it's a boost nonetheless and it's a boost you get right out of the gate. As you consecutively attack, this boost increases. A single weapon art from a whip is enough to increase this boost as long as two of the three hits makes contact. A really fun combo is to cast carthus beacon, have both pontiff eyes equipped, use a golden pine bundle on the spotted whip, use the whip's weapon art, then swap to the old wolf curved sword to attack while the attack boosting buffs from the right eye and carthus beacon are still in effect.

                    • Anonymous

                      it isnt entirely useless , if your usign a spell sword build and dont have very good armor . this can be quite usefull.

                      • It's.. Useless. Use Power Within. Summary: If it costed 1 slot this woud be okay. But due to how defense works, the attacks leading up to the full damage bonus take 2/3rds of the duration of the buff, and then you need to recover stamina. Only with a spinny weapon do you get the full bonus for ONE attack, the last one of your second combo. Power Within: Super high stamina regeneration, higher damage instantly that upgrades each one of your attacks, not limited to physical weapons. Even with split damage, you can spam R1, and use Pontiff Left Eye to recover the HP you lose. Voila, efficiency.

                        • This isn't worth it. 6% is essentially a Throwing knife. If your builds allows it, go ahead. If you're considering investing for this, just run away.

                          • Anonymous

                            Terrible, just terrible, same effect as a ring, but requires 2 slots (8 levels in attunement, or a ring slot) int/fai investment (not a problem for SOME builds,) takes 35 fp plus time to cast, but the main problem is it lasts only 30 secs, so after you trigger the buff with attacks you'll have around 15 seconds of +15% ar and depleted stamina bar.

                            • Anonymous

                              Does this work with elemental damage on melee weapon? For example, if you buff your weapon with lightning blade, after 3 hits, the lightning damage is buffed too? And with elemental infusion? if i have a chaos broadsword, after 3 hit the fire damage is buffed?

                              • Anonymous

                                It frustrates me that Sacred Oath is a full minute while this is 30 seconds. Either needs duration buff or reduce number of slots required.

                                • Anonymous

                                  I can confirm that a +0 Lingering dragoncrest ring adds about 10 seconds while a +1 adds about 15 seconds. I haven't tested +2 as I don't have it.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Does this spell work on weapons that are unable to be buffed by resin etc.? Unsure if self buff would act differently vs weapon buff. Anyone know?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Im wondering if this/bleed would synergize well with spinning attacks like scimitar weapon art or if thatll could as one attack

                                      • Anonymous

                                        It gives you a small immediate damage buff upon cast, and will cause you to do more damage if you land enough subsequent hits in short order, however the spell's utility is greatly hampered by its short duration, which seems to be about 30 seconds.If you really wanted a flynn's ring type build and aim to overwhelm your opponent immediately this may be for you, but otherwise I think you may be disappointed.

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