Toxic Mist is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Pyromancy you must use a Flame or Special Weapons that can cast Pyromancies.

Toxic Mist

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 24
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 0 Intelligence/ 15 Faith
Type Ranged Attack



Unique pyromancy of Eingyi that never gained currency in the Great Swamp.

Creates an intense poison mist.

Driven from the Great Swamp, they say that at the end of his journey, Eingyi happened upon a virulent poison and a young lady.


Acquired From

  • Found in the Smouldering Lake.

    • From the Old King's Antechamber bonfire, go through the illusionary wall on the far side of the room that drops down into the hall of fire orbs and pyromancer demons. Follow the far wall left to the end of the room; you should see a corridor with a rat in it.

    • You may follow the rat and drop into a lava pit to pick up the pyromancy, as well as the White Hair Talisman. Alternatively, take the first door on your right into a root-infested catacomb with several rats. One of the far walls is illusionary; grab the Quelana Pyromancy Tome if you haven't already and the stairs down into the lava pit. Mind the lava slimes.

  •  Video location

Tips against the lava


  • Applies 12 Toxic buildup per tick in the cloud.
  • This is one of the few ways a player can inflict Toxic.
  • The Toxic Damage totals a fixed 1440 Damage at 24 damage per tick.


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    • Anonymous

      23 May 2021 22:53  

      On its face not that great until you pair with the storyteller's staff and find its benefits as either a help to whittle down boss health or just assassinate a slumbering enemy outright (i.e. a mimic)

      • Anonymous

        01 Mar 2021 11:11  

        Can you suffer from poison and toxic at the same time? Or are they the same but with toxic being stronger?

        • Anonymous

          06 Jan 2021 20:02  

          People hardly catch the Toxic effect but they will try to avoid the cloud. Good method to stop them from chasing you right away.

          • Anonymous

            13 Jul 2020 18:10  

            The only Pyro spell worth to up your FTH up to 15, if you are a Sorcerer. 10 FTH is the most optimal variant for a Sorcerer, can use support Pyromancies and Priest's Chime for healing. But with 15 FTH you have this and MedHeal, and can play with mostly Ashen Flasks, so it can be worth to spend additional 5 levels.

            • Anonymous

              05 May 2020 16:10  

              The Shield is doing nothing for me here. It worked in Havel's area fine. Also trying to do this with low vigor is the most annoying*****.

              • Anonymous

                24 Feb 2020 14:30  

                Can someone drop this for you? Not asking on here as I know that's what Reddit is for but I'm wondering if it's possible? I want to use it in SL30 pvp

                • Anonymous

                  27 Nov 2019 14:41  

                  It's good in certain situations, to lockdown spots or in tight corridors. If someone gets the ailment, they will suffer ~2k damage for only 24 Focus. That's pretty good.

                  • Anonymous

                    12 Jun 2019 01:50  

                    The easiest way to get through the lava, is by blocking it with a black-iron shiel. Be wary, of burning alive while picking up the item.

                    • Anonymous

                      09 Oct 2018 08:36  

                      This spell is maximum bullying pre-Irithyll, since you can't buy or find Blooming Moss until Irithyll/Profaned Capital unless somebody drops you some.

                      • Anonymous

                        13 Jan 2018 13:25  

                        Did some testing. Used it on the lothric knight at dragon barracks bonfire. Did 23 damage per tick regardless of items and upgrades. 1380 damage total. Duration also unaffected by items. But the buildup got weaker when I switched to an unupgraded flame. So that seems to be the only thing you can boost.
                        Tested these rings: Great Swamp Ring, Witch's Ring, Lingering Dragoncrest Ring, all Clutch Rings, Lloyd's Sword Ring, Red Tearstone Ring
                        Another note: the spell goes through walls and does not cause the enemy to notice you. Perfect for cheese ;)

                        • Anonymous

                          23 Dec 2017 13:48  

                          Is this spell(and similar cloud spells) affected by stats and equipment in any way such as build up speed?

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