Seething Chaos

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 28
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 18 Intelligence/ 18 Faith
Type Ranged Attack / AoE

Seething Chaos is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls 3. It is part of The Ringed City DLC. To cast a Pyromancy you must use a Flame or Special Weapons that can cast Pyromancies.

The last flame lit by the demon prince.
This pyromancy hurls a clump of chaos.

Upon impact, this clump of chaos seethes wildly, condenses briefly, then explodes violently.

To the demons, these clumps are shreds of life.

Acquired From


General Notes

  • Throws a lump of fire/fireball that sticks onto surfaces. When enough time passes, the lump explodes in a small AoE dealing fire damage.
  • The explosion has a significant startup time, taking about 4 seconds to go off. This explosion can go through walls,
  • The fireball the player tosses deals damage (aproximately half the damage of the explosion). If it hits an enemy or breakable furniture above ground level, it will consume the projectile, and the explosion will not go off.
  • The projectile has medium to long range, and will dissapear if it travels enough distance without making contact with anything.
  • Provided you have a fast enough cast speed, multiple Seething Chaos' can be planted. However, only two can explode. If more than two are planted, the first one thrown will simply disappear without exploding.
  • Is one of the few spells that can benefit from a double Morion Blade setup, as the explosions give enough time to swap the catalyst for another Morion Blade and still benefit from the damage boost.
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PvP Notes

The pyromancy is not suited for 1v1 PVP, as your opponent will most likely never get hit by it unless they are standing completely still.

  • However, the spell excels in team fights or ganks due to its excellent area control.
  • It can be used to force campers out of a tight area (i.e the ledges at the Pontiff bonfire.)
  • The pyromancy forces players (especially if they're melee focused) to respect it, as being too aggressive will surely lead to getting hit by the explosion.
  • Provided there is enough distance, it can be cast at the player's feet in order to get enemies to back off, and allow the user to heal with a Warmth, Projected Heal, Estus Flask, etc.

PvE Notes

  • The explosion, while it is slow, deals more damage than a direct hit Chaos Bed Vestiges, for less FP and spell slots.
  • Has extremely good synergy against melee enemies that are affected by Alluring Skulls. You can throw a skull then throw the spell near the enemies (without hitting them directly), and wait for the explosion to go off. If you have high cast speed, throw the spell first then the skull later.
  • Some enemies (not aggroed to the player) will seem curious or attracted and walk up to the fireball as it grows and then explodes. Others (like Herald Knights) will walk away from them.
  • Due the propierties of the explosion, it can potentially damage enemies even beyond fog gates (like bosses). This can be used by phantoms waiting outside fog gates to safely damage enemies with risky high-damage setups.



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    • Anonymous

      15 Oct 2020 11:56  

      Dude I don’t understand this pyromancies it’s supposed to be a mega explosion yet deals less damage than a chaos bed vestiges. And yes, I tested it with my friend he was still I used this and exploded right under his feet he received the complete damage from the explosion and then I used chaos bed vestiges and it dealt more damage. What’s the point of this? Then I know it’s supor to crowd control but chaos bed is much faster has a gigantic hit box and deals more damage. Agin what’s the point of this?

      • Anonymous

        05 Sep 2020 08:09  

        Cast this. Run to the delayed explosion to cast med heal. Rinse and repeat. Your opponent will start to get anxious and at some point they'll eat 1K of fire damage.

        • Anonymous

          30 Jul 2020 01:52  

          On NG+7 I did 1,401 damage with 52 Faith & Witch's Ring. Extremely powerful spell, its like a delayed landmine vestige. Try hiding them between piles of corpses and distracting enemies while they explode.

          • Anonymous

            30 May 2020 22:08  

            It's a good spell but, sadly, it takes to do in 4 seconds only half of what a straight sword can do in 1.5 seconds.

            • Anonymous

              04 May 2020 23:19  

              Since this spell has a rather large AoE and can hit through walls, you can kill the crystal lizard at the corvian settlement bonfire by throwing this spell at the corner of the room.

              • Anonymous

                23 Aug 2019 10:31  

                This spell is too strategic for how bloodbornish the action is in ds3. Maybe making it explode on proximity instead of time delayed would make it truly useful

                • Anonymous

                  14 Jun 2019 23:05  

                  Even the reduced damage on a Direct hit actually still outstrips Fire Orb at any given level, at least in my experience. In emergency situations, winging it directly at an enemy is viable, just very FP-Intensive. And compared to the two main projectile Pyromancies (Great Chaos and Chaos Bed), it only costs 1 Attunement Slot, which allows you to equip more spells alongside it. Great for Hybrid Pyro/Hexers.

                  • Anonymous

                    05 Sep 2018 06:43  

                    Not sure if it's just that the explosion radius is bigger than other pyromancies, but I've noticed that this thing can blast enemies through walls. This can be fun in PvE for flushing out ambushes - throw it a wall near where the enemy is waiting to jump out/drop down, and it'll usually hit them with no risk to yourself.

                    • Anonymous

                      19 Sep 2017 20:54  

                      Interestingly the damage dealt by the delayed explosion seems to be affected by whatever buffs you have active when you CAST the spell, even if you no longer have them when the explosion goes off.

                      Example; If you have Lloyd's Sword Ring active, then cast Seething Chaos, and then get hit which removes your Lloyd's buff, the explosion damage will still benefit from the Lloyd's buff even though you no longer have it.

                      • Anonymous

                        19 Jun 2017 13:45  

                        This spell goes well as long as you use other spells with it.
                        I usually use it to make myself a safe zone to cast long and punishable spells like the black serpent or the floating chaos.
                        You can cast two of these before it explodes assuming you have max cast speed (50 dex or 20 dex + sage ring) and it might catch opponents offguard.
                        If they roll too much keep using your floating chaos until they run out of stamina and gets hit, leaving them open for black flame or whatever you like :3

                        • Anonymous

                          10 May 2017 18:05  

                          it only uses up 1 attunement slot both chaos bed vestiges and great chaos fire orb use up 2

                          it does as much damage on regular hit as great chaos fire orb

                          • Anonymous

                            08 May 2017 21:42  

                            Seething Chaos is actually pretty good depending on how you manage its utility. But simply put... AREA CONTROL.
                            Obviously if someone knows what the spell does you'll more than likely never hit them. And this is actually fine, its not hitting your enemy that this spell is necessarily for. But if not, what purpose does it have? The following:

                            - Throw Seething Chaos and move to the immediate proximity of the ticking time bomb for another spell cast. I personally take advantage of this to cover for the use of Floating Chaos, or oftentimes two if my opponent doesn't have any ranged weapons or items in use. This allows me to see a potential movement pattern they take and then bomb the path of said pattern with Chaos Fire Orbs. Works surprisingly often and oftentimes when I do hit, they also get hit by one of the Floating Chaos Shots for additional damage alongside the lava. Then there's the other side of the fence...

                            - Naturally if Seething Chaos can be used to support other damage spells it will also work in tandem with any other type of spell... For example, one that instead of targeting your opponent's HP, brings your own back. Setting up a Warmth is something lots of people are familiar with by now thanks to the Lazy Pyromancer bandwagon born on Youtube, but there's a way more effective/potentially cancerous spell on the market. That being Projected Heal.

                            Now I haven't done this much myself since I prefer using offensive magic and my attunement slots are all occupied for that purpose, but Seething Chaos is one of those spells that people see and go "welp, staying away from that one" since the explosion deals A LOT of damage, more so than Chaos Bed Vestiges for comparison's sake. There's no reason to risk getting caught by something of that magnitude even if there is a 4 second interval in between the Spell latching onto a surface and the actual explosion. With this in mind, you can time Projected Heal for the latter two seconds of the countdown. Approaching you in the midst of this is suicide.

                            If your opponent happens to be a melee focused build there is just nothing they can do. If they rush in they get caught by the explosion and with Unfaltering Prayer in use your heal won't get interrupted by their attack anyway. On the other hand, if they choose to throw something at you instead it won't be enough to offset the HP you just gained. The only true counter to this are other schools of magic, like Sorcery for one as the damage is high enough to negate what you would've gained.

                            How other players use this is entirely up to themselves, but I feel like I just presented a few examples of why some people are too quick to judge spells that don't follow the pattern of cast = damage. Utility can be just as, or even more so powerful than direct damage.

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